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Restore the 54, And More

Palm Sunday is upon us! The looming question for many is whether or not your trad parish will…

Restore the ‘54!

If you don’t follow what I’m saying, check out the link above. Fascinating stuff. My parish did this two years ago, then did the ‘55 last year, and now seems to be reverting back to the ‘54. I couldn’t be happier.

And now for something completely different…

Jorge Bergoglio is out of the hospital. This is good news as it hopefully affords him more time on this earth to repent before he dies – which he inevitably will. My dad was an actuary, folks. Trust me. But the real cause for concern at this moment is that dreaded “document” that may still drop on Monday.

It is all in God’s hands now. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe the whole thing comes crashing down. Pray. Continue to fast. Offer your good works to God. Sacrifice your will to Him. It is the one thing He wants from each of us anyway.

God bless us and the Virgin protect us!

The Fruits of “Francis”

Yes I realize that the title sounds a bit odd. By fruits I am certainly not referring to the myriad sodomite priests, dykenuns, and assorted hangers-on that openly prance about the proverbial halls of the Church writ-large over the past decade. No, these fruits are legitimate and, if I may, quite beautiful – lush, fragrant, and ripe.

Like many of you, my inbox has been filled up lately with articles sent to me by other trads marking the tenth anniversary of the throne squatting of Jorge Bergoglio. One in particular was sent to me by my dear mother-in-law. Ten Terrible Years of Pope Francis, reads the headline by Damien Thompson.

All of this coverage has one common theme. Over the past decade the world’s slide down the slope of pure, unadulterated evil has rapidly accelerated. Last week’s latest stunt by the wicked German episcopate to recognize a “blessing” for faggots was either the culmination or a jumping off point depending on one’s viewpoint. These kinds of fruits – mutant, odiferous, and rotted to the slimy core – are, of course, rightly lain at the feet of the antipope. Hey, he destroyed that beautiful medieval crucifix in his Coof PR stunt a few years ago. I suppose something has to lay at his feet now.

But here is the biggest fruit in my estimation – and this one is a true fruit. I believe it will grow strong and tall and produce much fruit of its own.

Over the past ten years, I (and I suspect not a few of you readers) woke up and discovered that we had been misplanted. We had to. We saw that the Vatican II tree under which our seeds had fallen was a grotesque, Frankenstein-esque hodge-podge of cut branches, dead leaves, and a decayed, hollowed-out trunk. Did I mention it was covered in a withered vine made of felt?

You see, it started for me, the day he likened my mom to a rabbit. “Something’s not right,” I said to myself. The Vicar of Christ would never intentionally be so flippant, so crude about the sacred gift of life and the uber-dignity of motherhood. But then the crackpot kept going! He told the ill-formed youth of Brazil to make a mess without telling them what that should look like. He sidelined good bishops and cardinals and promoted sodo-heretic priests. And that was all in the first few years. By the time he got around to openly advocating Freemasonic bullshit like “universal brotherhood” and climate worship I knew the garden was desiccated. Then came the blasphemous “orders” to take the poison for the “good of others”. There must be a true tree and a true garden.

Thanks to his decade of abuse and the grace of Almighty God, I am now firmly planted in the older garden – the one that was lovingly tilled by the shepherds and watered by the martyrs’ blood for 1900 years before the attempted uprooting.

So thank you “Francis”. Ten years of you made me a trad!

For your efforts, may God see fit for you to (as Barnhardt says) repent, revert to Catholicism, and die in the state of grace in the fullness of time.

St. Joseph, Defender of the Church, pray for us!

Took my kids to a drive-thru safari recently. This clip from the journey seemed appropriate to the topic.

So They Say…

They say that Bergoglio is really, really upset and that he’s pouncing on Benedict’s death to further “restrict the Latin Mass”.

Forgive my apathy, but at this point, should I really care what an antipope threatens?

Do we know what to do if that happens? Yes. Stay confessed. Stop committing mortal sins. I heard Mark Docherty say something on Barnhardt’s most recent podcast: “Stay close to home.” To this I add, stay close to the Blessed Mother. Pray your rosary. Stock up on beeswax candles because, why not? Feed the hungry. Give drink to the thirsty. Clothe the naked. Get on your knees and pray. Fast. Mortify the flesh.

For heaven’s sake, He gave us the keys to this puzzle 2000 years ago. Stay close to Him.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us poor sinners!

Francis the Gangsta? More Like Bergoglio the Perv

Here we go again. JM Bergoglio, the Petrine Squatter is reported to have delivered some “off-color” remarks to a group of Spanish seminarians back in December.

Know what this reminds me of? If you guessed my own time in McCarrick’s seminary, then you’d be right and I will award you one gold star.

