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No Pictures, Please: Soon, We Won’t Even Be Able to Say the Words “Latin Mass”.

Yesterday I attended Holy Mass in one of the “new locations” offered by the Arlington, VA Diocese for the celebration of the TLM. I have to admit that I was impressed by the redesign of the space. Formerly a school gymnasium (and not on the property of a Catholic parish), this space was, in the span of a few weeks, turned from a utilitarian hall into a somewhat proper looking “church”. It is obvious that some money had been spent installing a new wood floor. Additionally, a sanctuary was constructed with an honest-to-goodness altar rail. At the head of the space was a lovely altar constructed against a custom-made backdrop. The hall itself was arranged with a mix of oaken pews and chairs.

As I suspected, the new gym/church was filled to capacity – I guess somewhere between 150-200 people at each of 2 Sunday Masses. There was a choir in the back of the hall. In many ways this place resembled a Latin Mass community from 15 years ago – from the time when Summorum Pontificum had unleashed the ancient rite and people were eager to build beautiful churches for Our Lord. The only problem is that this community was here because they were forced out of an actual beautiful church. They were sent to this place by the bishop who, just following orders, began an implementation of Traditiones Custodes. That document states that celebrations of the TLM may not take place in parish church buildings because if you love the Mass of the Ages, you must be punished brought to your senses and “return to the Novus Ordo”. A subsequent letter from Rome states that pastors of such parishes may not even advertise the Mass times in bulletins.

The Second Station of the Cross, mosaic on wood frame, Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

OK, all of this is known to the kind of folks who would be reading this blog. So why do I bring it up?

We know that the so-called “Pope of Mercy” is anything but merciful to faithful Catholics wishing to worship in the manner of their faithful ancestors. If you’ve been reading this site, you know that I (along with not a small number of my fellow Catholics) believe that this Bergoglio isn’t even a legitimate pope. I will say it again. We have had anti-popes in the history of the Church – somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 of them. This is not a new nor is it a shocking concept. And we knew for some time that certain bishops, under pressure from Rome to quash the TLM, have drawn up plans to put TC into practice. We even know that the target date to completely shut it down is sometime in 2023-24.

What I did NOT expect was the letter that was handed to me as I left this place. In addition to the parish bulletin (which does not list the Mass times for this “chapel”), I was handed a separate sheet of paper. I’m going to paraphrase the letter here to avoid getting anyone in trouble.

“Last week, people took pictures of the new chapel space. They shared those pictures. Some of those pictures were used by people online discussing the fact that this is not ideal. This might draw more attention to us and make things ‘political’. Please don’t share pictures.”

Are you joking? Seriously, Father? There are several false premises at work here. We could start with the premise that anything found in the evil document Traditiones Custodes is binding on anyone. We could continue with the premise that shunting the people of your parish into a gym ten miles away is a “positive effort”. Finally, as a lawyer friend remarked to me, “[The virtue of] Religion is inherently political because it has serious political implications.”

Again, I feel for these priests. I really do. I am sure they never anticipated being in this position. God send Thine Holy Ghost upon these men, Thy priests, to guide them in all they do.

But do you not realize that taking that added step of requesting people not share pictures sends a very definite message? It comes across as cowering in fear. If there really is nothing wrong with the situation, if this really is a positive effort, why try to shut down the flow of information? “We’re being shut down. Let’s take our punishment and die off quickly and quietly. Don’t even talk about what’s being done. Just. Go. Away.” I expect it to be followed with a “Thank you sir, may I have another!” Is that what Fr. intended in his message? Perhaps not and I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe he thinks he is doing what must be done. But it is certainly not a good look and it bodes very poorly for this and other similar Latin Mass communities.

My point in sharing this is to point out, if it wasn’t already obvious, that the screws are tightening. We know what they’re doing and what their goal is and if it wasn’t already apparent, it should be by now. When they tell you we cannot even attract attention to the Mass that was celebrated for 1900 years but the videos of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament being blown to the ground in the wind abound on social media, there is a problem. When they tell you not to take a picture and share it, it is only a short while before they tell you not to write about it and then they’ll say we can’t discuss it among ourselves because “someone might hear…”

For the record, I took a picture of this gym/church yesterday shortly before I was handed that letter. I won’t post it – not because I think it is imprudent but because it is out of focus. No matter though as identical pictures are online already and a quick internet search will lead you to at least one.

