How I Protect My Kids from School Shootings

I’m not watching the coverage of Uvalde.

First, most news is fake and gay. I worked in that industry. Half the time I couldn’t tell if there was a left wing bias or a stupidity bias.

Second, I know why I homeschool my kids. I know why, when I was a vice principal of a K-12 school in Texas, I carried. It’s legal and I was pledged to protect those kids.

I don’t know what happened there today anymore than anyone else. My heart breaks for any parent who loses a kid. In my family, we’ve been there before. But I also know that the usual suspects will turn this into a political football.

I can say there were moments when I was teaching where I wondered about this or that man walking down the street near campus. The usual “man things” went through my brain. How could I take him down if he breached the perimeter? Is today the day I’m laying it down for the kids? Those moments were rare but they did exist.

And those moments were one of many factors why I left that world behind. NOTHING is more important to me than my kids. I have a solemn task from God Himself to keep them safe. That means their bodily integrity as well as their intellectual development and above all, their immortal souls.

Some will say, “Good for you but I can’t teach.” If you want it, God will make it possible. Reach out to me if you have questions.

St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, pray for us!

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