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Why Did He Not Listen?

This evening I sat near the fire pit in my driveway, warming myself while also working my way through the plentiful devotions afforded me during this Advent. The Lord IS coming and He has given to me to keep Watch in prayer. I jokingly complain that I’m “novena’ed out” but the truth is that this is exactly what I must do – pray and pray without ceasing. Our Lord Himself gave that command.

So tonight, while praying the third day of the Guadalupe novena, I read a line that I will paraphrase (since I already put the novena books back on the shelf).

“The Blessed Mother then said to Juan Diego, ‘Go and tell the bishop of Mexico all that I have instructed you. I desire a temple built on this spot as a refuge of sinners where I may hear their afflictions and offer my consolation.’ Juan Diego replied, ‘My dearest Lady, I will do what you have commanded.’”

The humble servant, Juan Diego, immediately vowed to do what she commanded. He knew it would be difficult. He knew he would likely win no human respect. He would be laughed at and scorned. He would wear out his feet running with joy to the bishop. But he would do all for his Blessed Lady.

Humility. Devotion. Filial Love. These are the hallmarks of true charity of any good son toward his mother.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Santa Fe, NM

Flash forward 438 years.

If what Malachi Martin recalls is even remotely correct – and we have truly no reason to believe it isn’t – Papa Roncalli opened an envelope in his apartment in the Vatican, the same quarters Bergoglio refuses to occupy because he is not the Vicar of Christ, and read the contents. The same Blessed Mother who asked Juan Diego to relay a simple request to the bishop had commanded John XXIII to reveal a new message to the world. His words are chilling.

“This is not for our time.”

When Juan carried out his duties with love and joy and faith, he was acting as a man should. The love in his heart for the Blessed Virgin shielded him from the threats of derision that would befall him if her message was not well received. He trusted her. And what isn’t to trust?

When John XXIII refused her request, he was exhibiting the most severe form of effeminacy. Fearful that his precious council would be derailed, he simply ignored the message from the Mother of Our Savior.

Juan’s actions brought about the mass evangelization of two continents. John’s actions brought about the mass apostasy from the faith worldwide.

The moral here? Listen to your mother and do not be afraid.

Virgin of Guadalupe, pray for us!