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A Mighty Remnant and a Humble Thanksgiving

Last week I wrote a post about the state of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ. Friends, I never imagined such a topic would ever cross my radar, let alone that I would write about it, yet here we are. The gyst of my piece was that Bishop Checcio (to call him a buffoon would be an injustice to buffoons) is essentially terminating the TLM in his diocese. In my piece I wrote that anyone interested in finding either a TLM or a traditional priest willing to offer a TLM in that area could write to me privately and I would assist as best I could.

And you wrote to me. In greater numbers than I would have imagined. The Bishop of Arlington recently wrote to his flock a friendly letter that my father would say should have actually been a telegram, as in, “FU. STOP. STRONG LETTER TO FOLLOW. END.” He wrote to tell them that he had to move the locations of the TLM’s in his diocese because Fwanciss told him to. In his letter, in an apparent attempt to justify the situation, the good bishop noted the “only 2% of the faithful in his see regularly attend the ancient Mass.” I’ve spoken with high-ranking priests in Arlington and even they don’t know exactly where that figure came from. One of them even admitted to me that using the number, even if completely verifiable, was not a good look for the bishop. It makes it sound as though, “Well, hey, there really aren’t that many of you going to this ‘thing’ over here so it’s OK that we totally shove you into a broom closet.”

Instead, what was reinforced for me over the weekend is that there are more of us out there than we may realize. More to the point, those of us who are out there are strong in our convictions and eager to help each other. Look, I get that I am relatively new to this community. I only started attending Latin Mass a little over four years ago. Granted I go every day and I have completely immersed myself in this world. But I definitely recognize that I am a no-body on this scene. I try to be careful when I criticize giants within the movement, always pointing out the great good they have done in the past before zeroing in on whatever issue I may take umbrage with at the moment. Unite the clans and all that, right? But I 100% feel a great sense of humility when I receive emails from fellow trad Catholics seeking help from me on where to find the ancient Mass in their area. And I say a prayer of thanksgiving every time I receive such a note. I am truly grateful and, as those of you who’ve written to me know, I respond to every email that isn’t clearly spam.

Body of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (absent the head*) underneath the main altar, Cabrini High School Chapel, Washington Heights, Manhattan (NYC)

I wanted to take the time tonight to publicly say thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog over the past six months since I re-tooled what was a blog about raising my kids. Thank you for following my rants. Thank you for your questions. Thank you for your prayers. Someone had a Mass offered for me tomorrow morning (Thursday)! I will not know until the dreadful day of my judgment why God loves me so much but I am happy that He does. He has given me an abiding love for His Church and the Catholic faith and a passion for writing down my silly thoughts and I, a faithless sinner, occasionally churn out something halfway decent by His grace. But it is because you read the things I write and interact with me about them that I feel like I’m not alone in this dreadful fight against the world, the flesh, the devil, and now the antichurch masquerading as the Bride of Christ.

My friends, let us continue to offer prayer and sacrifice for each other. To those of you who have been in regular correspondence with me, thank you for the spark of true Christian friendship. To those who simply stop by once in a while, thank you for checking in. To all who read this, say a prayer for me, for the Church, and for all of our priests and know that I am praying for you.

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us!

*The head of Mother Cabrini was removed from her incorrupt body after its exhumation and is in Rome. The actual body, shown here, reposes with a wax head.

Thursday Night Roundup: Now with More Vote Fraud!

Let’s Start with Rita

My new friend Andrew from St. Luke’s Gallery (do check out his site and his amazing work) reached out to me this evening with the following picture.

St. Rita statue, lower church, St. Patrick*, Philadelphia, PA

I am blessed to have been able to spread devotion in any small way to this saint of the impossible. She means so much to me and, as I can see, to many of you as well. Know that I am in a perpetual novena for all of you. Please, in your charity, pray for me.

Of Teeth and Matches

My lighter flamed out tonight. It was a Bic. No big deal. They last a few months and then, well, they die. No Last Rites, no Apostolic Pardon. They just eat dirt. I went searching in my emergency stash – my top dresser drawer – and found, among my meticulously folded underwear and a treasure trove of sentimental things I will never part with, the following.

Not what it looks like…

Imagine my surprise when I slid the box open to find not matches to light my Marlboro with but two tiny teeth in a little bag. It seems I know the Tooth Fairy pretty well these past 14 years and he seems to have left my childrens’ chompers there as a gift to remind me of some of the happiest times of my life. I needed to see that (especially now when my kids are practically old enough to vote and my reason for existence is questionable at best).

Upon This Priest Rock

There is a priest visiting my parish from Ireland. He said the noon Mass today. Pray for the priests. I was intrigued after Mass so I went home and Google-stalked him. Turns out our young Father gained some notoriety during the Coof-o-Rama by celebrating the Sacrifice on ancient rock formations along the coast of the Emerald Isle. if you know, then you know. Apparently not long after that he decided that the ancient Mass was what he needed to be immersed in. What a blessing to us in Traddyland! That did not , however, stop some of his detractors online from ranting about his being drawn into tradition. I found the following online and I share it for one reason that you will see presently:

“These Latin Mass societies should be totally and immediately suppressed by Francis and the Vatican. Their foundation and continuation is a direct attack on Vatican II and the intentions of the council fathers as regards the celebration of the Mass in the vernacular.”

