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A Big Day for a Dear Friend

Readers of this page (the five of you, we’ve been growing!) are no doubt aware that I crave attention. I mean, why else would someone write a blog? I use a pseudonym because I fear criticism. See, my life explained in two lines.

When I started writing these stories over a decade ago, I started to notice that my posts were receiving comments from a handful of people. Generally speaking they were positive. “Loved the story!” “So funny!” “You’re doing a bang-up job!” That last one was from a reader in England. In the 1940’s. But one commenter would take the time to write out thoughtful messages about my content. She would leave notes that were truly from the heart and that encouraged me to keep writing. “You have an audience, now,” she would remind me. “You can’t let them down.” Lest anyone think there’s any funny business here, this woman is the mom of a friend of mine. And as all mothers ought to do, she took whatever good she saw in my writing and amplified it and I have always appreciated that.

So today I want to wish my friend Ann and her husband a very happy 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! In your honor, I will finish (finally) the saga of Sister. I hope that your day is bright and filled with joy. I went to mass this morning and offered my intention for you. It’s the least I could do considering all the times you’ve taken my prayers to the “pink sisters”. Good bless you and keep you.

And for heaven’s sake, please keep reading!