More Synodal Gay Ways

I came across an interesting post today on Canon212. It was a link to a parish bulletin from St. Joseph’s parish in Long Beach, CA. Allow me to summarize.

As near as I can tell, the nitwits running this parish “participated” in the synodal gay way by gathering a sampling of young people from the parish to trash the Catholic faith, about which they know absolutely nothing because they were taught in Catholic schools.

With me so far?

Deacon Tom (Paul VI really laid a number on us with the perma-deacons, none of whom observe clerical continence) lays out the bullet points from the “listening sessions”. I’ve chosen three at random for your reading pleasure.

1.) “We need to create an atmosphere whereby the LGTBQ community feels welcomed and loved.”

-Or we could really be charitable and tell them to stop calling themselves by a bunch of letters, stop committing physically harmful and spiritually abhorrent acts of sodomy, and straighten up because God wills their eternal salvation not damnation. Let’s welcome them by teaching the Catholic faith!

2.) “Our young people commented… can’t women be priests?”

-No. in like manner, I, a man, can never be a mother. Man gives. Woman receives. Seed. Field. Do any of you twits ever observe nature or are you so glued to your phones you speak in meme?

3.) “We need more programs for… 18-25 year olds to better understand their faith”

Good God! Does anyone remember midnight basketball? What we need is solid catechesis from solid, manly priests. I’m talking priests who aren’t inclined toward post-pubescent boys and who wear their cassocks like a tomb enclosing their earthly frames. Teach the faith. Live the faith. Want a “program”? Try daily mass and fifteen decades of the rosary every day.

Call me when the Church has completely imploded. I’ll be sipping on my gin and tonic.