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Bread, Roses, and (More) Prayers


I must have missed it this morning. I got up early. Thank you, Guardian Angel. Seriously, I have been in the habit over the past few years of trying to draw nearer to my angel, getting him more involved in my life, showing him my gratitude, and calling upon his most powerful help. I asked him last night to make sure I was awake this morning for my prayers and the early Mass. I find on days like this that, having asked his help, he delivers. I woke up minutes before my alarm. The thought was in my head, nagging me to push beyond the limits of my sleep-deprived body, telling me to get out of bed, drop to my knees, and say my prayers. Before I knew it, I was on my way to Mass. I know it was him and I am very grateful.

But the thing I must have missed is the Rogation Days. Father said the Mass for St. John Baptist de la Salle. Don’t get me wrong. St. John is a patron of teachers and I have called on his intercession countless times over the years. It wasn’t until tonight, however, that I realized today is the first of the three Rogation Days and that there should probably be some fasting tacked on to my daily prayers. Hence, the bread… Did I fast today? Well, no. As I said, I only realized at the end of the day. But it is a great reminder to me that fasting is vital to the Christian life.


It also dawned on me that, like her nineteenth century counterpart in the Communion of Saints St. Therese, St. Rita is associated with roses. Now, rarely have I prayed the novena and actually received a rose at the end but others have reported this gift. Personally, although I detest gardening, I love roses. Rather than to expect her to send one to me, this year, in thanksgiving for the great grace of being able to spread devotion to her, I think I will offer a rose or two to my dear saint. Who knows? Maybe she will send a few my way as well. You who sent petitions remain listed by name in my daily novena. Also, if for any reason I have neglected to reply to an email lately, please remind me by sending another. I do love the interaction I have had with all of the readers of this blog. I wake up most mornings flabbergasted that 1) people are reading my writing and 2) you seem to enjoy the conversation. Again, you are all in my daily prayers.

(More) Prayers

Speaking of prayers, please offer one for me if you think of it. In a couple of days I am embarking on a long roadtrip with my wife and kids. Where to, you ask? The short answer is everywhere. You will see as we travel and I update the blog with new pictures and stories. The truth is that we are a roadtrip family and as we’ve taken these trips in the past we’ve discovered that sometimes it’s better to have a general idea of where we’re going and then simply get off the beaten path along the way. The purpose of our trip is business related but it hearkens back to 2016 when we did something similar. On that trip we covered over 15,000 miles in the course of 8 weeks. So pray for our safety and the success of our trip, please. And say a prayer for a young man named Christopher. He works at the agency where we rented our vehicle for the journey. We had booked a minivan due to the dramatic increase in the cost of everything. However, from experience I know that minivans, while normally fine, are no fun for the driver or passengers on a trip like this. I may have tossed a petition into the novena the past few days for an upgrade. Young Christopher at Avis was apparently the instrument for God in answering that prayer. An Expedition it is then.

And before you get to that one, say a prayer that my head doesn’t swell too much. No, it wouldn’t be from pride (this time). While inspecting the large SUV we rented for the trip I accidentally slammed to top of my Irish melon into the corner of the rear liftgate. Thus I myself have become the first victim of Harvey’s World Tour ’23. It’s a good thing I’ve been trying to popularize men wearing hats again.

Sadly, doggo will be boarding with my mother-in-law. This is a good thing. He can’t drive to save his life.

St. Christopher, pray for us!

Listen to Mother: First Saturday Again

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month of the Holy Rosary!

I can never share this information enough so if you’ve read this one before, please consider sharing the contents. Do not feel compelled to share the post per se. I could care less if people are reading my writing. But the content comes from Our Lady. So tell a friend or several friends. The goal is heaven.

In your fraternal charity, would you also consider praying for my intentions? Thank you in advance.

First Saturday Devotion

In 1925, Our Blessed Mother, Mediatrix of All Grace, revealed to Sr. Lucia that she wished men to make acts of reparation to her Immaculate Heart, specifically in the devotion of the five first Saturdays. Click here for the full list from the Fatima Center, but the act involves confession, Mass, rosary, and meditation. The last one always seems hardest to me as my mind wanders easily.

Madonna and Child, plaster statue, Priory of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Canons Reg. Of the New Jerusalem), Charles Town, WV

For so simple a task – really an act of love – Our Blessed Mother promises so much in reward., not least of which is her sweetest consolation at the hour of death. Remember, in this act we are given to console her. She suffered more for the human race – and for each of us individually – than anyone save her Son. Now she offers to assist us at the most torturous moment of our existence when the soul is torn from the body and appears before her Son in judgment. That terrible day will be mitigated because she will stand by and advocate for us.

