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A Complete Idiot to Whom Bizarre Things Happen…

First, I am so very thankful for all the prayers that have poured out from faithful readers. An all-too-common motif over the past ten years I’ve been writing this blog has been to refer to my “loyal readers” and then to add parenthetically “both of you”. But the truth is that somewhere around a thousand people have ultimately subscribed to these pages. And of those people, many have sent me messages and texts of support and prayer. I am most appreciative and I will offer my rosary for you today.

For those of you who took the time to read the long-ish previous two stories I posted you will remember that I broke my back trying to both be a good dad/husband/man and trying to transform my body into something resembling a statue of Adonis but with clothing and not marble.

You may also recall that I have said in the past that strange things just seem to happen to me. My visit to the urgent care for the spinal X-ray was no exception.

When I finally decided to head over to the office it was Saturday afternoon around 3:30. It’s only a few miles across town and I have been to this office before when I broke a few ribs about a year ago. Come to think of it, I’m starting to see myself as somewhat of a pretty tough guy what with all the broken bones and then still carrying on and doing “hard things”. I pulled into the parking lot and immediately noticed two police cruisers parked with a few officers milling about. I thought this a little odd. The building where the orthopedic care center is located houses one additional tenant, that being a veterinarian’s office. The entrance to the vet’s office is slightly around the corner from the front entrance (the door to the doctor’s office).

I entered the building, checked in, and took a seat in the waiting room. After about a half-hour I took my phone out. Looking for something to occupy my time I figured I’d catch up on the local news. I opened an app and did a quick double-take. The picture at the top of the app was the building wherein I was sitting. I read the headline but it didn’t really make sense. I turned the phone toward the receptionist and asked “Did something happen here earlier?”

“Is it on the news already?” she asked.

Here’s the story…

One week earlier a couple of pit bull terriers had bitten someone. Those two dogs had been placed under quarantine and that quarantine was being carried out at this vet’s office. Earlier in the day the dogs’ owner had come by to feed and play with her dogs. The staff in the vet’s office had allowed her to head out back to a fenced in area in order to have “play time” with her pups. And then around 11:45 AM as the office was preparing to close for the day it became apparent that the owner had not been heard from in a while. Stepping out into the outdoor pen the worker discovered a terrifying scene. The woman was lying unconscious and covered in blood. The dogs were snarling. Mind you, I heard all of this from the receptionist in the doctor’s office. The fire department was called out to offer medical assistance. Unfortunately, firemen could not get near the woman as the dogs were still unhinged.

I feel it imperative to state that this is not made up in any way.

The police were summoned. True to form for Texas, the officers responded and promptly shot and killed both dogs. Paramedics retrieved the woman. According to my source the paramedics were performing CPR on the dogs’ owner as they loaded her into the ambulance. As of the time I left the office an hour later there had been no further update. I later came to find out that the woman was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital.

I don’t even know what to make of any of this. Sure, it’s bizarre and I’m used to things like this happening in my general sphere. But this one was just too bizarre.

Say a prayer for the woman. God rest her soul.