If only it was an issue of vernacular language, you ankle-grabbing twit. Continuing…

“I’m surprised [bishop] is allowing [priest] to abandon the diocese he was ordained for to join up with these bunch of nutcases. What about the [diocesan] money soent (sic) on his training? He should gave been forced to do at least 10 years of service in [diocese] before indulging in this fantasy. Were I his bishop I would have given him a firm NO and told him to serve [diocese] or apply for laicization. The priesthood is primarily one of pastoral service. Not a way of indulging liturgical fantasies.”

“Primarily one of pastoral service”? You are retarded.

The priesthood is a sacrament whereby a man (you know, a full grown biological human with a Y chromosome, testosterone, facial hair, and male gonads who happens to not have any degenerate sexual predilections) is configured to Christ the High Priest in order to carry on the Sacrifice of Calvary. Pastoral service? Did you pull that line out of a Marty Haugen ditty or was it revealed to you in a fever dream?

Yes, pray for our priests who are under assault not only from the devil himself but also from his minions in the form of spongiform-brained hippie-dips with a slightly-better-than-DSL connection to the internets.

St. Patrick, pray for us!

*The original version of this post incorrectly labeled the St. Rita statue as being found in Ss. Peter and Paul. It has since been corrected.

Change in the Weather

All is quiet on the southern front tonight. But just like the polar vortex that has caused my thermometer to have a stroke over the past two days, there is definitely a strange wind blowing…

Say your prayers.

Stay confessed.

Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!

Seen and Heard

Ah, the goings-on in NuChurch just keep going on.

Today, a close source informs me that the local ordinary presided over a “liturgy” for the French Congolese “community” at a local “multicultural” parish. I won’t name names but perhaps he was brain-injured by the climate shock of his last move. Or it could have been the vax. He was pretty prominent about getting that nonsense injected into his arm. The source – a dear friend of many years – had missed the earlier Mass and had no other options. Or so she thought, as I will argue in another post to come. If the New Order Mass is your only “option”, you might actually have no option at all.

Regardless, this source informs me that things got weird really fast.

“After the opening procession, I couldn’t tell if I was at Mass or a revival,” she said.

Oh it was a revival alright – a revival of Soul Train, from the description she provided.

Queen of the Rosary, stained glass, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Oklahoma City, OK

I’ll spare you the gory details and skip to the “homily”. I couldn’t tell you what the Epistle or Gospel were about because the New Order Mass uses a different “cycle” and calls them silly things like the “First Reading,” etc.

The ordinary apparently meandered his way through a few banal thoughts before spewing forth the following gem.

“God was an immigrant too! He had to cross the border… between Heaven and earth!”

Ok 1) No. 2) What the hell? Pandering to people is now “evangelization”. And 3) See point number 1. Also, many of the Congolese in this particular parish were born here but whatever.

If only there was a universal rite of the Church that goes back to ancient days, given to us by Our Lord Himself. Imagine if all Catholics could walk into a Catholic church and worship in the same way as their ancestors and not wonder if they had wandered into a low rent Protestant megachurch. Imagine if prelates knew and believed and taught the authentic Catholic faith – vital things that might help their flocks advance in sanctity? What would that be like to enter such a Church?

Had enough yet?

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us!

Sharing from The Remnant

Someone sent me this today. Take a read. It’s spot-on.


Sunday Night Roundup: Now with British Slang!

Like, As In a Salad?

A few days ago I posted about the Queen of Heaven’s birthday. This happened to coincide with the day the Queen of England died. I made a reference to Her Majesty’s very long reign and that she presided over a general decline in Western Culture. I did not say that she was the cause of that decline, just mentioned the link. The next day I noticed a comment that simply said that I was a “tosser”. I had to look it up. Apparently that’s slang for the already slang word “wanker” – one who gratifies himself, if you follow. Oh those Brits! So clever. And here I thought it was related to a baseball pitcher.

The sad fact is, like John-Henry Westin points out, Elizabeth II, may she truly Rest In Peace (and do pray for her soul), indeed gave her Royal assent to some terrible things during her 70 years on the throne. Go ahead and square that circle. I’ll wait. So to the gentleman who hurled that invective, it’s quite alright. I understand the grieving process takes time to work itself through. It’s not your fault you’re a biscuit short of a packet. But to attack a man for pointing out the obvious is just bollocks. Why don’t you go listen to some Gilbert O’Sullivan and tend to your cats?

