“Tuesday Pudding” Just Called Me Sick

“Devout” Catholic Joe Biden just said today that anyone who owns an AR-15 is “sick”.

Forgive me for laughing.

By the way, mine is a-maze-ing. Customized to my liking. The next thing for her is to have Psalm 42 etched in Latin onto the stock. “Judica me, Deus…

This reminds me of the time my then-bishop said I was a “vigilante” for even owning a handgun, let alone ever training with it regularly, following every safety precaution, etc. He said I couldn’t carry it onto diocesan property. Sorry, Your Grace, but Texas law says otherwise. In conscience I had to weigh those two dictates and I chose the better part.

Can you believe this man once blocked me? Really?

Look, purple piping, the safety of my family will ALWAYS come first.

That bishop, by the way, is now Cardinal Farrell. I know. I was shocked. Shocked…

Look, prelates and presidents , I’ve been called worse by better men. I’ve been blocked on Twitter by the best of the worst. You can try your best but I simply do not care anymore. You do you, as the kids say. Preach your synodal gay way.. Me? I’ll be over here defending my family. It’s my God-given obligation and my right.

And as long as you’re calling people sick and vigilantes, just remember I survived Uncle Ted. I know your kind. I will not be cowed nor will I be silenced.

St. Peter Damien, pray for us!

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