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She Never Disappoints


At the start of this long cross-country road trip, I asked Blessed Mother to make it possible to keep my promise to come to worship Her Son at daily Latin mass every single day.

So far, so good.

On Sunday morning I attended a 7AM low mass at St. Benedict’s parish in Chesapeake, VA. This parish is run by the FSSP. The pastor took the time to approach my son and me after mass to introduce himself and welcome us. This was a beautiful place and a much needed respite on a Sunday morning. Granted my son and I drove an hour and a half to get to this mass even though a dear friend, a priest, had offered an anticipated Novus Ordo Sunday mass the previous evening at the house where we are staying at the beach.

I explained to my teenage son that the Novus Ordo is valid and that this fulfilled our Sunday obligation. So at 5:15 in the morning on our way to Chesapeake I asked him, “Son, in your own words, why did you want to get up so early and go to this mass?”

His reply was perfect.

“Dad,” he said, “I have a preference for the TLM. And it’s Sunday and I go to mass on Sunday.”

God bless my boy. I pray he is called to the holy priesthood one day.

And even since then, Blessed Mother has come through. Without going into any details, another dear friend decided to vacation with us and to offer a daily TLM in our vacation rental.

He asked me to serve for him. I explained that, although I have been present at daily Latin mass for almost four years, I have never served one proper. He put his trust in me and allowed me to use the red book. It went fine.

This morning, still a little incredulous that I had served a Latin mass the night before, I served again. This time I had a bit more awareness about me. After the consecration I could not take my eyes off the Host. “That is Him,” I thought to myself. “That is the Victim Par Excellence.” I had a better vantage point than I have ever had, kneeling beside my old friend as he offered the sacrifice. I witnessed him in a whisper speaking to God Almighty, commanding that bread and wine be transubstantiated into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of His Son. The Host lay on the corporal. The Body of my Lord was on the altar being offered for my sins. I could not take my eyes off of Him except for a moment to look out the window, distracted by the Atlantic Ocean.

“You made that,” I thought to myself. “You made that vast ocean for love of me. I don’t know why this thought came to me but it did. This I believe, is the true personal relationship with Our Lord to which we are called.

I thanked Blessed Mother for answering my prayer.

God is far too good to me.

Mary, Star of the Sea, pray for us!

I Did It!

Yours truly served his very first TLM tonight. I’m only 44 years-old.

Hope in God, I will praise Him still – the salvation of my countenance and my God!

Let Us Return to the Tombs of the Martyrs

My wife this morning mentioned the feast of Joan of Arc. “Funny,” I said, “but the missal lists St. Felix, pope and martyr.” Unique expression? One rite two forms? How’s that working out?…

The entry for St. Felix tells me that it was he who ordered his priests to celebrate mass over the tombs of the martyrs.

These martyrs are the seed. Their blood, shed sometimes in the most horrific manner, waters the tree of Christianity. They died for love of Christ. They died because they loved His law. They sure as hell didn’t love sodomy. And they gave their last drops for that law.

I bet they loved the sixth commandment just like they loved the other nine.

Cardinal McElroy? Why he’s the biggest alphabet soup ally around. The fag Jesuit said so.

God help us all.

Many of you know of my run-ins with the former cardinal now known as Teddy McCarrick. McElroy was one of his boys. Antipope Bergoglio seems to love everything touched by McCarrick except the victims. If you don’t recognize that this appointment is a jab in the eye with an Argentine thumb to everyone and everything literally and figuratively raped by Teddy, then you won’t understand why the martyrs so happily shed this earthly existence for eternal union with Him.

Return to the tombs of the martyrs. Call upon them. Ask them to intercede that Our Lord, who so loved them He gave them courage to give their lives will intervene for His Body, the Church today. Pray He gives us that same courage. We will be martyred too – this time by the successors of His apostles.

St. Philomena, St. Lucy, St. Agatha, and all the rest…

Pray for us!

Outta My Way, Copper!

From a source in law enforcement who has served on the tactical response team in his department in a large northeastern city.

Here’s what should’ve gone down in Uvalde:

1.) Establish a tactical perimeter of the school. This is not to keep desperate parents away from rescuing their children; it’s to contain the threat to a single localized area. Smart. Effective. Never try to stop a desperate parent but to keep everyone safe.

2.) Once it became obvious that this was a mass casualty event, i.e., NOT a negotiable hostage incident or a “barricaded subject” a rescue team should have been immediately assembled and deployed. We’re talking within minutes, 5 minutes at the most. This is not a complicated task; most police departments train all their officers for such events. Not a complicated task unless there are other motives at play…

3.) Most if not all law enforcement agencies train their personnel not to engage a potential threat without backup unless it’s unavoidable. What is baffling is that by some reports there were more than 15 officers armed with patrol rifles on the scene for more than a half an hour. This was more than enough personnel to enter the school. See comment above about other motives. Nothing about this situation adds up.

4.) The one who made the call not to breach the building and confront the shooter should not only be fired immediately, he could be subject to charges of neglect of duty and official misconduct. And let’s add should be subject to capital punishment. Whoever he is, he’s already subjected himself to a hefty “dressing down” at his particular judgment.

