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TLM in NJ…

On Canon212 just now is a link to an article detailing the fate of the ancient Mass in the diocese of Metuchen (NJ).

First, Metuchen… This diocese was carved out of the Trenton Diocese in 1981 and received as its first ordinary a young-ish auxiliary bishop from New York named Ted McCarrick. McCarrick remained at the helm of the fledgling diocese covering affluent suburban Central New Jersey until he was transferred to Newark in 1986. The diocese was then headed by Bishop Reese (*correction: Hughes, Reese was bishop of the neighboring Trenton Diocese at the time*) who was succeeded by Bishop Vincent dePaul Breen, a man who suffered from early-onset dementia, at one point even forgetting the name of a young man he was ordaining to the priesthood – DURING THE ORDINATION RITE! I know this because I know the man it happened to as we had been classmates in seminary. Breen was followed by Bishop Paul Bootkoski (one of McCarrick’s auxiliaries in Newark who had served as Newark’s administrator for almost a year until the arrival there of Archbishop John Myers. Bootkoski had intimate knowledge of McCarrick’s crimes and had even been involved in at least one clandestine payout to victims. When I was in the seminary, the diocese was known to the candidates for priesthood as “Much-a-touchin'”. The current ordinary is a man who excused his flock from the meager obligation to abstain from eating meat on the remaining Fridays of Lent in 2020 because, hey, they had suffered enough with the then-just-introduced Coof lockdowns.

‘Nuff said.

Church of St. Patrick, Philadelphia, PA – one possible alternative to the absence of Latin Mass across the Delaware

Now then, the article on Lifesite lists as an alternative the chapel of the SSPX in Caldwell, an hour north. While this is certainly an option, it is not the only one. I personally know of several Latin Mass options for Catholics in the area of NJ in question. Due to the cloak-and-dagger nature of the current state of affairs, I will not publish them here. However, if anyone wishes to know where he may attend the Mass of the Ages in the Garden State, let him email me and I will reply.

St. Martin of Tours, pray for us!