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That Uncle Ted Just Never Goes Away, Does He…

I came across an interesting read today via Canon212. It’s a story in the National Catholic Register about Teddy McCarrick’s ongoing legal woes. I learned a few things and I was also left with a few more questions.

The most important thing learned from this article is the fact that it appears the heretofore unnamed victim in the case in Massachusetts is none other than James Grein. Grein, you may recall, is the man who’s testimony before a Vatican inquest ultimately led to McCarrick’s “dismissal from the clerical state”. I put that in quotes because I am more and more convinced it never actually happened. Given what we know about Bergoglio’s penchant for reinstating excommunicated priests and bishops on the sly, my money is that Teddy was never returned to the lay state. And it is interesting to me that it was Grein all the time. This case in Massachusetts was presented from the beginning as a completely distinct abuse case. I still believe Grein. Hell, the Vatican believed him too, right? And I am not here to argue the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I simply note that this is an interesting development. Grein is a treasure trove of inside information and I think more of what he has alleged over the past four years should be investigated.

The principal question raised in my mind today is one I’ve been pounding at for a while. Why on earth is McCarrick still living at the largesse of the Catholic Church? If he was dismissed, let him find his own lodging. We know he had money at one time. Again I will ask, when I hit my late 80’s or early 90’s can I simply go to a monastery and ask to be let in and taken care of? Will they do it? I’m half tempted to drive to Missouri and ask if I can just stay a few months, see what they say. After all, I am a layman just like (supposedly) he is. It does not add up. It never has.

The last man who brought up the subject – George Neumayr – is dead, they tell us. I don’t want to sound conspiratorial but if the past three years of coronascam have taught us nothing, it is that conspiracy theorists are really just soothsayers in disguise. I never heard of a funeral for the man.* We never got answers that made any sense. Whatever happened, we may never know. But one thing is sure. George was on this story and we need something with that spirit to continue to investigate these things. If I ever decide to knock on the door of that friary in the Show Me State, I’ll be sure to record the whole thing as I channel George and try to get answers. Until then, let us all, as Frank Walker says, “Pray for the Church.”

Queen of heaven, pray for us!

UPDATE: A reader forwarded an obituary for Neumayr. A funeral Mass is being said for him this very day (March 7) in Alexandria, VA.