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No Pictures, Please: Soon, We Won’t Even Be Able to Say the Words “Latin Mass”.

Yesterday I attended Holy Mass in one of the “new locations” offered by the Arlington, VA Diocese for the celebration of the TLM. I have to admit that I was impressed by the redesign of the space. Formerly a school gymnasium (and not on the property of a Catholic parish), this space was, in the span of a few weeks, turned from a utilitarian hall into a somewhat proper looking “church”. It is obvious that some money had been spent installing a new wood floor. Additionally, a sanctuary was constructed with an honest-to-goodness altar rail. At the head of the space was a lovely altar constructed against a custom-made backdrop. The hall itself was arranged with a mix of oaken pews and chairs.

As I suspected, the new gym/church was filled to capacity – I guess somewhere between 150-200 people at each of 2 Sunday Masses. There was a choir in the back of the hall. In many ways this place resembled a Latin Mass community from 15 years ago – from the time when Summorum Pontificum had unleashed the ancient rite and people were eager to build beautiful churches for Our Lord. The only problem is that this community was here because they were forced out of an actual beautiful church. They were sent to this place by the bishop who, just following orders, began an implementation of Traditiones Custodes. That document states that celebrations of the TLM may not take place in parish church buildings because if you love the Mass of the Ages, you must be punished brought to your senses and “return to the Novus Ordo”. A subsequent letter from Rome states that pastors of such parishes may not even advertise the Mass times in bulletins.

The Second Station of the Cross, mosaic on wood frame, Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

OK, all of this is known to the kind of folks who would be reading this blog. So why do I bring it up?

We know that the so-called “Pope of Mercy” is anything but merciful to faithful Catholics wishing to worship in the manner of their faithful ancestors. If you’ve been reading this site, you know that I (along with not a small number of my fellow Catholics) believe that this Bergoglio isn’t even a legitimate pope. I will say it again. We have had anti-popes in the history of the Church – somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 of them. This is not a new nor is it a shocking concept. And we knew for some time that certain bishops, under pressure from Rome to quash the TLM, have drawn up plans to put TC into practice. We even know that the target date to completely shut it down is sometime in 2023-24.

What I did NOT expect was the letter that was handed to me as I left this place. In addition to the parish bulletin (which does not list the Mass times for this “chapel”), I was handed a separate sheet of paper. I’m going to paraphrase the letter here to avoid getting anyone in trouble.

“Last week, people took pictures of the new chapel space. They shared those pictures. Some of those pictures were used by people online discussing the fact that this is not ideal. This might draw more attention to us and make things ‘political’. Please don’t share pictures.”

Are you joking? Seriously, Father? There are several false premises at work here. We could start with the premise that anything found in the evil document Traditiones Custodes is binding on anyone. We could continue with the premise that shunting the people of your parish into a gym ten miles away is a “positive effort”. Finally, as a lawyer friend remarked to me, “[The virtue of] Religion is inherently political because it has serious political implications.”

Again, I feel for these priests. I really do. I am sure they never anticipated being in this position. God send Thine Holy Ghost upon these men, Thy priests, to guide them in all they do.

But do you not realize that taking that added step of requesting people not share pictures sends a very definite message? It comes across as cowering in fear. If there really is nothing wrong with the situation, if this really is a positive effort, why try to shut down the flow of information? “We’re being shut down. Let’s take our punishment and die off quickly and quietly. Don’t even talk about what’s being done. Just. Go. Away.” I expect it to be followed with a “Thank you sir, may I have another!” Is that what Fr. intended in his message? Perhaps not and I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe he thinks he is doing what must be done. But it is certainly not a good look and it bodes very poorly for this and other similar Latin Mass communities.

My point in sharing this is to point out, if it wasn’t already obvious, that the screws are tightening. We know what they’re doing and what their goal is and if it wasn’t already apparent, it should be by now. When they tell you we cannot even attract attention to the Mass that was celebrated for 1900 years but the videos of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament being blown to the ground in the wind abound on social media, there is a problem. When they tell you not to take a picture and share it, it is only a short while before they tell you not to write about it and then they’ll say we can’t discuss it among ourselves because “someone might hear…”

For the record, I took a picture of this gym/church yesterday shortly before I was handed that letter. I won’t post it – not because I think it is imprudent but because it is out of focus. No matter though as identical pictures are online already and a quick internet search will lead you to at least one.