Bring It On! Or Not…

I was chatting with a friend this evening over dinner when I remarked that I just can’t wait for the material chastisement to come about! I’m joking of course. Still, there comes a point at which one has to wonder how much longer this cesspool of a world can go. Then my friend told me of her recent experience raising chickens. And I realized that if I survived the material chastisement I would probably have to slaughter a chicken at some point for food. The living will envy the dead, folks. The living will envy the dead.

Arlington Diocese Underground

I was sent some pictures of the new locations where, starting this week, the TLM will be celebrated in Northern Virginia. I did not take these pictures myself so I will not post them here. I will have my own pictures to post soon enough. Nonetheless, the work that has gone into transforming these spaces – a gymnasium, a parish school building, etc. – is quite impressive and still far surpasses most Novus Ordo church designs. The thought struck me that for going “underground” and being pushed to the margins by the “pope* of mercy” these places aren’t all that bad. Remember to hold onto your devotion and keep the true faith alive. This will pass.

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, stained glass, St. Francis DeSales Oratory (ICKSP), St. Louis, MO

Remembrance of Things Past

I was supposed to be at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Providence intervened and I overslept. On that morning, one of my sisters worried that her five day-old baby should be baptized. We literally did not know if the world was coming to an end. The smoke from the Towers was still rising just 7 miles away. I drove her down to the church. It took great effort convincing the pastor that this was a good idea. “Father,” I said, “If you don’t want to do this because you don’t really think anything bad is going to happen, couldn’t you at least do it to comfort this young mother?” Somehow, speaking the language of modernist false mercy and psychobable did the trick. Sometimes, I suppose, we have to speak on their terms in order to achieve our goals. A truly Catholic priest would have assessed the situation and, seeing a regular parishioner whose faith was known to him asking for baptism for her child, replied, “ Of course! This way to the font.” Imagine if Phillip had told the Ethiopian eunuch, “Sorry, pal, but there’s no rush. RCIA doesn’t start until October.”

I went to bed for the next three months with images of the planes slamming into the buildings. God rest the souls of all those who died that day.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

*Not an actual pope in any sense.

Uncle Arthur Done Lost His Damn Mind

I have a knack for collecting my out-of-town guests from the airport holding up a sign in the manner of a livery driver. Unlike a livery driver, however, I somehow wind up with a bizarre sign in my hands or even wearing “strange” clothing. For instance, there was that one time when my older brother landed and I greeted him at security holding a sign that said: “Welcome to your first pride!” He approached me, studiously placed his reading glasses on his face, leaned in, read the sign, grabbed the sign out of my hand and laughed in the way only a brother can laugh at a gag like that.

Then there was the time when I picked up my adult nephew in true redneck fashion. I cut the sleeves off of my shirt, grabbed a lasso made from clothesline, and dressed up my kids like a horse and cowboy while holding a sign that said: “Welcome home from rehab!” Oh boy, where was I going with this… Oh yes!

Newly cardinaled Arthur Roache, the creepy old Brit is demonstrating once again why he earned himself the moniker “Uncle Arthur”. At first I thought it was because of his wacky antics, kind of like Jesse on Full House. However, now I’m starting to suspect it’s because of his resemblance to Uncle Fester. Also, he’s out his damn mind, as is sometimes said in Texas. He also strikes me as the type who would flip sides in a heartbeat if the circumstances were different.

From Lifesite we read the following:

“That reform is taking place, but it’s a slow process because there are those who are dragging their feet with regard to this and not only dragging their feet but stubbornly opposing what the Church has actually decreed.

That’s a very serious matter. In the end, people have to ask themselves: am I really a Catholic, or am I more of a Protestant?”

The “reform” to which he refers is the destruction of the ancient (read: Catholic) Mass. Imagine the gall of a man, a prince of the Church no less, suggesting that a Catholic is actually a Protestant because he clings to the Catholic Mass. I’ve written about this very issue before. There are those in the Vatican and elsewhere who have as their goal the eradication of the Mass. As that does not seem to have materialized, they will attack the Mass-goers as non-Catholic when they themselves are really the non-Catholics.

Last Supper, stained glass, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

Don’t fall for it. Also, don’t assume that they won’t still try to eradicate the Mass from the face of the earth. It’s not like they didn’t give us a preview two years ago. It’s not like it hasn’t been prophesied in Daniel. It’s not like they haven’t been wetting themselves over this prospect for decades. Tomorrow I will publish a letter I wrote about six months ago to another blogger who, at the time, graciously published it. That blogger’s link was shared on Canon 212. It was not known to have been written by me at the time. You will see what I mean when I run it. In the meantime…

Don’t let the ramblings of a madman hireling get under your skin. Love the Latin Mass. And that man had better not ever call me a Protestant again, psycho-freak – sorry, Uncle Cardinal Arthur. Also, he seems really pissed that we’re “dragging our feet” about all this, so I say gum up the works my friends. They’ve stated their goal of eventually “bringing us all back into the sole expression Novus Ordo weirdness”. They’ve got dates already marked on calendars in certain dioceses indicating when the TLM comes to an end. Do what it takes to slow things down.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!