Thank Your Priests and Pray for Them

This morning I took my family to early mass before we headed out on another cross-country road trip. I had found out a few days ago that today is the ordination anniversary of one of our parish priests and so I offered a few more prayers for this good man as he was offering the spotless Body of my Lord for me.

Pray for your priests. I suspect that many of my readers at this point likely attend a parish staffed by priests of the former Ecclesia Dei or by the SSPX. These priests in particular need our prayers. They need our support on a human level as well. The devil rages at the men configured to Christ. I can only imagine how magnified and focused that rage is toward a priest offering a mass that is so visibly a sacrifice. Now imagine you have priests who preach the Catholic faith and exhort parishioners to advance daily in sanctity. Pray for your priests.

My Three Thoughts:

1). I have picked up my very own correspondent in the Eternal City! I hope to feature occasional reporting from this person in the coming weeks.

2). By day’s end, I will be bunked down in the “Rome of the West”. Pictures tomorrow. St. Louis definitely has some beautiful churches.

3.) A huge thanks to Mr. Frank Walker of Canon212 for linking my last post at the top of his page. That was a happy surprise and an honor for me. For anyone who came upon this blog from his link, thank you for reading and come back any time! I’ll try not to disappoint. And please say a prayer for me. I could always use a Memorare or two.

Mary Mother of Priests, pray for us!

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