Is the SSPX Preparing to Ordain New Bishops?

The following link was forwarded to me.


Unless you count four years of Latin, I am not a polyglot so I ran this puppy through Mr. Google.

Point #2 comes back as the following:

“This week, Fr. Pagliarani has given this instruction to the priests of the SSPX: “Begin to prepare the faithful for eventual episcopal consecrations” (Non Possumus cannot reveal the source of this information, but it is certain).”

If this is true, it certainly seems to prop up the heightened invective being hurled against the Society. As I say this, I am aware that I am speaking only of my own experience, anecdotally. Perhaps any of the readership who also attend former Ecclesia Dei parishes can email me if they have also noticed this. From personal experience, though, I have heard not a few sermons preached and the odd “lecture” given to parishioners by well-known priests of tradition, expounding on the supposed dangers of associating with the Society. And that’s just in the past week!

Carmel of the Infant Jesus of Prague and of St. Joseph, Dallas, TX

Whether this story is true or not, one thing is absolutely certain. Whether or not the SSPX is ever “regularized” by Rome (if that’s even possible given the current state of the Vatican), the former EC communities had better find a way to play nice with the Society. To say nothing of the old cliche of circular firing squads, these are the clans that must unite!

St. Pius V, pray for us!

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