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Monday Night Roundup – Now With More Assault Rosary!

Can You Believe This Nonsense?!

During the 2020 GOP Convention I watched in awe as Sr. Dede Byrnes stood on a stage before a national audience, fully habited, and, holding high her rosary, proudly proclaimed that it was “her weapon”.

I marveled at that statement because I know just how true it is. Our Blessed Lady gave us this most magnificent ordnance to honor her, to fight heretics, and to help save our souls. She did so because, as a perfect Mother, she loves us. I remember my own dear mom once sending me out the door in the morning during a time when I was having trouble with a classmate. I wasn’t being bullied but I could tell this kid was crying for attention and that he might try to get it by making me feel insecure with his digs and taunts. I had just received a pretty bad haircut as I recall. I think I was 8. Mom gave me a kiss on the forehead, handed me my lunch money, and whispered, “Just remember Love, your hair will grow back. He’ll always be a dumb sh*t.” See? moms love their kids and give them the weapons they need. In my case it was a biting humor that came from the streets of Manhattan circa 1945. But Our Blessed Mother? She gives the best weapons.

And now in The Atlantic we read that the rosary is a “weapon for rad-trads” who consider it like their “AR-15”. So first, the author of that piece that shall not receive a link from me thinks he is insulting us by calling us “rad-trads”. I’ve been called worse by better people, you dumb sh*t. Rad… as in radical… as in deeply rooted. OK. I’m down with that. Trad… as in traditionalist… as in clinging to the eternal Truth? Yep, down with that too. And my AR? I thought you were trying to denegrate me. The AR is a great piece of weaponry. I’m fixin’ to get Psalm 42 etched onto my stock. Then she’ll be real purty.

In the end, we are told, all that will remain is the rosary and the “sign of my Son”. For several months in 2020, the rosary WAS all we had. I will let those beads out of my hands when I’m cold and dead. Oh wait, no I won’t. They’re going in the ground with me.

A dear reader wrote me recently and mentioned that she prays all 15 in Latin every day. Barnhardt mentioned that in a post as well. I began the practice myself during Lent. Do it. Make the time. You will NOT be disappointed. Get out there and fight like a man for your Mother.

The Results are In and You’re Gettin’ a Podcast!

You are all so, so lucky. I couldn’t write that with a straight face. Still, I am encouraged by the poll results. 90% of you responded that you would make time to listen to my voice. 2 people responded with the obvious joke answer “hell no”. I tracked their IP addresses. I think there are some angry V2 faggycollars reading this blog. ‘Nuff said on that. Either way, I hope to get started recording in the next week. If anyone reading has any specific tech-y advice, I’m all ears. I’ve done this once before by recording Zoom calls and uploading the audio but I’d be interested to hear what else is out there.

High altar, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Dallas, TX


A final word tonight regarding whatever it is that Antipope Bergoglio said in reference to Our Lady’s stirring hymn of praise – the Magnificat. “An overturning of values”? Reminds me so much of my seminary days when we discussed how the liberation theologians hopped on the Magnificat and interpreted it as a statement of social justice par excellence. They fail to see that the Blessed Mother was in fact making the most humble statement ever proclaimed. “He has lifted up His lowly servant… The Almighty has done great things for me… Holy is His name…” But yeah, I could see how someone might hear “overthrow the capitalist pigs” in there too I guess.

Just remember, friends, you can always learn to understand Scripture in the light of the Holy Ghost and the Tradition of the Church. The others? They’ll always be dumb sh*ts.

Mary assumed into Heaven, pray for us!