Daily Archives: November 26, 2022

The Marriage at the End of the World

Today, Mrs. Harvey and I attended a wedding. We left our home last evening and flew (during the busiest travel period of the year and with inflation-jacked airfares) into Northern Virginia to celebrate as the daughter of good friends got married. Given the above details, you can tell we really like these people.

The only thing that was a little unusual about this wedding was that the groom is not Catholic and so there was no Mass. as I am a daily Mass-attendee, this meant that we would have to go somewhere else. So after landing and getting to our place and into bed by about 1:30 AM, we were back up at 5:30 to head off to a TLM in a gymnasium a half-hour away. But enough about the Arlington Diocese…

Today was the final day of the liturgical year. This, coupled with the wedding I was going to, made me think of the end of times. No, it’s not because I think of marriage as a death sentence – far from it. It is a great institution given to us by Christ and I love every minute of mine. It is because, as Fulton Sheen points out, Calvary is the wedding ceremony par excellence. At Calvary, Our Lord poured Himself out in the perfect act of love, from which, as Paul reminds us, all marriage takes its form. And Calvary must make us think of the Second Coming of Christ. How can one stand beneath His cross and not imagine His Precious Blood dripping down on us, saving us, and then remember that His cross is the throne of our judgment.

The Holy Family, stained glass, Holy Family Cathedral, Tulsa, OK

But what really got me thinking of the end times is this. I witnessed the Novus Ordo rite of marriage and began to think of how Satan and his minions have caused a mass apostasy in the true Church and how that is being manifest in the Synodal Gay Way. In particular, I thought of the number of bishops worldwide promoting a “gay marriage blessing”, AKA: sodo-pseudo-marriage.

Why on earth are they wasting their time and energy trying to craft and implement such a thing. They’ve already had it for fifty years and they’ve been testing it out on straight folks the whole time. I listened as the traditional vows were obliterated. No mention of obedience. Hell, they didn’t even mention cherishing at this one, just love and honor. No real mention of procreation. Remember, being open to children is the primary purpose of marriage (but what does that mean to “couples” who cannot reproduce because, you know, two wangs don’t make a right). No Ephesians 5. Instead we got “Love is patient…”. Good words, to be sure, but they refer to supernatural Charity and not romantic infatuation.

Marriage is serious stuff, folks. The Novie rite of marriage is anything but and it’s the rite I got married in so I get it.

Marriage joins a man and a woman for their sanctification. Husbands and wives need to live out their marriages with the eye on heaven for the other, helping each other grow in holiness. For what purpose? To get to Heaven!

Wives be submissive to your husbands. Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church. Get married. Make lots of babies. Get to Heaven. It’s not that complicated. What more can I say?

Virgin Most Prudent, pray for us!

PS: Hi Pep!