And to those who say that Bergoglio is Bergoglio and we can’t do anything to stop him; perhaps you are right. But I’ll be damned if he gets away with it without someone calling him out on it every day he remains on this earth. And that goes for the men who comply with his plans of destruction.

St. Pius V, pray for us!

And Still They Say Nothing

Kitty Genovese.

That was her name.

Growing up in the shadow of New York City and owing to my own mom’s native Manhattanite status, I was immersed in the lore and legends of what was once the greatest city on earth. As a kid I remember the celebrations for the centennial of the Brooklyn Bridge. I learned how Roebling’s brick and steel masterpiece connected the “Island at the Center of the World” with the city of Brooklyn and not long after how the Charter of Greater New York solidified five counties into one city. Peter Minuit and his Dutch pals would never have dreamed what they wrought by forking over $24 worth of beads to the Lenape Indians. Greatest real estate transaction in history, folks.

But eventually everything that grows to such gargantuan proportions becomes unwieldy and begins to show signs of neglect and decay. In the case of the Big Apple, as in that other great world capital of commerce Rome, the decay was at first of a moral nature. Men grew rich and comfortable. And that kind of comfort breeds contempt for doing difficult things.

Late of a March evening in 1964, the young barmaid Kitty Genovese was walking home to her apartment in Queens when she was savagely attacked, raped, and stabbed to death. This was one of those “lores” of New York that everyone learned about from their parents or grandparents. It took on urban legend status but it was very real. What made Kitty’s story the epic cautionary tale it became was not so much her death itself but that it could have been stopped in its tracks. You see, Kitty’s screams were heard by neighbors – apparently by many neighbors. To a man, they did nothing. “Just another girl screaming for help,” they reasoned. “No need to get up and do anything about it.”


It was easier to not get involved than to rush to the aid of fellow human in her agony.

I see parallels between the Genovese slaying and the situation in the Church today. I have heard them called “Trad Inc.”. They are the men who live comfortable lives opining about matters theological. All the while, the Bride of Christ is being savagely attacked. They hear her screams. They peak through their blinds and see a madman bludgeoning her.

And still they say nothing.

“He’s a heretic for sure, but he’s still the pope,” is a line I referenced recently. That’s the attitude they have. It is easier to accept that the attacker is the Vicar of Truth Himself than to throw open the window and yell, “Stop!” let alone to run into the street to fight him off.

Church of St. Agnes, New York City

It is easier to say, “What he says on his own is his own thought and not part of official magisterium,” until he says it is. And then we can find a new way to ignore the attack. The Jesuit attacks the Blessed Mother, he attacks our own mothers (rabbits). He attacks marriage (adultery and Communion). He attacks the Church Herself (God wills a plurality of religions). He attacks all his predecessors (death penalty inadmissible). He attacks Calvary (no more TLM for you!).

And still they say nothing

He wields his little dagger like a thug, a punk slashing and laughing as he does so. He gets a thrill knowing that you won’t stop him. Hell, you won’t even turn on the light to drive him away. You won’t even call him out by name.

The Church is bleeding in the street. Will you say anything? Or will you go back to your commentators and their legions of fans who find it easier to remain in intellectual comfort than to fight for her?

If you’re reading this and you are not Catholic, don’t let the struggle turn you away. She is the One, True Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ. And He wants you now more than ever. He wants you to be a man and fight. if you are Catholic, ask yourself what good the comfort will bring you? Aren’t we all called to make of our lives a Calvary?

Think about it.

St John, Beloved of Our Lord, pray for us!

Most People Simply Cannot Imagine

My daughter asked me tonight if I’d ever heard of a song called Midnight Train to Georgia. Why do I suspect I’m going to wind up as a Pip for Halloween?…

My sister relayed to me a conversation she and her husband had with friends over dinner recently. My sister, you see, is of the mind (as am I) that Jorge Bergoglio is not the Vicar of Christ, is not the Roman Pontiff, not the pope. I think it is as plain as the nose on my face that Pope Benedict XVI did not validly resign the papacy. I believe that he (Benedict) attempted to partially resign and that in this he failed at resigning the whole thing. Others have written and spoken at length and I invite you to look into it. I understand that many people hold that my position is somehow wrong. That’s OK in the sense that we can discuss these things. I did not always hold this view myself so I allow others time to reason to the same position. What I can say is that there are many people who DO hold this position. If you could see my inbox, you would know that this is something that is almost a given in parts of the Trad community.

