Daily Archives: December 24, 2022

Love (Eternal) at First Sight

“In the child Jesus, The defenselessness of God is apparent. He comes without weapons, because he does not want to conquer us from outside but desires to win and transform us from within. If anything can conquer man’s vainglory, his violence, his greed, it is the vulnerability of the child. God assumed this vulnerability in order to conquer us and lead us to Himself.”

Then-Cardinal Ratzinger, as quoted in a collection of essays on religious artwork (which name escapes me)

I ask in hindsight, how did we expect Him to come among us? He desires to capture our hearts and for us to fall in love with Him. When my first child was born, I called my sister to share the joyous news. Her words still sit with me very deeply. “Did you ever imagine you could be so in love with someone so instantly?” The truth is that it took even me by surprise. But God, in His wonderful Providence, created us to love the little child immediately and to love that child with a ferocity that would cause a man to lay down his life for that baby without question. This is why He came among us as a Babe in the manger, defenseless. He already loves us. He wants us to share in that love and to be in love with Him.

Take in the wonder of this most holy night when God appeared among man, guarded by humble shepherds and lauded by His holy angels. In the piercing cold in Bethlehem, He Who Is showed us His tiny, precious face. Yes, that face would one day be marred by our sins. But I’m this moment, be in love.

Merry Christmas to all!

Incarnate Word, Son of God and Son of Mary, have mercy on us poor sinners who kneel before Thy crib!