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The Gentleman Who Runs Your Favorite Online Bible Needs Help

I saw this posted on two of my go-to daily websites earlier. It appears that the man who runs the website DRBO has cancer and is uninsured.

Here is the link to the story on Barnhardt.

Please click that link to read what she says and consider donating. At the very least offer your prayers for him.

Miraculous Medal large medallion and relic, Shrine of the Miraculous Medal, Harrisburg, PA

I use DRBO daily and have found it especially helpful now that my homeschooling has taken me into the wonderful world of high school Latin. I suspect many of you also use his site.

Our Lady, Help of the Sick, pray for us!

Is There A Side to Choose?

Check this out about a Philly drag Queen collapsing and dying on stage.

Obviously, I pray for every soul who has departed from this world.

But for reals? Valencia Prime? You could’ve chosen any name you wanted and that’s what you went with?

Also, thanks for the scandal and faggotry. Now I have to fast too.

Friends, stay confessed.

Our Lady of Akita, pray for us!

Too Amazing

I had to share the following that my wife sent me today. She’s still on the social things whereas I am not.

Know that I am offering my novena daily for the intentions that have been sent to me.

Remember, until very recently, it was considered impossible that anyone would publicly recognize the antipapacy and yet the chorus of voices is raising. Keep praying. And don’t forget to fast too.

Holy Mary, Model of Life for Saint Rita, pray for us!

Sacred Music to Slumber By

Friends, Harvey is beat tonight. It’s been a long day, starting with morning Mass. I still marvel that I can speak in absolute truth the words of a prayer found in my missal:

“Today, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, condescended to come and dwell within me, and gave Himself to me!”

Cathedral Basilica of Notre-Dame de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec

And I pray the same for each of you. If you haven’t made the daily Mass part of your life, what are you waiting for? He waits for you there. Every day, He renews His sacrifice. He longs for you to come and kneel before His altar, before Calvary itself. That is where He wants to bring you. For when you worship Him in the sacrifice of the Mass, you ARE present at Calvary. It is a mystical and beautiful moment when time and eternity meet. Go to Him if you haven’t already. There is no reason not to. He only longs to Love you from the depths of His inexhaustible Heart.

What else did I do today? The usual. Taught my kids, made some new friends, visited family… you know, the usual.

As I drift off to sleep so I can recharge and do it all again tomorrow, here is some music that helps the process along. I’m kidding myself because in five minutes I’ll be watching YouTube videos of tornados. Now that helps me fall asleep.

St. Louis IX, King of France, pray for us!

We Interrupt this Blog to Bring You…

Tonight, simply a prayer of thanksgiving and another in my posts of ongoing praise of Our Lord and His beloved servant Rita of Cascia.

Almost two weeks ago I began to pray the novena to St. Rita. I’ve prayed it so many times in my life I have it committed to memory. She has never let me down. I invited readers to pray the novena as well and many responded with emails asking me to add their intentions to my own novena. This I did with gratitude. I most humbly ask others to add my intentions to their own novenas to this saint of the impossible.

This past Saturday I concluded day 9. A former student – a young man with whom I have become good friends – had been looking for a job and, more importantly, a wife. He wants a trad girl. He wants lots of babies. He wants nothing more than to take care of them, help them get to heaven and himself along the way. I didn’t tell him I had added his intention, simply prayed it.

The shrine to St. Rita in my home. Originally in a church named in her honor in west Texas, this shrine was rescued from wreckovation by a devout woman who kept it for 30 years until her daughter informed her of my devotion. She then gifted it to me.

On Saturday night as we sat in my yard with a few cocktails and cigs I suddenly remembered another friend was having a get-together. If you’re keeping score, that is exactly two friends I have. Something about being abrasive or something… I asked the young man if he wanted to join me for an hour at the older friend’s party. He came along out of a sense of obligation. Within minutes he had been approached by another guy I know who works in construction in a very lucrative job. 20 minutes later my friend found me to tell me that he had been offered a job.

I told him at this point that it was Rita’s doing. He kind of scoffed. I looked up heavenward and laughed.

Two days later, still thinking the job offerer had been drinking and speaking out of turn, my friend decided to give him a call. Well, at this point St. Rita decided to toy with him. Do you know that within 36 hours, the deal has been not only inked but moved along so rapidly that this morning, on almost no notice, my friend boarded a flight to California where he will live and work at that amazing job for the next five months. After that he’ll return to Texas where he will continue in that job as a supervisor.

