Accepting the Cross with Joy – UPDATED

***Writing a postage at night is great… except when you make a very obvious mistake. The Station below is clearly the SECOND Station and not the First. Not only should I have caught my own mistake but the Roman numeral “II” in the picture should have guided me. Lord Jesus, meek and humble of heart, have mercy on me!”***

I have used the following picture before. It is the first Station of the Cross in mosaic as found in my home parish growing up.

The First Station, mosaic, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Newark, NJ

As we enter into the Sacred Triduum, consider the joy with which Our Lord embraced the cross. Emerich tells us that at several moments in the Passion He was overjoyed at what lay before Him for through the cross He would save His people.

Take up your cross and follow Him…

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