I saw this on Canon212 earlier (and please hit Frank’s donate button). If what is being reported is true (and please check out the story), then JMB is at best a dirty old man, at worst, well, it doesn’t get much worse than being an antipope and , as Barnhardt calls him, the “probable false prophet forerunner of the antichrist”.

But let’s stick with the dirty old man motif for a second. Is it important that men being trained for priesthood have a basic awareness of the kinds of situations they might face especially in the confessional? Yes. Is it necessary that these men be sexually harassed in the process? You don’t think that’s what this is? In any workplace situation where the CEO comes in to address the most Junior of trainees and starts using that kind of language and indulging himself with sex banter in blunt terms, those trainees could sue. And rightly so. No one wants to be forced to listen to an octogenarian talk about sex at all, let alone in anything other than the most sanitized and clinical terms and only if absolutely necessary.

Let’s not even dig deeper into the question of his supposedly telling these young men to absolve everything even in the absence of a sign of repentance on the part of the sinner. If that’s true then we simply have more evidence that two “churches” exist side by side. Apparently Our Lord’s instruction that some sins could be refused absolution means nothing to Papa Pervo.

But back to my days studying for the holy priesthood. I will never forget the day when the rector of my college seminary delivered a talk to the 25 or so of us young men sitting in the chapel. It was the weekly rector’s conference. I believe his topic was something along the lines of chastity. Yet somehow, about five minutes in, he began describing in vulgar detail the male ejaculation. Only he used other words. He couched it at first by giving the etymology of the French term “petite mort” – the “little death”. I was so confused wondering where he was going with all of this. And then he just blurted it out. “Men, I’m talking about [Latin conjunction for with]-ing”


I was 19. I had never been with a woman. I was not unwise to the workings of human reproduction. I knew the words he was using. I was still as red-faced as a tomato. In front of the Blessed Sacrament, no less! What was he thinking?

Years later I got a copy of the Catechism of Trent and discovered that the Church used to teach that such matters should be broached with great discretion. Not to our rector. Apparently he thought it was “chill” to be “down with the kids”. Again, I never did figure out how his talk related to chastity or what practical information a seminarian could glean from this garbage. I do remember him describing the marriage act in graphic detail including observations about how couples need to “work together to achieve mutual pleasure”. I’ll spare you those details. You’re welcome.

He went on to become a bishop, the Vicar General for McCarrick, and got his own see not long after. Good old Teddy strikes again.

Coming back to Bergoglio, though, I have no doubt that this story is true. For starters, it appears certain that he abandoned his prepared speech. My guess is he noticed actual theological terms on the first page that he knew he couldn’t pronounce.

Regardless, it would behoove him to remember that just because he’s a twisted fetishist doesn’t mean everyone else is. Also, if you’re still wondering how the older stream of Vatican II wickedness still seems to flow through the Church today, look no further. It’s called grooming and they’ve been doing it for years.

Mary, Mother of Priests, pray for us!

Fr. Pavone Cancelled, or, Wake the F Up, People!

Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, has apparently been laicized by the Vatican.

I say “apparently” because, as we know, the people who would do this – namely Jorge Bergoglio – have as much authority to laicize a priest as I do.

And therein lies the problem.

Look, I had intended to share a beautiful story of Christmas tonight, a story of the Incarnation and hope and life and death. I had planned to tell this story for a while. And now I need to put all that on pause to comment on this. Remember, this page is for the musings of a trad dad and this definitely warrants a musing or two.

First, some brief background of a personal nature. The one and only time I ever met Fr. Pavone was in the summer of 2004 during the GOP convention in New York. I was working as a producer of a daytime reality series and production had been shut down due to the security around our 7th Avenue offices being heightened. So I took a stroll down 37th St. to grab a slice of pizza. As I passed in front of the Church of the Holy Innocents, I noticed the friendly face of a man who I had known through years of exposure to Catholic media. During the 1990’s Fr. Pavone had become a prominent figure for his involvement in the pro-life movement. He had been standing on the steps of the church talking with someone. I waited my turn. We had never met. When his first guest took his leave, Fr., noticing that I was clearly waiting to speak with him, approached me and said hello. I introduced myself as an admirer and a man who greatly appreciated his work. I assured him of my prayers. He was genuinely surprised to have been “spotted” in the midst of the busiest city in America on a summer afternoon.

Several years later, one of my nieces went to work for Fr. Pavone as his travel coordinator at Priests for Life.

That is the extent of my personal experience with the man.

On another level, I know him well. I know of his work and what he stands for. I remember as a teenager wondering why in the world a priest would need to start an organization in support of the pro-life movement when I foolishly believed all priests were pro-life. I have followed his work. There is no guile in this man, this priest. We all know it.