Friends, pray this novena. She will come through for you.

I’m still waiting on a few favors I requested for myself but I have confidence. Again I ask, please pray for me and my intentions. I greatly appreciate it.

St. Rita of Cascia, patron of impossible causes, pray for us all!

Prayer in Time of Difficulty

Friends, I recently began another novena to “my” saint – St. Rita of Cascia, saint of the impossible. I began these nine days of prayer for several close intentions of mine but also because of a new friend who told me that he had started this novena after reading about St. Rita on my blog.

Let me tell you, with God all things are possible. His beloved servant Rita is held aloft by the Church as a patroness of the things we think impossible. I attest that she will intercede and she will deliver. Of my several intentions, one was already delivered today. And these are no small petitions.

Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Rita

So I invite you, whether your prayer is to be able to continue going to the TLM daily in these dark times or it is to conceive a child when even doctors have told you that you cannot or to reconcile a wayward spouse; I know that Our Lord wants you to make your impossible intentions known to Him. He already knows the secrets of your heart before your heart was formed. But He asks you to give these things to Him to demonstrate your faith in and love for Him.

Click here for a version of the novena.

No matter what, say your prayers and stay close to Our Lord and Our Lady and all of His saints and angels.

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

Miserere Nobis!: My Thoughts on the Fall of Roe

Blessed feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to one and all!

I was awakened this morning to the joyous news that Roe and Casey have fallen.

Let that sink in.

We’ve Fought Side by Side for Many Years

I suspect you and I have been in the same trenches on this one for a long time. Remember how we were armed with prayers and tears?

Perhaps you and I crossed paths in the many, many years of bitter cold January days when we marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to peacefully ask our government for a redress of this grave evil. There were millions of us during those days. We’d get to the top of Capitol Hill and turn around to see the throngs streaming up behind us like ants and take comfort that we weren’t alone in an insane world.

Perhaps we crossed paths in the Spirit of Truth as we knelt before the Lord in Adoration and at the Holy Sacrifice begging Him to hear our voices since the tiny victims were denied speech.

Altar in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
St Lucy’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

Perhaps we crossed paths simply, humbly, and marvelously on our knees at night as we said our prayers and thought of our own kids – how they came into the world in love and how we would die for them out of love – and then thought of those snuffed out because the evil one demands child sacrifice and men choose to turn from love and the opposite of love is indifference.

Perhaps we crossed paths teaching the faith and trying – sometimes with facility and often against great resistance – to convince a few teenagers in a high school theology class that a human child in the womb is 1) human and 2) can’t be anything other than human.

Maybe we said the same things in our prayers. “Jesus, Mary, I love you! Save souls and unborn babies!”

Our politicians didn’t help, except to say they were on our side when they needed our votes. One man promised us justices who would overturn Roe. He gave us those justices. Despite how he pushed a deadly vaccine (and continues to do so), I give thanks for his actions here and pray for him.

Our bishops didn’t help much. In truth, some were more vocal than others; but we totally could have ended this decades ago if they had stood up.

“God is sooooooo good.”

Is this perfect news? Far from it. In my home state killing a baby up to birth is now codified in law. In my new home state abortion is now essentially illegal altogether.

I’ll admit this is not how I imagined this day would go down. I’m genuinely shedding tears as I write this post. So many years… Did any of us believe that evil decision would be overturned? I bet Nellie Gray believed it, and Phyllis Schlafly too. I think my late dad probably thought this day would come. My widowed mom sent me a text. “God is sooooooo good.” She concluded it with a heart emoji because she’s 85 and texts. He is sooooooo good.

Stay Confessed

I know it’s far from over. Satanist groups are planning violence. We must pray harder now and be prepared to protect and defend ourselves and our churches.

Window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Lucy’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

As for me? I went to confession. Then I went to mass with my daughter. Meditating on the mystery of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart is so powerful. Lord Jesus, cleanse us with the water from Thy Wounded Side and then bathe us in They Precious Blood! Friends, stay confessed. Go to mass. Pray your rosaries.

And celebrate this moment for what it’s worth. You had better believe there’s a bottle of gin on my bar to be opened tonight. It calms the shellshocked nerves. Brothers and sisters, but especially my fellow Catholic men, NEVER give up this fight.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!