But to the conversation in question between my sister and her friends… The reactions and responses my sister got ranged from the incredulous to the angry to the downright illogical. Her one dinner guest informed her that “such and such organization looked into this a year ago and determined it wasn’t true.” That’s seriously like running the question through Snopes. My sister was told that she was committing the sin of pride, for how could she possibly know better than the “whole of the Church” on this matter? This to me seems like the cop-out bastard child of the “universal peaceful acceptance” argument which also holds no water especially since there is a significant portion of faithful Catholics who question the whole affair. Remember, Arianism was universally and peacefully accepted too.

All of this got me to wondering what exactly is holding back the minds of otherwise rational and faithful Catholics. Peter Kwasniewski, a man I and many others admire for his brilliance in liturgical matters, is emblematic of just one group of the “deniers”. Clearly, I mean here those who deny what I believe is patently obvious. Dr. K. for his part has spent pages of ink telling the world that the problem isn’t whether the pope is an antipope but rather the fact that Catholics have been treating their pope with too much deference. In other words, we shouldn’t have made the pope a “rock star” and if we just back off of every little thing he says, we can forget all the heresy and outright hatred for the Catholic faith. In fact, my sister’s friends even told her that, “Look, Francis is a heretic for sure, but he’s still the pope.” Hear that, you stupid people? He’s a heretic for sure but still the pope. Clearly someone either never heard or is willfully disregarding that piece of the puzzle that heretics cannot be popes.

Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Downtown Denver, CO

Mark Docherty had a brilliant post earlier about the crowd who, like our friends above, think they can gloss over Bergoglio’s heresy lest they have to do the hard work of examining the evidence and concluding that he is not the pope. In short, if you believe the man to be pope, you can not ignore his Magisterium without yourself falling into heresy. Logically speaking, then, should we not question the Bergoglian docket of horse crap that’s come down the pike lo these past ten years? Because if he’s pope, then we’re cool with adulterers and Holy Communion; we’re cool with James Martin SJ and his faggotry, we cool with the death jabs, etc. We would have to be. Yes, we love the pope, the true Vicar of Christ, because he is the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth.

To me, the simple and most logical argument is this. Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger for whatever reason (and we can look through volumes of his writings over decades in the public eye) believed he could split the papacy and expand it into a collegial, synodal office. This fact, substantially erroneous, invalidates his putative resignation. Therefore, whether he thinks so or not and whether he likes it or not, he still holds the fullness of the office. And as if God was some kind of all-loving Father, He’s given us to see with our own eyes that Bergoglio and his minions are clearly trying to destroy the Catholic Church so it ought to be easier to reason one’s way back to Ratzinger.

This is where the headline comes in. Most people simply cannot imagine… Decent people have a hard time imagining any evil in the world. We hear of murders and rapes and riots and the like. We read about torture in books and on the news. But to many folks, the idea that other human beings could actually do these things somehow doesn’t actually exist in the mind. We assume that because we would never rape or murder or torture, that no one would ever do these things even though the evidence to the contrary is plain. And likewise, as Ann Barnhardt points out, many figures in the current “hierarchy” of the Catholic Church “don’t actually believe any of that Catholic bullshit anyway.” Think I’m joking? Listen to their sermons. Listen carefully. Better yet, engage them in the confessional if you dare. Ever been told through the screen that your mortal sins are not only not mortal but not even sins? That’s right. They’ll hint at it in the pulpit that no one really commits mortal sin. Then they’ll tell you outright that your contraception or adultery or masturbation or sodomy (notice always the sex stuff with this crowd) is actually normal and healthy and should be continued. Observe how they live their public lives in the parishes that you and I have paid to maintain over the years. Do they live like they handle the Sacred Body of the Lord daily and have a solemn charge to win souls for heaven? Go ask, I’ll wait… And in this too, the mass-going Catholics (which at this point is all the Trads and a handful of the Novies) still cannot fathom that our so-called leaders aren’t even Catholic.