I looked around the interwebz just now and, big surprise, came across a breathless, on-the-spot report from T. Marshall. He points out that the Jesuit faggot James Martin prances around the world with the blessing of the Vatican while a good man like Pavone gets the ax. Those are not his words but mine.

But this is why getting it right is so important. I simply cannot comprehend how, at this point, there are still men who cling to what is so obviously false. “He’s the pope. He can do bad things. He spouts heresy. He promotes evil. He sidelines good men. But he’s the pope.” This long ago went beyond the “in his personal opinion, the pope can make the odd mistake because he’s only protected from error in certain, very defined circumstances.” Day in and day out, Bergoglio and his minions – the infiltrators – work toward the rapid destruction of the Church (which will never happen) by killing the faith of the members of the Body (which can happen and is happening). And still they call him papa.

Wake up.

And Fr. Pavone, if you read this, know that you are in my prayers.

Reason 77 to Homeschool Your Kids

I’m sure there are probably errors. Sue me. Nonetheless, let this whiteboard show that teaching one’s children at home is, indeed, fun.

Zoom on in! Just make sure you use the accusative as zooming implies motion.

St. Jerome, Ora pro Nobis!

Waiting for a Man to Die is Hardly a Plan

I have had many occasions of late to write about the things I believe regarding the unfortunate state of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church today. Regular readers are not lost to the fact that I believe Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be an antipope. I have laid out the case before. I believe that Pope Benedict Ratzinger is still, thanks to an invalid resignation, the one and only living Vicar of Jesus Christ, “whether he likes it or not”, as the incredible Ann Barnhardt says.

This is not something foreign to the history of a two-thousand year-old institution. We have had somewhere in the neighborhood of three and a half dozen antipopes before. So what if it hasn’t been for a while? What makes these current days somewhat frustrating is the suspension of rational thought on the part of men who ought to know better.

Take for instance a man like Michael Matt. I will preface this by stating up front how much I respect Mr. Matt’s work over the years. Without The Remnant or even The Wanderer, would many of us know which end is up right now? And yet, from Matt we have the image campaign called “Recognize and Resist”. If I understand this correctly it means that The Remnant’s official position is that Bergoglio is “definitely pope” but that this Vicar of Christ must be resisted at every step because he’s evil. Think about it. He’s definitely pope but doesn’t do things a Catholic pope should do, so resist him. Something doesn’t seem right here. Again, he’s not Catholic but we still think he’s the pope.

If he actually was the pope then he is definitely the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. One would expect Christ’s vicar to not be, you know, in open defiance of everything that Christ’s Church has taught for two millenia. I could be wrong. But I’m not. I would like to know if there is anything Bergoglio says or does for which we should not resist him? At this point, he could state that the sun is a mass of incandescent gas and I would need a fact check.

St. Kateri, mural, Shrine of Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Beaupre, Quebec (unrelated to post)

But let’s take a look at those who lack the prominence of a Catholic publisher yet still hold the reigns of power where it really counts – the day to day lives of everyday Catholics like you and me.

Over the past few months I have had opportunities to speak with members of the clergy who have sway over important things in our lives. These things pertain to the preservation of the Latin Mass. I will not mention any more about the priests in question. It would not be helpful to any purpose. But in every one of my conversations I have heard, essentially, the following. “We get that he probably isn’t pope but what can we do? He’ll be dead soon anyway and things can get back to normal.”

Really? That’s your game plan? Oh boy, are we screwed…

But this brings us to a bigger question. We all know that the trad world is a very small world indeed. One might say that we are already “a remnant Church”. Anecdotally, I can attest that a majority of my fellow trad Catholics, including the priests, do not really believe in the validity of Bergoglio’s claim to the throne of Peter. It gets really shocking when we factor in the Novus Ordo priests who are starting to wake up as well. And believe me, there are not a few of them. We criticize the bishops of the Church for not speaking out and rightly so. We wonder if they aren’t simply afraid of losing their sees by making a public declaration. But what have we to lose? Are we worried about losing the friendship of the odd parishioner sitting next to us in the pew? Do we fear losing the respect of family members? Are we just like those who say “Yes, we know he’s a fraud but we cannot do anything more than wait for him to die”?

Isn’t it time we recognized the reality publicly and resisted the narrative vocally? I speak here more for myself than for anyone else. I will admit it is easy to write an anonymous blog. Yet, when it comes to speaking up face to face, there are still some people to whom I would rather not mention my true thoughts. And I know that time has come where I must be a man about it. We serve no good when we cling to truth yet fail to expose it. Because waiting for the problem to go away is not a plan so much as wishful thinking.

Pray for the Church, as Frank Walker says.

St. Joseph, guardian of the Holy Church, pray for us!