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Sunday Night Roundup: Now with British Slang!

Like, As In a Salad?

A few days ago I posted about the Queen of Heaven’s birthday. This happened to coincide with the day the Queen of England died. I made a reference to Her Majesty’s very long reign and that she presided over a general decline in Western Culture. I did not say that she was the cause of that decline, just mentioned the link. The next day I noticed a comment that simply said that I was a “tosser”. I had to look it up. Apparently that’s slang for the already slang word “wanker” – one who gratifies himself, if you follow. Oh those Brits! So clever. And here I thought it was related to a baseball pitcher.

The sad fact is, like John-Henry Westin points out, Elizabeth II, may she truly Rest In Peace (and do pray for her soul), indeed gave her Royal assent to some terrible things during her 70 years on the throne. Go ahead and square that circle. I’ll wait. So to the gentleman who hurled that invective, it’s quite alright. I understand the grieving process takes time to work itself through. It’s not your fault you’re a biscuit short of a packet. But to attack a man for pointing out the obvious is just bollocks. Why don’t you go listen to some Gilbert O’Sullivan and tend to your cats?

Bring It On! Or Not…

I was chatting with a friend this evening over dinner when I remarked that I just can’t wait for the material chastisement to come about! I’m joking of course. Still, there comes a point at which one has to wonder how much longer this cesspool of a world can go. Then my friend told me of her recent experience raising chickens. And I realized that if I survived the material chastisement I would probably have to slaughter a chicken at some point for food. The living will envy the dead, folks. The living will envy the dead.

Arlington Diocese Underground

I was sent some pictures of the new locations where, starting this week, the TLM will be celebrated in Northern Virginia. I did not take these pictures myself so I will not post them here. I will have my own pictures to post soon enough. Nonetheless, the work that has gone into transforming these spaces – a gymnasium, a parish school building, etc. – is quite impressive and still far surpasses most Novus Ordo church designs. The thought struck me that for going “underground” and being pushed to the margins by the “pope* of mercy” these places aren’t all that bad. Remember to hold onto your devotion and keep the true faith alive. This will pass.

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, stained glass, St. Francis DeSales Oratory (ICKSP), St. Louis, MO

Remembrance of Things Past

I was supposed to be at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Providence intervened and I overslept. On that morning, one of my sisters worried that her five day-old baby should be baptized. We literally did not know if the world was coming to an end. The smoke from the Towers was still rising just 7 miles away. I drove her down to the church. It took great effort convincing the pastor that this was a good idea. “Father,” I said, “If you don’t want to do this because you don’t really think anything bad is going to happen, couldn’t you at least do it to comfort this young mother?” Somehow, speaking the language of modernist false mercy and psychobable did the trick. Sometimes, I suppose, we have to speak on their terms in order to achieve our goals. A truly Catholic priest would have assessed the situation and, seeing a regular parishioner whose faith was known to him asking for baptism for her child, replied, “ Of course! This way to the font.” Imagine if Phillip had told the Ethiopian eunuch, “Sorry, pal, but there’s no rush. RCIA doesn’t start until October.”

I went to bed for the next three months with images of the planes slamming into the buildings. God rest the souls of all those who died that day.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

*Not an actual pope in any sense.