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Mostly Quiet on the Western Front

A few items came across my desk today. By the by, my desk is a patio table from Aldi’s aisle of shame (it exists) that’s been doing double duty as a homeschool table in my family room. The kids just finished up another year of work yesterday. As a result, I’ve cleared the books, tests, and papers and claimed a spot for my laptop. It always nice to write things at a proper workstation. Most nights I post these from my phone.

I have it on good authority that a priest who said Mass recently at a chapel somewhere in these parts substituted words other than those which are proffered in the Missal for the Consecration. I was not at said Mass but my source confirms that this happened. Rather than “This is My Body”, Father said, “This is the Paschal Lamb.”


Sadly I’m not either. Priests have been screwing around with the sacred for a while now. This one, if true, would have completely invalidated the entire Mass as there would have been no transubstantiation either for the bread or the wine.

I am also deliberately not mentioning any other details here. It almost doesn’t matter where this took place. I believe the details that were told to me but I recognize I have no audiographic proof. Again, the point here is that no one would really be shocked by this.

Side altar, St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church (ICKSP), St. Louis, MO (unrelated to post topic)

Ann Barnhardt suggested this trajectory over a year ago. At that time I wrote to her how I thought it would go down and she was kind enough to reprint my letter. I had thought it would come out along the lines “This is the Body of Christ.” I was not counting on something so brazen as what was supposedly said here. Either way, the switcheroo was hardly noticed by anyone in the pews save for my friend who promptly left as it was clear no Mass was taking place.

That’s the point. Who would even care that the words of Consecration – given by Our Lord to St. Peter himself and handed down to us – were tossed aside in favor of something else?

The faithful are so poorly catechized, the clergy so malformed. Why I bet almost 100% of the people in that chapel mentally snoozed right through the sacrilege. It’s not as if a thousand other edits and insertions over the years by “innovative” priests haven’t accustomed them to think this was how it’s always been done…

If you’ve read this far, stop and say three Hail Mary’s for that priest at minimum. Say a few more for the Church. The day is fast upon us when they may take away the ancient Mass (Bergoglio just name-called again and said we’re diseased mummies or some such nonsense) and the Bugnini rites might actually become invalid for tricks like this. Worse yet, Butnini’s spiritual sons in Rome might just make it official and replace Our Lord’s words with their own in print.

St. Pius V, pray for us!