Arlington TLM Update! – A Mass Schedule Published or Take That Uncle Arthur!

Per Uncle Arthur, Mass times for the TLM “may not be published on the parish website or social media sites.”

Fortunately, this blog is neither of those.

Have at you…

Parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish in Gainesville can now attend the Mass of the Ages at Renaissance Montesorri School in Nokesville, VA. masses will be held in the gymnasium. Shouldn’t be hard to remember. Here’s a mnemonic for you. Gymnos is Greek for “naked man”. Just think of Uncle Arthur and his secretest thoughts and you’ll be fine.

No Mass for you here. Go to new location!

RMS is at 12625 Fitzwater Dr., Nokesville, VA 20181. Pull all the way around to the back of the parking lot. The gym is the second large building on your right

Sunday: 8:30 AM and Noon.

Monday-Saturday: 7:15 AM.

Who knows, friends… You might run into me there in the next week or two. If you can pick me out of a crowd, say hello! I’m friendly and I’ve had all my shots. Actually no, I abhor vaccines. Nonetheless, I’m still friendly and I don’t bite.

Nighty Night, readers!

St. Thomas More, pray for us!

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