And to those who say that Bergoglio is Bergoglio and we can’t do anything to stop him; perhaps you are right. But I’ll be damned if he gets away with it without someone calling him out on it every day he remains on this earth. And that goes for the men who comply with his plans of destruction.

St. Pius V, pray for us!

Arlington TLM Update! – A Mass Schedule Published or Take That Uncle Arthur!

Per Uncle Arthur, Mass times for the TLM “may not be published on the parish website or social media sites.”

Fortunately, this blog is neither of those.

Have at you…

Parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish in Gainesville can now attend the Mass of the Ages at Renaissance Montesorri School in Nokesville, VA. masses will be held in the gymnasium. Shouldn’t be hard to remember. Here’s a mnemonic for you. Gymnos is Greek for “naked man”. Just think of Uncle Arthur and his secretest thoughts and you’ll be fine.

No Mass for you here. Go to new location!

RMS is at 12625 Fitzwater Dr., Nokesville, VA 20181. Pull all the way around to the back of the parking lot. The gym is the second large building on your right

Sunday: 8:30 AM and Noon.

Monday-Saturday: 7:15 AM.

Who knows, friends… You might run into me there in the next week or two. If you can pick me out of a crowd, say hello! I’m friendly and I’ve had all my shots. Actually no, I abhor vaccines. Nonetheless, I’m still friendly and I don’t bite.

Nighty Night, readers!

St. Thomas More, pray for us!

Despite TC (or Perhaps, Because of It)

Gloria.TV (one of my favorite sites, by the way) published a video titled: “Paris: Roman Mass Grows Despite Traditiones Custodes”.

Folks, I love everything about the news report except that the title is wrong.

You see, interest in the Mass of the Ages is growing not despite “TC” but rather because of it.

These jackals in Rome (Bergoglio, Roche, et al.) failed to learn a very important lesson about human nature. This could be because they have spent years denying human nature, as all post-modernists do. It could be because they’ve spent years subverting human nature as all sodomites do. It could be because they’re dumb as a bag of rocks. I do not know, nor do I care. But the lesson they missed was this.

Whenever you ban something, it creates an air of mystery that makes people want to know more about it.


I’ll share a personal story, and it isn’t an isolated one.

When I was in seminary in the late 1990’s, I was part of what the formators called “a formation group”. Everything had to be done by committee, it seems. Years later, a decade and a half of teaching and running Catholic schools would confirm that if there is one thing the Church does well theses days, it’s copy to the secular realm and do it five years too late. My formation group was lead by a priest who at that time was in his mid-40’s (about where I am these days). This means he was ordained in 1981. Oof. That’s like being cast as the third Darren Stevens. The show’s been cancelled, Dick Sargent and Dick York are dead, and all the master tapes have been destroyed. You just have to learn on your own and hope you do a good job. Anyway, said priest – we’ll call him Fr. John – was a good man to be sure. He wasn’t a fag, had a fairly functioning brain in his head, and was a deeply spiritual man. His only issue was that hippiness had been baked into his DNA.

Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Knoxville, TN

So, hippy Fr. John, ministering to college students, really and truly believed what he had learned in the 70’s. The “new mass” was a restoration of the Apostolic agape meal. The Church needed to throw open the window and let in the fresh air. The sign of peace was just dope. You know, basic 20th century retardation.

And then TC hit the world with a thud.

I hear from another dear friend who is a priest serving with Fr. John. It seems that Fr. John desperately wants to learn (in secret if he must), the Traditional Latin Mass. “If they’re trying to ban it and they’re doing it with this level of cruelty, seems like something I gotta’ learn…”

You go, Fr. John. Learn that TLM and you will never be the same again.

