What’s the Plan?

We’ve all been reading the headlines. I’m going to keep this short tonight.

What’s your plan?

They (the antichurch) is coming for the Mass. They’ve been taking shots for years. They feel confident they’re in striking distance.

Sometime soon, it seems, they will take their kill shot.

Again I ask, what’s your plan?

Not only do the former Ecclesia Dei communities (FSSP, ICK, et al.) officially recognize Bergoglio for what he is patently not (the Roman Pontiff) but the SSPX do as well.

I suspect half the priests in these varied communities will go more or less underground. I will follow them. They need to know, if they don’t already, that some of us have their backs.

Basilique San-Sauveur, Dinan, France

About half of them will capitulate out of “obedience”. I’ve already seen evidence of this among parishioners at my own parish. There have been behind the scenes letters circulated indicating that “Fwancissss is pope and we must be OBEEEEEEDIENT!”

So what are your plans?

You have weeks at best to figure this out.

I’ve only been “in tradition” for four years but I will die to defend it because it’s not just the Latin Mass they aim to take down but the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church that it safeguards.

All ye saints and angels of God, but chiefly thought, O Mother of God, pray for us!

Antipope to Faux-Further-Suppress Ancient Rites

I cannot say it any better than Miss B just did so here’s the link. Go. Read.

Antipope Bergoglio to fart out another totally invalid document…

Happy Septuagesima!

Stay confessed. Stay close to solid priests. Stay strong in soul and body.

Dangerous Times

I boarded a flight this morning and between the Chinese balloon and the overwhelming probability that my flight crew have myocarditis, I was legitimately clutching to my beads until I landed.


First Saturday Devotion for February 2023

I hope all of you were able to make today’s First Friday Devotion today.

Even if you weren’t able to do that, please try to make the First Saturday devotion this month. Many (trad) parishes offer additional Masses on First Saturday. If you’ve never done this most edifying devotion, please pencil in the next five Saturdays and make the commitment. Our Blessed Lady wants to see you there.

As always, here’s the checklist.

*Sidenote: If you are making the nine First Fridays and these consecutive first Fridays will bring you anywhere near April of 2023, please take note now. Similar to two years ago, the First Friday of April IS Good Friday. If your parish is somehow still able to celebrate the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgies, you will likely not be able to receive Holy Communion on the First Friday in April this year. Receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion is an essential element of this particular devotion. Pray for an alternative. I wrote to Fr. Z on this topic two years ago and the reply was, essentially, “Tough.” Then again, we might find ourselves in a situation where NONE of us can receive Holy Communion. Think about it.

Also, the “weather” balloons are apparently up so I hope you’re all staying confessed.

Frankie Fingers (and Fakers)

Two things came across my desk today that made me stop and ponder the meaning of life. By desk, I mean my phone while sipping my G&T mid-afternoon on my front porch. Don’t judge. We’ve been iced in for three days and I homeschool my kids. “Daddy needs his special teacher juice a little earlier today, kids. Math is hard.” By “pondering the meaning of life”, I mean I scratched my head and wondered aloud a phrase that rhymes with “cut the muck”. I’ll explain.

The first thing was this whole AI ChaGPT. What fresh hell is this nonsense? It’s a chatbot, obviously. It seems that people are simply using this program to write for them. Reporters, college kids, you name it. Adam has a great post on this on his site. I encourage you to check it out. He is one of the “natural writers” (as in, non-AI) I enjoy reading. Still I have to ask what is wrong with people today. I know that writing comes easily to me. I’ve been doing it for years and I rather enjoy it. I also get that not everyone can turn a phrase quickly. But to degenerate into the sheer slothfulness of letting a computer write your assignments start to finish? It also makes me wonder, a I withdraw more from the world and get my bearings in a world of tradition, how truly “fake” the world has become. The football player who collapsed on the field a month ago appeared in a video released by the league recently. Many are speculating that the video is itself a “deep fake”. Again I ask and encourage all to use their common sense. If things don’t appear to be right, they probably aren’t. Ask yourself every time, can I trust this thing before me? The answer most of the time these days is usually no.

I make this promise to you all here. Every word on these pages is my own and if they were first uttered by someone else I slap quotation marks around them.

