Daily Archives: June 4, 2019

Kids and Their Grandmothers: Another Road Trip – Day 4

As the Good Lord says, there is no rest for the weary.  Actually I’m not sure that was the Good Lord who said that.  I think He said something about making sure to observe the Sabbath.  Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with a little rest and, I am also informed, sleep is possibly necessary for human existence.  Although I’ve never been able to verify that claim it seems worth checking into.

As for me and my house we will see the lop.  Only two people in this world would understand that last sentence.  One is my sister.  The other is my dear friend Kelly.  So I am dedicating today’s installment to Kelly’s son who is a fellow blogger.  I’m sure at this very moment he’s wondering what we did all day Sunday (Day 4).  So I’ll tell you.


We did absolutely nothing.  Having been to mass last night and having driven over 1500 miles in the past couple of days, taking in kitschy sites along the way, we thought today would be ideal to laze about the beach.  I woke up at the ungodly hour of 0800, said my prayers, grabbed my black coffee, and busted out a new jumprope I had purchased in Alabama the other day.  This one is weighted.  A treat for me!  After burning through a half-hour of cardio I showered, put on my 1910-era bathing suit (have to cover myself up), picked out a boater hat from the closet, and headed down to the beach with my ukulele.  Along the way I packed a bag with my pipe, the Wall Street Journal, and some sarsaparilla ale.  Humming Civil War hymns, I gleefully strode across the sand, found an ideal spot, and laid my blanket down.  For the next several hours I basked.  Basking is fun with the ones you love.

I mean, come on… The reality isn’t nearly as interesting.  My bathing suit is from J Crew and barely covers my rather long thighs, there is no pipe.  Haven’t read the Journal since my dad died.  And the drink in the bag was a tumbler of margarita.  I basked all right.  A tiny bit of sunblock to protect my shoulders but otherwise I took in as much sun as I could.  Vitamin D is good for you.

And that’s about it.

By day’s end I had counted both of my kids to make sure they had made it back in from the beach.  We had a lovely dinner.  And, totally not burned, I went to bed thankful for this time.  God is very good to me.  He’s given me people whom I love and time to spend with them.  The overactive imagination?  That’s just a bonus.