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Holy Cow, Baby! Joe-Toe Just Can’t Catch a Social Media Break

From the “news” source NJ.com we get the following. Full link here.

“The head of New Jersey’s largest Catholic diocese was recently impersonated on social media by someone who opened an account in his name, Archdiocese of Newark officials said.”

So, Brother Joe simply cannot escape the ghettoes of the internet even if he allegedly isn’t trying. Don’t feel bad, Joe. I lost a term paper I was five pages into once. Never hit “Save” and the whole thing went down the drain, lost in the third level of clipboard hell for all time. I know. I sympathize.

Wait, what’s that? This was a case of someone spoofing you on social media?

Oh forget that then…

Dude, you are a spoof of a Roman Catholic prelate. How do you top that?

Sympathy level just dropped. Sorry. I was cleaning my dresser off this morning and the large mason jar I keep with loose change and a few spare F’s got dumped. So it seems, you know, I’m all out of F’s to give, as the kids say.

The account in question? I received this from a nephew – a real nephew, not an Uncle Ted type – in May.

The thing is Blanche*, I’d be more inclined to care if you hadn’t previously tweeted your love and affection for an Italian pillow-biter or your sister or something. Side note: I’ve said many times before. I have 8 sisters and I’ve never said anything so retarded to them in my life as “Nighty night, baby.”

Oh and by the way, this spoof account has been active for some time. Several siblings of mine received invite notifications to it a few months ago so how’s that Archdiocesan Social Media Director working out for you?

Pray for these men.

Our Lady of Quito, pray for us!

*I am reminded by a reliable source that Blanche was McCarrick’s Golden Girls name. The above should read “The thing is Dorothy…