Pray for our priests. Fast for our priests. Offer everything you have for them. The good ones – like Fr. John – might not be TLM’ers right this minute; but if their hearts are in the right place and they’re not intellectually diminished by years of unrepentant mortal sin, they can and will come around.

Mary, Mother of priests, pray for us!

Arlington Is Falling – Your Diocese Is Next: A Point by Point Analysis of the Letter of Doom

So, friends, here we are. I don’t pretend that I have the world’s largest audience nor do I really care. When I began the re-worked iteration of my now 15 year-old blog I said a prayer asking God for one favor. I asked Him that He would use me to convert at least one person to the authentic Catholic faith and to help establish devotion to the Latin Mass. He, of course, will know when and if that has happened. In the meantime, I happily share my musings on the state of the Church in the world today and my most informed guesses as to where She will be tomorrow. I truly appreciate all of the kind notes I have been receiving and even more when a reader shares my writing with others. Thank you.

And yesterday, we saw the Arlington (VA) Diocese walk itself to the edge of a cliff, place one foot over the edge, and as if on cue, wait to make the final leap until a major Marian feast some five and a half weeks hence.

Others have spoken at length by now of the gyst of Bishop Burbidge’s directives and I invite you to read and watch what they have to say. Bring yourself up to speed. This is the place to dive more in-depth and analyze it from the perspective of a Catholic, a man, a husband, and a father. I will say, though, that one theory floating around the vastness of the internet is that the letter was actually penned by Arthur Roache, Prefect of the Dicastery for Divine Worship and then simply forced upon Bishop Burbidge under penalty of removal from office. Truth? I know not. It seems plausible as does anything these days. About the only thing I do know is that, if you believe Traditiones Custodes was written in response to a bishops’ survey or that any bishops actually wrote Dubia in reference to it, there’s a lovely bridge I’d like to sell you over the East River. Gothic arches and all.

What I can further say is that there are two words I will be delving into in tomorrow’s post:

Corporation Sole

That legal entity aside, let’s look at some finer points of Burbidge’s Letter of Doom (BLD).

I spend a good amount of time in the counties of Northern Virginia. I lived there for three years early in my marriage. My daughter was born and baptized there. I still travel there frequently. Arlington is, in many ways, a victim of itself. In the wake of Summorum Pontificum, many of the priests there learned the TLM and began offering it in their parishes. As you see from the BLD, there are currently 21 out of 70 parishes offering TLM Masses. Partially as a result, the FSSP and ICKSP never set up shop here. One group who did establish a presence is the SSPX during the Coof-o-rama. They came and offered masses at the Warren County Fairgrounds north of Front Royal in compliance with the ridiculous Coof Diktats and Bishop B scolded them for it. He even told his people in a letter not to attend anything with the SSPX as they were “schismatic”.

Sorry, Bishop, they aren’t; and you calling them names doesn’t help. But guess what? They’re moving full-steam ahead on a permanent church in FroRo so there’s hope.

Point By Point

In the Directive at point #2 we learn that, as per Traditiones Custodes (TC), a priest will be appointed to oversee all of this garbage. If I am correct in my guess, than I personally know this priest. He is a friend and I will pray for him. To be sure, he is a good man but this is not a path he needs to be on, overseeing the sunsetting of the venerable Mass and I hope he realizes that. Fr., I still love you as a friend.

At point #3, in another example of no one having read anything prior to 1962 we have the patently false notion that because Fwancis says so, a valid Roman priest may not celebrate the TLM without permission. See Quo Primum, friends. “In perpetuity…” I have also been informed (though this needs further sourcing) that new priests may not even learn the TLM. Next, they’ll be telling us we can’t even think about it! How the hell do you stop someone from learning something?

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Front Royal, VA – where the Latin Mass WON’T be allowed anymore.

At point #4 we see the list of parishes “allowed” to continue using the TLM. They include 3 parish churches and five other locations within the bounds of parishes. One of these locations is a Montesorri school. You can’t say the Mass in a church building so here are some colored blocks, an ironing board, and some number chains. Have at it! Also in this point comes the now-standard directive that, if I’m reading this right, says there won’t be any TLM’s during Holy Week or the Triduum, even at these eight locations.