OK folks, there you have it. In four short blurbs, my source has outlined for you what should have been done. Instead we had armed thugs physically assaulting parents who were justifiably angry that their kids were dying and no one was doing anything. Heads should roll.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi – RIP Cardinal Sodano

Woke up this morning to learn of the death at age 94 of Angelo Cardinal Sodano. The cardinal was Secretary of State of the Vatican during the 1990’s. He it was who proffered the patently false third secret of Fatima. He it was who appeared in Malachi Martin’s Windswept House under the name Cardinal Graziani. And he it was who appeared at the seminary where I was a young seminarian at the turn of the century.

Let’s back up. In 2000 yours truly was entering second theology at a seminary (do a Google search) in New Jersey where my ordinary was a now-layman named Teddy McCarrick. None of us knew why the Vatican Secretary of State was visiting our humble abode. I’m sure McCarrick had some financial and immoral scheme at hand. I shook his hand and said hello and that’s about all I remember.

But when I think about it now I realize that these birds of a feather definitely flocked together. I also met the then-Vatican Nuncio to the US, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo. You see, Teddy knew I was a smoker. Still am. Other than the state of my lungs, the reason that matters is that McCarrick abhorred smokers. He wouldn’t dream of coming near me. Thank God! Didn’t know it at the time. You know who did? The Blessed Mother. My own mom had asked me to pray a Memorare every day when I entered seminary. She said, “Mary will protect you.”

Boy was she right.

It’s a nasty habit but it kept me safe. There was one moment when Teddy approached me while I was on campus sucking down some nicotine. I was nervous because he had asked me to quit many times. This time, he came up to me almost with a pleading tone. “Do you have a light for the Nuncio?” Of course I did. The Nuncio was a smoker, as many Colombians are. McCarrick needed something from me.

Years later I wondered how deep all the ties went. How far did all the connections run? McCarrick knew them all. Montalvo. Sodano. You name it.

Blessed Mother kept me very safe with a few tar sticks. I love my mother (earthly and Blessed). But these men?

See my last post about drinking a gin and tonic and waiting for the end times.

Meanwhile, prayers for Sodano. The glory of the world passes. Judgment is eternal.

Mother of the Crucified, pray for us!

More Synodal Gay Ways

I came across an interesting post today on Canon212. It was a link to a parish bulletin from St. Joseph’s parish in Long Beach, CA. Allow me to summarize.

As near as I can tell, the nitwits running this parish “participated” in the synodal gay way by gathering a sampling of young people from the parish to trash the Catholic faith, about which they know absolutely nothing because they were taught in Catholic schools.

With me so far?

Deacon Tom (Paul VI really laid a number on us with the perma-deacons, none of whom observe clerical continence) lays out the bullet points from the “listening sessions”. I’ve chosen three at random for your reading pleasure.

1.) “We need to create an atmosphere whereby the LGTBQ community feels welcomed and loved.”

-Or we could really be charitable and tell them to stop calling themselves by a bunch of letters, stop committing physically harmful and spiritually abhorrent acts of sodomy, and straighten up because God wills their eternal salvation not damnation. Let’s welcome them by teaching the Catholic faith!

2.) “Our young people commented… can’t women be priests?”

-No. in like manner, I, a man, can never be a mother. Man gives. Woman receives. Seed. Field. Do any of you twits ever observe nature or are you so glued to your phones you speak in meme?

3.) “We need more programs for… 18-25 year olds to better understand their faith”

Good God! Does anyone remember midnight basketball? What we need is solid catechesis from solid, manly priests. I’m talking priests who aren’t inclined toward post-pubescent boys and who wear their cassocks like a tomb enclosing their earthly frames. Teach the faith. Live the faith. Want a “program”? Try daily mass and fifteen decades of the rosary every day.

Call me when the Church has completely imploded. I’ll be sipping on my gin and tonic.

“Tuesday Pudding” Just Called Me Sick

“Devout” Catholic Joe Biden just said today that anyone who owns an AR-15 is “sick”.

Forgive me for laughing.

By the way, mine is a-maze-ing. Customized to my liking. The next thing for her is to have Psalm 42 etched in Latin onto the stock. “Judica me, Deus…

This reminds me of the time my then-bishop said I was a “vigilante” for even owning a handgun, let alone ever training with it regularly, following every safety precaution, etc. He said I couldn’t carry it onto diocesan property. Sorry, Your Grace, but Texas law says otherwise. In conscience I had to weigh those two dictates and I chose the better part.

Can you believe this man once blocked me? Really?

Look, purple piping, the safety of my family will ALWAYS come first.

That bishop, by the way, is now Cardinal Farrell. I know. I was shocked. Shocked…

Look, prelates and presidents , I’ve been called worse by better men. I’ve been blocked on Twitter by the best of the worst. You can try your best but I simply do not care anymore. You do you, as the kids say. Preach your synodal gay way.. Me? I’ll be over here defending my family. It’s my God-given obligation and my right.

And as long as you’re calling people sick and vigilantes, just remember I survived Uncle Ted. I know your kind. I will not be cowed nor will I be silenced.

St. Peter Damien, pray for us!