Monthly Archives: July 2019

Coming Home

Yes, I stopped writing the last travel series before we reached our destination.

I decided this time to enjoy the time with the kids and document it later.

I’ve got the pictures to guide me in my re-creation of events.

Since returning from that trip I’ve immediately hit the road again – this time for a friend’s wedding in L. A. It’s been a long weekend but my wife and I are finally heading home. Hint: she’ll probably be heading out again sooner than me but I should be home for a while this time.

This may be the actual plane taking me home.

And it will be nice to settle into home – my home, our home, the kids’ home. I’m pretty refreshed now. I could always use the “vacation from the vacation” thing and I’m planning a day of staying under a blanket and watching Gone with the Wind (because I’ve never seen it all the way through and because I just toured Paramount and I feel like watching a true classic film.

It will be good to be home. New start, new me, new school year coming up.

I’ll tell you all about it if you stay tuned and tell your friends.

LAX AA Admirals Club. When you’re as important as I am you just do these things, darlings…