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Teaching the Mother Tongue: Fun with Lingua Latina

As a homeschool dad, I always try to find sources of amusement in my daily activities. Actually I do that anyway. Always have. It’s how I taught in the brick and mortar schools. It’s how I interact with my children. Life presents plenty of opportunities to laugh if you just let it.

I don’t have to search hard either. Having taken four years of Latin and having attended a Latin Mass for four years now (though years apart), I figured I could take a stab at this if the gladius was sharp enough.

Then I came across the following picture in a textbook. It’s from the Oxford Latin Course textbook series.

A mysterious chap known simply as “The Friend” is seen greeting (saluting) the young Quintus. Quintus looks none too pleased. In fact, Quintus looks like he knows what The Friend is there for and it isn’t to discuss baseball stats. I can hear Quintus meekly pleading with The Friend. “Please, The Friend, it isn’t right…”

Also, this illustration looks shockingly similar to the infamous photo of McCarrick and James Grein. Don’t believe me?

Pederast pedagogy. Latin killed the Romans and now it’s killing me.

But at least Quintus doesn’t have the same issues as the cook.

Not only is his name Grumio but he’s anxious because Claudia (the lady of the house who allows her son to go off with The Friend) is coming into the kitchen to second guess his work with that bird. Look, if Grumio cooks you a peacock (clearly what he’s cooked), you eat the damn peacock and be grateful.

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St. Jerome, pray for us!