Despite TC (or Perhaps, Because of It)

Gloria.TV (one of my favorite sites, by the way) published a video titled: “Paris: Roman Mass Grows Despite Traditiones Custodes”.

Folks, I love everything about the news report except that the title is wrong.

You see, interest in the Mass of the Ages is growing not despite “TC” but rather because of it.

These jackals in Rome (Bergoglio, Roche, et al.) failed to learn a very important lesson about human nature. This could be because they have spent years denying human nature, as all post-modernists do. It could be because they’ve spent years subverting human nature as all sodomites do. It could be because they’re dumb as a bag of rocks. I do not know, nor do I care. But the lesson they missed was this.

Whenever you ban something, it creates an air of mystery that makes people want to know more about it.


I’ll share a personal story, and it isn’t an isolated one.

When I was in seminary in the late 1990’s, I was part of what the formators called “a formation group”. Everything had to be done by committee, it seems. Years later, a decade and a half of teaching and running Catholic schools would confirm that if there is one thing the Church does well theses days, it’s copy to the secular realm and do it five years too late. My formation group was lead by a priest who at that time was in his mid-40’s (about where I am these days). This means he was ordained in 1981. Oof. That’s like being cast as the third Darren Stevens. The show’s been cancelled, Dick Sargent and Dick York are dead, and all the master tapes have been destroyed. You just have to learn on your own and hope you do a good job. Anyway, said priest – we’ll call him Fr. John – was a good man to be sure. He wasn’t a fag, had a fairly functioning brain in his head, and was a deeply spiritual man. His only issue was that hippiness had been baked into his DNA.

Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Knoxville, TN

So, hippy Fr. John, ministering to college students, really and truly believed what he had learned in the 70’s. The “new mass” was a restoration of the Apostolic agape meal. The Church needed to throw open the window and let in the fresh air. The sign of peace was just dope. You know, basic 20th century retardation.

And then TC hit the world with a thud.

I hear from another dear friend who is a priest serving with Fr. John. It seems that Fr. John desperately wants to learn (in secret if he must), the Traditional Latin Mass. “If they’re trying to ban it and they’re doing it with this level of cruelty, seems like something I gotta’ learn…”

You go, Fr. John. Learn that TLM and you will never be the same again.

Pray for our priests. Fast for our priests. Offer everything you have for them. The good ones – like Fr. John – might not be TLM’ers right this minute; but if their hearts are in the right place and they’re not intellectually diminished by years of unrepentant mortal sin, they can and will come around.

Mary, Mother of priests, pray for us!

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