This brings us to where this band of filth intend to lead us. You see it already in the words of Uncle Arthur Roache as he tells us we are Protestant for not gleefully embracing the wonders of V2. Ask yourself this simple question. If what I believe was right and correct and CATHOLIC in 1959 but now makes me Protestant because the Catholics of today now embrace Protestant liturgy and theology, then who exactly is the Protestant? They are admitting, albeit in a shoddily veiled way, that they have concocted a new religion. At the end of the day, what was Catholic before MUST still be Catholic by definition.

I mentioned Gladys Knight earlier. I think I’d like to round out this heavier post with reference to another bit of music. Let us head to South America, land of Jorge Bergoglio and the singer known as Shakira. 20 years ago, one of my nieces was enamored with Shakira. Her first hit, Whenever Wherever, was blazing up the charts. My niece was particularly impressed that Shakira had translated the song into English all by herself! I listened carefully to the words. In the second verse it becomes obvious that English was not her first language, just as years later it would be obvious that Bergoglio is an antipope. The line is: “Lucky that my lips not only mumble/They spill kisses like a fountain. Lucky that my breasts are small and humble/So you don’t confuse them with mountains.” Sidenote: I was in a small Cessna once in bad weather. The pilot, who was not exactly instrument rated, started to panic when he heard the terrain indicator bellowing: “Pull up! Pull up!” “Captain,” I said from the jumpseat, worried I might spill my gin, “What is it? I thought we crossed the Blue Ridge an hour ago!” Just then the fog cleared. Turns out it was just Shakira’s boobs.

Good night, folks.

St. Raymond Nonnatus, pray for us!

Want to Know What Their Goal Is? It Should Be Obvious by Now.

In early February of this year, I was still on a pause as writer of this very blog. I hadn’t written anything in a few months. I was waiting – though I did not know it – for the right impetus to come along and spur me back into my daily writing, something I have loved doing for many years. That moment came in May when I read an article on Canon 212 about Fr. Gerald Murray scoffing at Frank Walker’s headlines and felt compelled to write a piece responding to Murray and defending Walker. And from there I continued to write every night. I think I’m back in the groove now.

St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church, Irving, TX. It shouldn’t be this hard to find Our Lord.

I mention February because it was during that month that I, after listening to a Barnhardt Podcast (if you haven’t ever listened to one, please do yourself the tremendous favor), decided to pen a letter to Miss B. To my great surprise, she published the letter in full on her page almost immediately.

The content of that letter was my supposition as to exactly how the anti-Church is going to attempt to suppress the sacrifice of the Mass. Many of us have already theorized that eventually the TLM crowd will be corralled into a tight space. We will find our way into the SSPX (who remain not in schism by the way). We will be declared to be in schism from the Church when it would be the other way around.

But what of the Novus Ordo? Some may disagree with me, I am sure. However, I still contend that the Novus Ordo in se offers a valid consecration. As I wrote a few months ago regarding a literal clown Mass, “Do I believe the sacrifice to have been validly offered? Yes. And that is why I think God is not too happy to have been called down on that altar.”

So below I am both linking to the letter as Ann published it and publishing it in full here. Do click on the link if you have time. Barnhardt has some interesting in-text commentary. And disregard the “T.” at the bottom of the letter. We all know my initials are “HM”. Wouldn’t it be interesting if I drove some traffic to her page? One could only hope.

