Baptism Day!

41 years ago today yours truly was baptized. For historical reference, my twin sister and I were about six weeks old. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Denver Broncos 27-10 later that day in Super Bowl XII. Jimmy carter was President. Paul VI was pope. And Baby Come Back by Player had just knocked How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gee’s our of the number 1 spot on the charts.

Couldn’t find one of my own baptism so I let my lookalike daughter stand in.

My sister and brother served as my godparents while another pair of siblings were my sister’s godparents. We were baptized in a gymnasium as the parish had not yet constructed a proper church building. The parish has since been closed by that diocese.

But I’m still here!

And I’m celebrating.

My daughter wants to get in in the InstantPot action while my son just wants a fun dessert. These both sound fine. But the best celebration for me will be picking up my wife from the airport later tonight. Did I mention I kind of miss her a little?

Triple prayers for everyone today!

2 responses to “Baptism Day!

  1. Actually they did finally build a proper sanctuary but that was long after you (and I) left Cherry Hill. It’s now Holy Eucharist ( Two parishes were closed, and merged, and the resulting parish meets in the former Pius X location.

    You remind me of your father, when I knew him. You’re probably the same age he was when I knew him. I’m the friend of your oldest sister who knit Christmas stockings for you and your sister when you were born.

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