Quick Hit: What Is A Woman?

I watched Matt Walsh’s film last night (and again this evening). If you haven’t seen it, please do yourself the favor. Also, I don’t generally recommend viewing options so take that for what it’s worth.

Something haunted me as I watched this movie. That is the utter reality that we are living in a world which rejects ultimate reality. We’ve known this for some time.

A Woman… THE Woman

For me, that moment of truth came in 2017. I was finishing up a six year stint teaching theology in a large diocesan high school. My aim was always to teach Christ Crucified. The particular subject was moral theology. I had no problem convincing the kids that abortion is murder or that a well formed prayer life is essential to a virtuous life. But when we came to the very nature of man and we began with the simple exercise of reading through the beginning of Genesis I encountered the following from a student who soon after informed me that she was a lesbian.

Shaking her head in disgust, she said to me, “Male and female He created them? Really?”

Where does one even go with that?

Another student a few days later cried – literally cried in distress – while talking with me after class. She could not understand something I had said. It was something along the lines of “only women can give birth.” When I asked why this troubled her, she looked at me and said, in totally sincerity, “What about trans men?” Or it might have been trans women or the Trans Siberian Orchestra for all I care. I was done. I knew at that moment that Satan had gotten hold of this corner of the world and it would ultimately fall to me to homeschool my kids rather than ever subject them to this diabolical filth.

This was a Catholic high school.

These were baptized and confirmed teenagers.

Satan HATES the image of God in man and Satan HATES the Mother of God in particular.

More to come.

Pray your rosaries. Every decade. Every day.

Virgin Most Powerful, Fairest of our race, pray for us!

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