Dear Ann,
Have I got a doozy of a theory for you (following on your most recent podcast).  Like you, I have been hearing rumors that Bergoglio will not only herd all former Ecclesia Dei communities into the SSPX to then “excommunicate” us but that he will also change the form of the canon.  You made some good suggestions.  “This is our Body”, “This represents My Body”…  My nephew, a young man with a wife and son who works night shifts as a cop in a large northeastern city so that he can still attend the TLM without difficulty, proposed this to me so I’m giving him credit here.
“This is the Body of Christ.”
That’s it.  If the words of consecration are changed to these six simple words, it is not only glaringly obvious to what depths of heresy we will have sunk but also profoundly subtle.  It takes away the complete sacrificial nature of the priest – a man configured to Jesus Christ the High Priest – speaking in the first person the literal same words of the Divine Master.  AND, it does this in a way that all previous translations of the canon did not.  In the 70’s we had the awful “… for you and for all” but that didn’t change the essential words of institution.  Here we would have a priest simply proclaiming what is supposedly in front of him on the paten (though he would have consecrated nothing).  Remember how demeaning the sacrificial nature of the Roman mass has been the goal all along.  That’s why they gutted the offertory, diced up the collects, and generally dumbed down the entirety of the mass with their pedestrian and, frankly, low-IQ language.
The reason this is subtle is that the average Novus Ordo mass-goer would simply say, “But that’s what it IS.  See, the priest tells me that every time he puts the host in my hand.  He says ‘the Body of Christ’ so what’s the big deal?”  They (the fag-hag modernist hacks) will also claim that this is nothing more than a “restoration” of what the Apostles did – arguing from the standpoint of archeologism in the same way they love to toss around the phrase “the reformed liturgy” in reference to the Bugnini rite.  There is no reforming what Christ Himself gave to us and the Church nurtured for 1900 years.
I’ve been hearing talk that one of the forthcoming documents from Rome will be a revision to Liturgiam Authenticam.  That 2001 document states at no. 20:
“The original text, insofar as possible, must be translated integrally and in the most exact manner, without omissions or additions in terms of their content, and without paraphrases or glosses. Any adaptation to the characteristics or the nature of the various vernacular languages is to be sober and discreet.”
A change to that principle would effectively allow a worldwide paraphrase of the canon a la what Bergoglio has already done to the Pater Noster in Italian.
Anyway, Ann, these are just my thoughts on the matter.  This might not come to pass and might not even be coherent.  We continue to pray and watch.  Meanwhile, I’m locking down my connections so that when we do go underground I’ve got a priest in the foxhole with me who will offer the actual mass.
As always in Christ,

Are We All Ready?

A little personal accompaniment tonight… I was alerted by my blog hosting site after last night’s post that I have posted 100 days in a row. As long as good folks like you keep reading, I think I’ll keep writing. Daily. It’s good for me.

Now then, perhaps you’ve heard the rumors, as have I, about a co-adjutor pope? Maybe even Cupich?

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Belleville, NJ

Friends, if you can’t see that this is the anti-Church on full display, I might not be able to convince you.

But we shall see what transpires this weekend.

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us!

Friday Night Roundup – Now With 30% More Gluten!

Rita, Rita, Rita…

She’s definitely after me, folks. Today I was on a Zoom call with a contractor who casually mentioned he had rescheduled our meeting because of “St. Rita”. Puzzled, I asked what he meant. Turns out his kids go to St. Rita’s School and he got stuck in carpool hell. She’s a clever one, that Rita. Look, I don’t have to have a house drop on me to know she’s up to something. I’m hoping it’s something big. Tomorrow is day 9 for my novena. If you read this post and you think about it, consider joining in one prayer to this saint for my intentions. Thank you.

You Don’t Say

I had a conversation with a young man I had just met at my sister’s house a few nights ago. I may have had a gin in my hand. The lad had recently graduated from college, a fairly good one at that, solid faith, etc. At the right moment I pounced on him with the antipapacy thesis. “But you can’t say Francis is an antipope!” he said breathlessly. “I just did,” said I. “Now fetch me another drink and we’ll continue your education.” A few moments later the Legionaries of Christ came up. “You mean that money laundering rape cult?” I asked. Again my young friend jumped in, “You can’t call them that!!” Again I replied, “I just did. Open your ears, pal, you’re starting to sound like a broken record.”

Kids today…

St. Joseph the Protector of the Holy Family, stained glass, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Hershey, PA

Old Queers and How We Should Call them

Mr. Walker had a wonderful headline up this week. Beneath a picture of a clearly decrepit Ted McCarrick were the words “Uncle Ted Not Looking Well”.

Look, Teddy has made many deals with Satan. I’m sure we’ll have his nonsense to deal with for a while. Either way he’s an old faggot and there’s nothing worse than an old faggot, as a priest once told me. And to those who still question why I call him and his ilk by this moniker? It’s simple. Noel Coward was gay. These guys? Soul-stealing sodomite faggots to the core.

Say your prayers.

Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!

The Wednesday Roundup: Now with Half the Calories!

Oh Canadia!