My personal favorite is point #5. I’m going to quote it so you can’t mistake the lunacy of what we’re both encountering.

“Per the Responsa ad Dubia and as directed by the Dicastery, the parish may not publish the times of the Mass in the Usus Antiquior in the bulletin or on the parish website or social media sites.”

A midwit, mid-level manager in Rome is now directing what can and cannot be in our bulletins and on our websites? I’m going to find out the times and publish them here. Are you literally kidding me with this Northern Virginia Horseshit?

Point #6 mandates use of the vernacular for the Epistle and Gospel. They’ve already been doing this on their own in Arlington since last summer. It’s crap.

Point #8 says “no new groups” of faithful who are attached to the Latin Mass are to be established”. I may have to move back to Virginia just to establish a lay-run totally unofficial group.

But it is Point #9 that tells you all you need to know. They are absolutely shutting you down and they’re doing it swiftly. Take a look.

“Pastors… must develop a pastoral plan ‘to lead the faithful who are attached to the antecedent liturgy’ towards the celebration of the liturgy according to the liturgical books reformed by decree of the Second Vatican Council…”

Friends in Arlington, can you feel it? Are you superjazzed and oh-so-excited to be lead back into the sole expression of the Roman Rite? It won’t be long now before you conform. Before you know it, you too will be liturgical dancing and stripping down to your boxers to jump in a lake for Mass on a raft.

They are coming for all of us. They want you to think it’s for your own good. They cannot stand up to a madman antipope because they fear ramifications. They fear they’ll be Lefebrve’d. Lord God, help these men find their balls soon.

Also, do you have your underground plan yet?

Our Lady of LaSalette, pray for us!

Wilton’s Gonna’ Wilton: the Omens of a Week Past

With all the portentous news this week of bishops with busted moral compasses and bio labs and nukes, it seems to me the biggest story is what lies ahead.

One by one this week the dominoes started to topple. It started with Cupich and the Institute last Friday. Cupich – the smug, race baiting, vindictive man – never met a true Catholic he couldn’t stomach. He’s shutting down the ICK on his turf; or not if you listen to Doctor Taylor. By the way, I always thought Doctor was a strange first name but to each his own. Sidenote #1: My dad used to tire of getting notes from teachers and principals signed with a string of meaningless academic letters so he used to send his replies back with his signature followed by “FOS” – “Father of Sixteen”. In any event, I do think it’s a done deal, “DWW” (Dad with Webcam” notwithstanding).

Next up we had the delightful item of the Bishops of New Orleans (most demonically oppressed city in the hemisphere), Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Houma-Thiebedoux, and Crawdaddy sign off on the murder of the unborn. They’re just taking their cues from the antipope, I suppose. He’s apparently set to drop a doc on us that supposedly legitimizes the use of condoms and other contraceptives. Just looking out for his buds in the cardinalate. Sidenote #2: No straight man in his right mind would ever consent to covering that up. Just sayin’… it’s a little thing called nature.

Then there was the reportage by Mark Doherty that the US government has systematically been leading us to the brink of a nuclear war over biolabs, and pharmaceuticals. Nice. Sidenote #3: They say we should flee to a safe place like Wyoming but then there’s that whole Yellowstone Caldera thing…

Sanctuary view from Ambulatory, Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, NJ

Finally, though, we have Holy Wilton Gregory, or as his friends call him, “Big Papa” (or so I hear). Hey, who am I to judge, right? Sidenote #4: McCarrick used to call every seminarian by a diminutive. I hated that. He went by “Uncle Ted” to some or “His Nibs” to others. Anyway, Notorious GRG has informed his people that the Latin Mass will effectively end in his diocese because “We love you so much we need to bring you into this craptastic farce called Novus Ordo!” Keep in mind that they insist the NO is the “sole expression” of the Roman Rite and yet they conveniently ignore the Anglican Ordinariate. These men are liars (or stupid to be more charitable).