The other thing several friends sent me today were the ridiculous comments made by Bergoglio in Zaire, sorry, Congo. Apparently the usurper prattled on about using your hands or playing with your fingers or something. “The thumb should point back at you, you rigid traditionalist. The index finger is to point at all the other rigid traditionalists and laugh. The middle finger…”

Stop right there, Jorge. I’m from Newark. I know how to use the middle finger. It was a question on the test to get my driving permit. Gotta’ make sure you know how to signal other drivers when the horn’s not loud enough.

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church (FSSP), Tyler, TX (unrelated to post topic)

Also, are we living in a literal clown world? “This finger does this. That finger does that. Blah blah blah.” Generic childish platitude gobbledegook. That’s how we “catechize” these days. And just this afternoon I reviewed my son’s doctrine test. He wrote an essay on why the Mass is a sacrifice and is, in fact, the self-same sacrifice of Calvary. He cited Scripture. He mentioned the Fathers and Doctors. He drew upon the Baltimore Catechism. He did all of this in two paragraphs.

I must be doing something wrong.

He never mentioned his fingers once. Maybe I’ll have him go back and edit it. He can mention how in the Traditional Latin Mass the priest’s fingers are extremely important. The priest, having pronounced the words of consecration does not separate his thumb and index finger again until the ablutions out of love for Our Lord lest he drop any particles. I bet even a chatbot could figure that out.

Two Sisters

I had originally written a rather lengthy post tonight about something that is very close to me. And then, the draft form got published instead, missing 75% of the post!

So to summarize that post quickly…

I braved the elements of a terrible ice storm this morning to get to Mass. Today marks 41 years since my twin sister died in a house fire. I prayed for her, obviously. She was four years-old when she died. I believe that I know where she is – a baptized child who had not attained the use of reason. Nonetheless, the Blessed Mother can rearrange those prayers however she sees fit.

But I also prayed for another sister – my third oldest sister who was almost 21 years-old that night. God gave her the grace and she used it. She saved my life along with many of our other siblings. She apologized to me once, saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get everyone.”

A candle for both sisters.

This morning I sent her a picture of me along with my two children along with the following text:

“They wouldn’t exist if not for what you did that night. Love you!”

None of us ever know what God has in store for us or how we will react to what He places in front of us.

Stay confessed. Have courage. Be manful. Pray and do the will of God.

St. Ignatius of Antioch, pray for us!

How Do You Talk to a Roche?

Mundabor has a great post up today. When does he not? Check it out here.

Essentially, Arthur Roche, the ex-figure skater and current “liturgical czar” of the Vatican machine was bitching recently that a number of traditionalist bloggers are having such an influence on seminarians of all people. Corrupting the minds of the young men studying for priesthood is, of course, his job, dammit.

Although I would be honored to be numbered among those afflicting the would-be rapists of the Bride of Christ, I did not know until today that simply being a trad dad blogger put me in such rarified air. There are hundreds of others who do what I do and do it so much better; but, as they say in Hollywood, “It is an honor just to be nominated.”

Mundabor rightly points out that there are so many of us because the problem is so evident that we cannot not speak up against the obvious.

But one thing the Roche said in particular did catch my eye.

“These keyboard warriors seem to have an outsize effect, particularly on seminarians” and polemicises [sic] against allegedly ‘distorted agendas’ that are ‘so frequently aired through blogs, etc.’.”

Keyboard warriors? You are right my triple-axel friend. We are warriors. We’re fighting. We’re fighting for something we believe in enough to die for, for Someone and that Someone’s rightful worship.

Jesus is lain in the Sepulcher, mosaic inlaid in marble, Station XIV, Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, NJ

Also, I wonder if they’re all working with the same script. Although I haven’t heard from any seminarians reading this blog yet, I do hear from priests. Most are supportive. But I’ve also heard from a chancery official or two who have accused me of being a, wait for it, “keyboard warrior“.

I suppose I should feel threatened or something. I can’t make it around the rink without holding onto the rail after all and this guy fancies himself Dick Button in a rochet. But I do recognize the truth and I will continue to write what I observe now and what I have observed after years of working with men of your reprehensible ilk. And to the sems reading this, I was once in your shoes. If you ever want to reach out to me, use your data or hotspot because they will track it. But know that I am praying for you.