Let Us Return to the Tombs of the Martyrs

My wife this morning mentioned the feast of Joan of Arc. “Funny,” I said, “but the missal lists St. Felix, pope and martyr.” Unique expression? One rite two forms? How’s that working out?…

The entry for St. Felix tells me that it was he who ordered his priests to celebrate mass over the tombs of the martyrs.

These martyrs are the seed. Their blood, shed sometimes in the most horrific manner, waters the tree of Christianity. They died for love of Christ. They died because they loved His law. They sure as hell didn’t love sodomy. And they gave their last drops for that law.

I bet they loved the sixth commandment just like they loved the other nine.

Cardinal McElroy? Why he’s the biggest alphabet soup ally around. The fag Jesuit said so.

God help us all.

Many of you know of my run-ins with the former cardinal now known as Teddy McCarrick. McElroy was one of his boys. Antipope Bergoglio seems to love everything touched by McCarrick except the victims. If you don’t recognize that this appointment is a jab in the eye with an Argentine thumb to everyone and everything literally and figuratively raped by Teddy, then you won’t understand why the martyrs so happily shed this earthly existence for eternal union with Him.

Return to the tombs of the martyrs. Call upon them. Ask them to intercede that Our Lord, who so loved them He gave them courage to give their lives will intervene for His Body, the Church today. Pray He gives us that same courage. We will be martyred too – this time by the successors of His apostles.

St. Philomena, St. Lucy, St. Agatha, and all the rest…

Pray for us!

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