The reason I think this last item is significant is because it is part of a pattern playing out before us. Chicago, Savannah, DC… The “implementation of TC seems to have taken shape a year after its release and it ain’t pretty. In the coming days and weeks I would look for other bishops to start issuing their own similar documents to Holy Wilton’s.

Final sidenote: I went back and re-read Quo Primum today. My isn’t it fascinating? Here you have a papal bull explicitly stating that no future pope can undo what’s been done in a particular matter. And no one did until 1970. Did Paul VI Montini really think his precious Humanae Vitae wouldn’t meet the same fate 50 years later?

Mother Inviolate, pray for us!

St. Mary Magdalene, the Penitent, the one who loved much, pray for us!

The Four Sins that Cry for Vengeance in One Day? A Vignette of Family Life in the Age of Darkness

I am so blessed In so many ways. Both my father and father-in-law are dead. That may seem morbid but… That also means I am both the son and the son-in-law of two widows. Two wonderful and incredible widows. And every day I get to offer my daily mass intention for my wife, children, and our mothers. Remember, abusing the widow is one of only four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. So conversely, caring for them must be the right thing to do. Fortunately I love caring for these two women who have both shaped me into the man I am. I live close to my mother-in-law. I see her every day at mass. I am 44 years-old yet I still learn from her. I respect her and honor her and teach my children to do the same. I live 1500 miles from my mom but I love her (obviously) and respect her and honor her and teach my children to do the same. They are both magnificent ladies and I am blessed that I can help pray for and care for them in any way God allows.

Today, Sunday, I got up and headed out of the condo we stayed at in Bonita Springs, Florida. We had been attending an FSSP parish for daily Mass while here. Their Sunday Masses are early so we decided to drive north toward Sarasota and visit the FSSP parish there for a 12:30 Mass. Don’t you know that their 12:30 was cancelled today? Trying to remember that as father I am sort of like the episcopal head of my household (at least according to Augustine), I stood up in the empty church and read the introit, epistle, and Gospel and then lead my family in a Latin rosary. We even chanted the Salve. Being after noon, we looked to find another TLM to attend. Unfortunately there were none.

Beautiful church even without mass. Christ the King (FSSP), Sarasota, FL

I go back and forth on this one but I asked my Guardian Angel to help me decide rightly. I even checked in with my nephew who is also my godson. He was partly instrumental in bringing his old godfather into the Latin Mass. Should we attempt a Novus Ordo? Even these options were limited. I looked online to find one parish with a 5PM Mass. They proudly proclaimed they had a “Ministry for Circus and Traveling Performers”. Im not joking. A literal “clown Mass”. The other church I found featured a picture of the pastor on their “Welcome Page”. He was an older man, wearing a white button down shirt and jacket and holding a shih tzu. So he’s clearly a fag. I made an honest effort to get my family to the mass of the ages and it was cancelled. No, I am under no obligation to worship God at a rite where He is mocked by faggotry and clowns.

Nonetheless, my mother-in-law wanted to receive Communion. Understandable. Later in the day, I drove her to the clown parish so she could do just that. I even entered the church and stayed through the homily. Here’s what I heard.

*Remember, the NO and TLM are in theory different forms of the same rite. Then again under the provisos of TC they’re not. Can anyone tell me what’s going on here? That’s right. There are two churches. Got it? Got it…

In the NO Mass, the Gospel was the Good Samaritan. I personally read the TLM Gospel so I know it was not that. The clown priest gave a sermon that was 25 minutes long. In it, he said that 1) we should stop treating animals like they’re just food and in this way we can be more like the Good Samaritan; 2) the Church should stop selling her monasteries and this is how we can prevent the drop in religious vocations; and 3) all the people sitting in the pews should teach their children to love God because He loves them and that this is how we stop the loss of faith.

Let’s. Review. This. Crap.

1) Animals (especially the tastier ones like cows) are food.

2) We can stop selling off monasteries but with no one to fill them they’re kind of wasted. Also we could stop buying condos in London. Just saying.

3) You don’t have to tell me precisely but I guarantee that every person in this church this evening (30 max and average age of 70) has children who are already grown and contracepted for years because priests told them it was fine and dandy. See how that works, Father?

