And So, Eminence, I Ask You, Do You Renounce Satan?

Following the announcement late last week that Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Ordinary of San Francisco, had prohibited House Speaker and baby murder cheerleader Nancy Pelosi from receiving the Holy Eucharist in his diocese we get the following from Washington.

Keep in mind that Wilton Cardinal Gregory is the Ordinary of the see in which Pelosi spends a majority of her time attempting to legislate the wanton and wholesale slaughter of millions of babies.

Meanwhile, back in September Crux reported the following.

Holy Wilton doesn’t think it is his place to “police” the Eucharist. Quite odd coming from the same prelates who think nothing of bandying about a phrase like “Traditiones Custodes” in reference to the venerable mass of the ages. They can “guard” Bugnini’s rite at all costs but not guard Our Lord Himself. Huh.

Seems our friend in red needs some help. So let me spell it out for him. I was a teacher. This should be easy.

1.) Eminence, do you renounce Satan and all his works and empty promises? You do? Great! In case you didn’t know, it is he who demands child sacrifice. He does this because he hates God. That brings us to question number 2.

2.) Eminence, do you believe in God the Father Almighty… and in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son… and in His Holy Catholic Church? What’s that? Same?! Wow! This is easier than I thought. So the thing is, Jesus Christ established His Church for the salvation of souls not to play nice with worldly politicians. He left His Apostles (present-day you) in charge of things specifically to guard His Body; not as the Roman soldiers outside the tomb but as dispensatores mysteriorum Dei. It is your duty to protect Him at all costs and to charitably prevent manifest public sinners from dying in a state of unrepentant mortal sin. Eating the Body of the Lord unto one’s condemnation would be a bad thing for Mrs. Speaker, wouldn’t it?

Ok, last one. You’re doing great so far. I’m getting my star stickers out.

3.) Eminence, do you really truly super-duper promise you’re answering truthfully? Come on, man. Don’t front with me. You what? You’re not going to say any more on the subject? But you were batting a thousand. Man, OK… We’ll have to re-enroll you for next term. But don’t worry. You’re young. You’ll get this.

Oh wait a minute. I’ve just been informed that Holy Wilton is not exactly young and that apparently any of us can face judgment any day. Wow. That sucks.

Folks, pray for these men. If I come across as pugnacious it’s because I learned it from my dad. Not unlike the early Christians who stood up in their churches and told their Arian bishops, “You’re wrong!” he was known to take Fr. aside in the narthex after mass and tell him his homily was “bullsh*t”. He did this, by the way, in his three piece suit while reaching into his jacket pocket to take out his pipe, tobacco pouch, and Zippo (just to give you an idea of how stylish and in command he was). We must testify to the Truth at all times. What Archbishop Cordileone did last week was long overdue but necessary and yes, charitable. What Cardinal Gregory is doing? Well, if you’re reading this you probably feel as I do that decades of bishops refusing to call out anyone for this sin is decades too long. Pray your rosaries. Pray them more. Pray for the shepherds.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

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