Outta My Way, Copper!

From a source in law enforcement who has served on the tactical response team in his department in a large northeastern city.

Here’s what should’ve gone down in Uvalde:

1.) Establish a tactical perimeter of the school. This is not to keep desperate parents away from rescuing their children; it’s to contain the threat to a single localized area. Smart. Effective. Never try to stop a desperate parent but to keep everyone safe.

2.) Once it became obvious that this was a mass casualty event, i.e., NOT a negotiable hostage incident or a “barricaded subject” a rescue team should have been immediately assembled and deployed. We’re talking within minutes, 5 minutes at the most. This is not a complicated task; most police departments train all their officers for such events. Not a complicated task unless there are other motives at play…

3.) Most if not all law enforcement agencies train their personnel not to engage a potential threat without backup unless it’s unavoidable. What is baffling is that by some reports there were more than 15 officers armed with patrol rifles on the scene for more than a half an hour. This was more than enough personnel to enter the school. See comment above about other motives. Nothing about this situation adds up.

4.) The one who made the call not to breach the building and confront the shooter should not only be fired immediately, he could be subject to charges of neglect of duty and official misconduct. And let’s add should be subject to capital punishment. Whoever he is, he’s already subjected himself to a hefty “dressing down” at his particular judgment.

OK folks, there you have it. In four short blurbs, my source has outlined for you what should have been done. Instead we had armed thugs physically assaulting parents who were justifiably angry that their kids were dying and no one was doing anything. Heads should roll.

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