Do I believe the clown priest validly confected the Eucharist? Yes. And that’s why I think God is not thrilled to have been called down on that particular altar. Or table.

On the plus side, my wife picked up an examination of conscience at the TLM parish. It was on the back table. We read it together during lunch. We had a good laugh. There was one for the “Mr.” and one for the “Mrs.”. The one for the Mrs. asked an awesome question.

Do I tend to my husband’s needs in so far as ironing his shirts and hanging up his ties, jackets, and pipes?

I love the fact that in 1954 (when this one was written) the assumption was that I would have more than one pipe needing to be hung up.

Note to self: buy more pipes.

We went to dinner at the end of this long day. We’re just outside Sarasota. It’s like Key West but minus the public man/man action. I didn’t want to use the word “faggotry” twice in one post. Also, thanks to Ann Barnhardt for coining that term in one of her podcasts. I use it daily. Our waitress was a doll. A working girl who worked hard and had a smile on her face the whole time. I tipped her very generously because to not do so when I can would be a sin.

Friends, it’s bad out there and getting worse. Say your prayers. Protect the widow and orphan. Stand up for the worker when he is being defrauded by Amazon and China and Joe Byron. Manfully represent your heterosexual (natural) family by truly loving your wife and kids and in-laws. Protect human life with all your strength. God gave you as men that power to do these things. Call upon His Holy Name and He will work through you and you will do marvelous things. I didn’t see anyone oppressing the poor outright today, but defend them too!

Be men. Be women. Married couples, love one another according to the dictates of Ephesians 5. And husbands, you damn well better be willing to die for your wives.

And let’s put a nice bow on it – wear a suit while you’re doing it. I did. It was from Brooks Brothers and I looked damn good all day.

Be strong.

Let us pray for one another.

Our Lady, Tower of Ivory, pray for us!

St. Joseph, model for men, pray for us!

Holy Guardian Angels, protect us!

Wednesday Round-up: Now with 20% More DDT

My thoughts at the end of this mid-week night are all over the map, friends. Bear with me. I promise you’ll enjoy the round-up (even if there isn’t any actual DDT).

Nancy and Frankie

Nancy took Communion at the Vatican. Exactly. She “took” Communion in the same way a thief takes your jewels. Her bishop ordered her not to present herself for Communion. She said she didn’t care. She jetted off to Rome on our dime despite her net worth being in the way-up-there-millions. She met with Antipope Bergoglio. He apparently blessed her which has as much worth as my own blessing but less so. She then “got in the line” and “took Communion”. She is a foul, festering, and atrocious bitch. There is no other word. You were thinking the same thing. We’re moving on.

Even the Saint of the Impossible is rolling her eyes at these headlines… “The Gift of the Rose” stained glass from the National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia, Philadelphia

New Apostolic Letter, Same Old Garbage

Antipope Bergoglio issued some kind of apostolic letter today. I think it was called Desilu Studios or something like that. Trying to sift through the nonsense. It’s like trying to read through the end paper of a group project foisted upon a cohort of graduate students in a program in Education. Yes, friends, yours truly had to slog through that too thanks to the ridiculous MS in Educational Administration I had to get along the way. Here’s a hint. It’s like reading an 8th grade book report from the kids who didn’t read the book. I’ll summarize it so far. If you are Catholic, as in you believe everything handed down to you from the apostles and worship Our Lord in the Mass of Angels and Saints, then apparently you’ve got some problems. They may be psychological. They may be physical. We really don’t know. But you had better get on board soon. They’re really tired of having to play “good cop/bad cop” over there at Casa Sancta Marta. If you didn’t flip for them a year ago with Traditiones Custodes, maybe the kinder, gentler version will help you conform.

Boys Will be Trad Men

I wandered into my family room this afternoon to something I thought I’d never see. My teenage son and two of his friends were on the couch watching a YouTube video called “Novus Ordo Cringe Compilation vol. 3” I seriously love these young men. There is hope that we’re raising tomorrow’s men right.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings our way.

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us!