Daily Archives: March 22, 2023

Concentric Circles

On the most recent Barnhardt Podcast, Ann made mention of a fact that sometimes strikes me. We – as in the trad Catholic movement who are not Trad Inc. – are indeed a very minuscule group in number. There simply aren’t that many of us. This is humbling on one hand because we recognize we don’t really have much “power”. On the other hand, it’s amazing that the powers that be are hellbent on destroying us. As Miss B. points out, that is because it is Satan who is in the driver’s seat on that plan of destruction.

Even outside the smaller circle of traditional Catholicism, we fall into the wider net of people who are simply not sheep. We do not and have not fallen to the zeitgeist. We never bought into the Coof culture and we sure as hell didn’t take the jab. There are others outside of our small circle who also fall into that wider circle.

Tonight I bumped into one. I happened to be out with a sister who is in town and we stumbled across a gentleman playing poker with a friend of his. And his shirt said it all…

Preach, my friend…

We struck up a conversation as only two like minded people can. “We have to tell the world that shit is poison. How can they be so dumb?” he said to me. “I’m never getting it and I hope even one person sees this and learns something,” he said.

No jab for me. Amen.

St Dymphna, patroness of the mentally I’ll, pray for us!