A Picture and a Thousand Words

It’s not actually a thousand word post.

While scanning through my extensive photo collection this afternoon I stumbled upon something interesting. It is a picture I snapped 2 years ago and I think I took the shot because the dark cloud looked particularly vicious. Turns out I was right and a few minutes later a massive storm was unleashed. The picture is both portentous and symbolic. Here it is.

Note the abundance of parking.

You may ask what this is. A parking lot with a pile of dirt and the corner of a red brick building? Indeed it is; but it is more.

What you see, friends, is the parking lot of a Montesorri School in Northern Vitginia with a dark storm cloud looming large in the immediate vicinity.

And if you know, then you know. If you don’t know, you will soon, especially if you’re a parishioner of Holy Trinity in Gainesville. I’m sure it will be awesome, though.

Hint: the cloud is the symbolic part.

Our Lady of Revelation, pray for us!

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