I Didn’t Think I Could Get Any More Disgusted

…and then last night I read about the death of Archbishop Rembert Weakland.

*Stop reading if you are easily offended (not by my words but by the life of the sodo-freak I’m about to discuss.

I remember my parents having a particular disdain for this vile man when I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. They both read The Wanderer. Side note: for a weekly periodical catering to a relatively small band of tradition-minded Catholics, one would think this paper would not attract much attention. And yet, throughout my life, working in the institutional Church as a diocesan high school teacher and later school administrator, I encountered much bilge directed toward The Wanderer. Why would anyone care if it really wasn’t that big of a deal?… Back to the story.

I remember hearing about the horrible things Weakland did – from wrecking his cathedral to requiring faithful Catholics to present a letter from him before they could be admitted to a TLM in his diocese. Hunthausen was another name I remember hearing a lot back then. And Hubbard, and Clark, et al. Boy, talk about a trip down a grotesque memory lane.

Weakland, though, I remember in particular because my dad just knew it. He called it early and he was dead to rights. This man was a complete and utter fag and an absolute evil bastard at that. I think it was the fact that my father had been educated by Benedictines when that actually meant something. Weakland was a Benedictine who spit on the memory of St. Benedict. In fact he had been Abbot Primate of the order. And he was also a complete modernist. See, dad knew that fruitcakes like the Archbishop of Milwaukee hated all things truly beautiful. They hated the Mass. They hated sacrifice in general. It was always about them and their bizarre, daddy-issue fetishes. They were trapped in a personal hell of their own making and were hell-bent on taking it out on the rest of us. I remember my dad saying once, “That man [Weakland] will never have hemorrhoids. He’s a perfect asshole.”

And now he’s dead. So eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.

But what galls me the most is that his fellow sphincter pilot, the equally vile James Martin, SJ, tweeted a glowing RIP piece last night. I will quote him here rather than share the tweet.

“Archbishop Rembert Weakland has died. An erudite scholar, gifted pastor and Benedictine abbot primate, his legacy was marred by revelations that he paid money to a man with whom he had been in a relationship. I considered him a friend and mourn his loss. May he rest in peace.”

“His legacy was marred?” This could not have been clearer, Don Julio. “A man with whom he had been in a relationship?” The corprophage (I don’t even want to know if I’m spelling that right) likely entered seminary as a sodomite and never looked back. What is crystal clear is that he carried on a sodomite “relationship” with another man WHILE SERVING AS ARCHBISHOP OF MILWAUKEE. Go back and read that again. Then the despicable fudge packer had the balls to pay off the dude with diocesan funds.

That means that he took money from Catholic parishioners and gave it to a man with whom he was engaged in the most horrendous and mortally sinful acts, likely as hush money.

St. Joseph and the Christ Child, St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church, Flatonia, TX

It gets better! In the mid-1980’s this sociopathic fairy, when confronted with local Catholic school teachers who had been reporting sexual abuse by a priest, responded with this gem: “Any libelous material found in your letter will be scrutinized carefully by our lawyers.” Boilerplate stuff? Hardly. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals slapped him for it. If only they’d had a ballgag on hand, he might have taken them seriously.

Let’s try this again, James Martin, SJQIA+. Rembert Weakland, a heinous faggot, thought he could get away with punishing faithful Catholics who wanted what is their right – the Mass of all time – and also maligning victims of sexual abuse at the hands of his own clergy by getting those same Catholics to give money to the Archdiocese and then using that money to pay off the man he played proctologist with.

And Dorothy Lamour, SJ is saddened by the death of this man?

I’m sad too but for other reasons.

Friends, I truly want every man to go to heaven. Unfortunately, I suspect that Weakland stood before Our Lord Jesus Christ yesterday with a lot of dirt on his soul, as the nuns used to say. Did he ever repent? Well, he wrote a book after he retired. Some garbage about being a pilgrim in a pilgrim Church, as though “it’s all a crazy time and we’re just doing our best.”

They love to tell us what they’ve done. They love to shove it in our faces. They love getting away with it because no one will call them out.

Stop the insanity!

My dad called it right years ago. I’m following in his footsteps.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us all.

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