Curiouser and Curiouser…

The headline on Canon212 tonight raises many questions. Take a look here. Apparently, Teddy is not only still living on Church property, but he’s doing so at the Redemptorist Mater Seminary in suburban DC – his old stomping grounds. Boy, the diabolical narcissism is strong with this one. They just love putting it right in your face, don’t they?

First, this seminary, if I’m not mistaken, is similar to the RM seminary in the Newark Archdiocese. It is a house of formation (malformation?) for members of the Neocatechumenal Way. Remember them? They were a favorite of Ted when he was serving as ordinary in both the Newark and Washington Sees. They were a favorite because they boosted his numbers and allowed him to claim that he ordained more men than any other bishop in the country each year. He forgot to mention that these foreign born seminarians were all released from service to the ordaining diocese after three years. He also forgot to mention that the whole thing was part of his intricate “pipeline”. Not sure what I mean? Look it up. I’ll wait. Back in the day, Gary and company in Ferndale actually did some decent reporting on this stuff.

Jesus Dies upon the Cross, Front Royal, VA

Second, they seriously stuck him right back in a seminary of all places?! I’ve got a better idea. Let’s take an inveterate drink on a field trip to the local tavern!

Third, I’ve raised the question before but here it is again. When a man is laicized and “returned to the lay state”, how does that man still have access to living arrangements furnished by the institutional Church? Why are they/we housing this bastard at all?

Final note… George Neumayr hinted before his untimely death that it was possible McCarrick has not been laicized after all. Now that George is gone, isn’t it odd that they put McCarrick in residence right in George’s old neck of the woods? It’s almost screaming, “There’s nothing you can do about it…”

All of this and we still haven’t begun to discuss the ritualistic nature of the alleged abuse in the Wisconsin case and the fact that the other man mentioned was almost certainly Joseph Bernardin.

God help us all!

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