Make the devotion. Share the devotion.

Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!

Wednesday Night Roundup – Now with Cat 4 Winds!

“Thank you so much for being here.”

Where Would I Be?

Those words were spoken to me by a dear friend today. You see, my family and I were visiting a part of the country where we used to live when this friend’s father died. “Where else would I be?” I asked her. You see, my mother and father taught me the corporal works of mercy when I was a young boy. We had been through a horrible tragedy ourselves. Three of my siblings died in a house fire when I was four. I will forever remember the literally thousands who came out in the snow simply to be with us. I will never forget that. To bury the dead means to support the grieving as they bury their dead as well. I was here. Where else would I be?

Tenth Station of the Cross, bas relief plaster, Shrine of Our Lady’s Martyrs, Auriesville, NY

He’s a Friend

And this got me thinking of other things. Earlier this week, a representative of a large Catholic organization said to me, “That man who runs that Canon212 website is crazy.” He was talking about Frank Walker. I will state here that Mr. Walker and I have never met. He has been kind enough to link my articles over the past few months and I greatly appreciate that. But I appreciate even more his honesty, his grit, and his love of the truth. Before you cast aspersions, remember that I was also raised by my parents to protect my friends. I was prepared to go all Jersey on this man but I held my tongue. “I consider him a friend,” I said. And we left it at that. Frank, if you’re reading this, I got your back.

We’ve Got To Stop Traveling

And speaking of Frank, you may have seen his headline about the hurricane bearing down on his area. If you see this, please offer a rosary for all those in the path of Ian. I was in Florida this summer with my wife and kids. We were in Bonita Springs and Siesta Key. These have apparently both been hit by this monster storm. Fifteen years ago, we visited Galveston and by the end of the summer, Hurricane Ike had ravaged the place. I think we need to stop traveling.

Also, Biden totally blew up the Nordstream Pipeline. Just sayin’…

Stella Maris, Ora pro Nobis!

Memento Mori

A quick but all too important thought at the end of this long day for me as I prepare to get my slumber before waking in the morning to attend the funeral of a friend’s father.

Death comes for each of us. It comes when God Almighty wills it.

I remember all too well the bleak January day almost six years ago. I was driving like mad through the spine of the Appalachians trying to reach New Jersey before my father’s imminent demise. Mom called me. I know I-81 like the back of my hand, sadly, so I took the call and almost forgot my driving for a moment.

“I wanted to tell you that your father died a few moments ago.”

It was how she described it that was so striking. “He breathed out a few minutes ago and didn’t take another breath in.” And I instantly hated that I had pulled into that rest area in southern Virginia to catch a catnap a few hours earlier. I was four hours away.

Seven Sorrows of the Blesses Mother, stained glass, Shrine of Mother Seton, Emmitsburg, MD

CS Lewis in Screwtape wrote to the effect that time is God’s. We didn’t create it. We don’t manage it. We live in it and He decides how much of it belongs to us. We get so mad when others “waste our time” or “monopolize our time”. It simply is not ours to begin with.

Especially in these days… Stay confessed.

Mary Refuge of Sinners, pray for us!

The Gentleman Who Runs Your Favorite Online Bible Needs Help

I saw this posted on two of my go-to daily websites earlier. It appears that the man who runs the website DRBO has cancer and is uninsured.

Here is the link to the story on Barnhardt.

Please click that link to read what she says and consider donating. At the very least offer your prayers for him.

Miraculous Medal large medallion and relic, Shrine of the Miraculous Medal, Harrisburg, PA

I use DRBO daily and have found it especially helpful now that my homeschooling has taken me into the wonderful world of high school Latin. I suspect many of you also use his site.

Our Lady, Help of the Sick, pray for us!

Is There A Side to Choose?

Check this out about a Philly drag Queen collapsing and dying on stage.

Obviously, I pray for every soul who has departed from this world.

But for reals? Valencia Prime? You could’ve chosen any name you wanted and that’s what you went with?

Also, thanks for the scandal and faggotry. Now I have to fast too.

Friends, stay confessed.

Our Lady of Akita, pray for us!

Too Amazing

I had to share the following that my wife sent me today. She’s still on the social things whereas I am not.

Know that I am offering my novena daily for the intentions that have been sent to me.

Remember, until very recently, it was considered impossible that anyone would publicly recognize the antipapacy and yet the chorus of voices is raising. Keep praying. And don’t forget to fast too.

Holy Mary, Model of Life for Saint Rita, pray for us!