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Get Down Saturday Night: New Coof Variant, Beachwear for Men, and Tortoises

I wrote yesterday about a ramp up in positive Coof tests. My friends, the gayest chest cold of the century has a new variant and it’s called… ready for it?… BA.5. I’m not sure if that’s pronounced Bee-Ayy Dot Five or if the dot is silent and it’s pronounced like I thought – Fagatron.

I heard from my source in law enforcement, a beat cop in a large northeastern city, that several of his colleagues have also tested positive in the past week. Still think I’m grasping at straws? Think again.

My day was thoroughly amazing in the best way possible. I began with 6:45 AM Latin Mass. On that note I must make somewhat of a correction to something I said yesterday. I wrote “Go to Mass. The Roman Mass.” A friend reached out to me within minutes to ask why I was “hating” on him and his Byzantine confrères. First, my audience is mostly TLM Roman Catholic. Also, the point was more about adhering to tradition and not Bugnini. If you are Byzantine and you can get to a daily Divine Liturgy, do it. I had wanted to include a quote from Robert Hugh Benson’s Lord of the World. I cannot find the actual quote but it regarded the abolition of the Eastern Churches and it made me chuckle when I first read it.

Senator McConnell

I spent many hours on a beach today. Southwestern Florida’s Gulf Coast is stunning. Before I headed out I received an email from a fellow blogger. I had initiated the conversation by thanking him for listing me in his blogroll. Please visit his blog by clicking here. Seems he and I have a common interest in advocating that men dress like real men. Toward that end, I stepped onto the beach today like a man would’ve looked on Coney Island in 1910. Don’t laugh. Blue and white striped tank and navy trunks. I’ve never been one to want to bare all on the beach but I think this look adds an element of class to the whole “skinshow” that is modern American beach attire. If I’d had my dad’s old boater hat and a ukulele with me, well, I’m glad I didn’t.

Side note: I met an Irishman today who told me that I’d never be mistaken for having Irish ancestors. Apparently, the fact I tan better than George Hamilton and have blonde hair means I have something other than Irish in me (despite my thoroughly Celtic pedigree). I blame it on the Vikings.

And speaking of stepping onto the beach, the environmentalist whackos (God, I miss Rush Limbaugh) have succeeded in ruining a beach outing. Large signs in the parking lot warned that this was a “no smoking beach” because there were sea turtles nesting or some such nonsense. This from the same people who push a theory of evolution predicated on survival of the fittest. In this case, I am fitter and therefore I should win. If my cigarette butts disturb your nesting perhaps you should evolve harder.

I did strike up a conversation with two lovely women seated next to us. I connected my Bluetooth speaker to my phone and began to play my merengue playlist. I grew up in Jersey and this is South Florida after all. It turns out these two women were from North Bergen, NJ. We have mutual friends. They appreciated the bronzed white boy from 1910 playing their Cuban jam on the beach in Florida. They gave us recommendations for beaches tomorrow.

You see, friends, there really are no strangers, only Cubans we haven’t met yet.

Florida locals discuss tortoise reproduction.

Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, pray for us!

Livin’ It Up, Friday Night: Coof’s A-comin’ Back Edition!

I love being right and I hate it too.

About two weeks ago I remarked to my wife that several things were both odd and imminent at the same time.

1.) Joe Byron (AKA: Tuesday Pudding) and his minions/handlers need something on the level of Spring 2020 Coof-o-rama Drama to re-emerge on a national level pretty soon in order to implement national mail-in balloting. They need this in order to steal the next set of elections.

2.) Coof-o-rama is totally coming back.

The next day I got a message from my son’s boss. Side note, my 14 year-old son makes me proud every day. He actually wants to work. He found himself a job. It isn’t much and the pay isn’t great but it suits him and, at his age, it’s about the best he’ll get. He has told me that he knows a man’s job is to work hard to provide for his wife and kids or otherwise to work hard as a priest who says mass every day and hears confessions for many hours. Love that young man. Anyway, the boss informed me that my son’s supervisor, a 24 year-old young man, had “tested positive” for the Chinese sniffles.

“That’s odd,” thought I… It’s late June. He didn’t appear sick when I saw him earlier in the day. Also, it’s late June.

Three days later, a friend of mine texted to tell me that she and two of her daughters had all tested positive for Wuhan Wing Wang. Of her two girls, the younger is 14 months-old.

Again, simply odd. A 14 month-old?

This is bullshit as my sister’s yellow lab Bates would say. Of course, he says it under his breath and in dog.

I immediately connected the dots and told my wife. First, why in the world is anyone getting tested for this nonsense at this point? You KNOW the tests are all engineered to report whatever the hell they want to hear. If you’re under the weather, take your viatmins, get some sun (remember it is now JULY), grab your Ivermectin, and get well.

Also, isn’t it funny how, after a lull, this gay virus is roaring back like a drag queen being pushed out of a library by a group of real men with kids? He’ll be thrashing and fur and feathers will fly but in the end, if we hold firm, we can drive him back to the pit of hell.

So today I came across the following news from Texas while I was enjoying sleeping in on my vacation in Florida. By the way, sleeping in doesn’t actually exist since I get up every morning at 6 for the Angelus. Fr. Ripperger mentioned doing that in a video. He said it is particularly powerful at protecting a man’s family from demonic attack. Who am I to argue?

Hide your wife, hide your kids!

So anyway, listen, don’t say you didn’t know. What can we do about it? Well for starters, don’t get one of those ridiculous tests. Here I’ll save you the trouble. It’s positive. There you go. If you’re sick, take your vitamins and get into the sun. I cannot repeat that enough. Don’t you dare wear that Masonic face burqa. Say your prayers. Men, triple your efforts. We’re in this together. 15 decades. Every day. It’s that important if you love your family. Live your life. Pray for the reactivation of your confirmation. in particular ask God to give you strength (physical and spiritual) and wisdom. GO TO MASS. EVERY DAY. THE ROMAN MASS.

The evil ones spell out their plans because it gets them off. Use that knowledge and make your plans.

Remember that the great saints prayed to live in our times. And here we are.

God bless us and the Virgin protect us!