Jorge’s recent trip to Canada is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Quick aside: do you remember how the announcement of Bergoglio’s supposed election to the papacy was made? They dragged up the Cardinal Proto-deacon, Jean-Louis Tauran, from his crypt beneath the Vatican grottoes to make the traditional “Habamus Papam” declaration from the balcony of St. Peter’s. Even at the time I remember thinking, “Is this guy asking a question or making a statement?” As in, “We have a pope?” Yes, Eminence, we do. His name is Benedict. But now nine years later we have the squatter visiting the hinterlands of North America and demon-worshiping something called the Grandmother of the West. I’m not making this up. I think he should have invoked the Step-sister of the East instead. I hear she’s more willing to appease her summoners. She couldn’t get as many dates in high school because her cousin, Baphomet, turned all the other demons into raging fags. Poor thing. She reminds me of Kim Campbell*.

I Play One on TV

I had intended to write about the legal concept known as “corporation sole”. In brief, think of this as “the Crown” but better. Every diocese in the United States, or so I’m told by a drunk lawyer, is incorporated under this method. What it means is that the entirety of that diocese IS the bishop. In other words, the parish properties, the miters, the little knob-like thing that turns on the sprinklers at the episcopal residence and doesn’t have a name? All belong to the bishop as CEO of the corporation. I was going to write about this because said sauced counsel called to advise that any bishop in this country who wanted to keep the Latin Mass alive and well in his diocese could simply do it. When he gets threatened with removal from office, he can tell the Vatican, “Try to remove me. I own the property. I own the diocese. I OWN EVERYTHING!” Then the whole thing goes to US District Court where an American jurist operating under the kind of law that actually means something in the real world might simply say, “Hey, corporate law is pretty clear.” But this friend was really, really sotted when we spoke so maybe that’s not a thing.

What is a thing is that I had my yearly jury duty this morning! I usually tell them, per George Carlin’s old chestnut, “I’d make an excellent juror because I can spot guilty people just like that!” This time there was no need. It was a justice of the peace court. There were 22 potential jurors called in and they only needed 6 for the case. Mathematically my odds were slim to begin with. The case in question centered around an eviction. When I answered that I had once been a landlord (renting a house I owned to a friend), I was dismissed with extreme prejudice and malice aforethought. Also, habeas corpus or something. I’ve seen Law & Order. I know how it goes.

The Wedding at Cana, stained glass, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Harrisburg, PA where there is NO Latin Mass (but literally a block away in an also-beautiful church there is.

Speaking of evictions, I happened to read the very good blog linked on Canon212 this morning called Curmudgeon’s Cave. Whoever you are, brother, keep writing. Me like. His point in writing was to expose some of the less seemly things going on in the background of the Cupich/ICKSP situation. First we learn that Cupich apparently kept the insurance money when the church burned and in recompense, gave the property to the Institute. We also learn that there were stipulations in the quit-claim deed that prevent the Institute from carrying out any religious services deemed inappropriate by the Archbishop of Chicago. So that’s why the Institute conceded on this one. They’re legally – as in civil law, not canon – not allowed to offer the TLM in their own property. Ain’t that a kicker?

Is There Any Testicular Fortitude Left in the World?

And again I ask, where are the men? You know, if some demon-worshiping fruitcake (or some fruitcake worshiping demon) told me that I had to do this or that or forbade me from doing that which he has no authority to forbid (for a whole lotta’ reasons), I’d probably laugh in his face. Yes, think about that. Let’s go with the former descriptor above. Imagine a literal fruitcake. They make the majority of the world’s fruitcakes here in Texas. But just imagine an anthropomorphic fruitcake trying to tell you that you are forbidden from offering the Latin Mass. Fathers, how do you respond to that? Remember, and I cannot stress this enough, it’s a freakin’ fruitcake. The only difference here is that the actual fruitcake might just have as much actual authority as the man who went north and worshiped an actual demon. And happens to be a fruitcake.

Wake up! He cannot tell you 1) not to offer the Latin Mass, 2) that you need his or anyone else’s permission to do so, and 3) that all the gods of the pagans aren’t demons because, as per Psalm 95, they sure as hell are. And remember, saying that they’re not is simply not Catholic. And what do we call non-Catholics acting like pope? If you said a little boy playing dress up (who happens to not be Catholic) then you get Harvey’s gold star of the day.

You did it! Hooray!

*If you know who Kim Campbell is and you never lived in Canada, you, too, get the gold star.