Daily Archives: May 11, 2023

Saints Alive!

I hear tell of the antipope Bergoglio essentially “canonizing” a group of non-Catholics.

Listen, several years ago, I watched news reports of a group of men – supposedly Christians – being beheaded on a beach somewhere in the Middle East. I was shocked.

After the past few years I’m not even sure the whole thing wasn’t a psy -op CGI AI deep fake. Assuming it wasn’t, I’m still sad for them and still in awe at their fortitude for their love of Jesus Christ.

But making them saints? I must have missed the part where they converted en masse to the Holy Roman Catholic Church at the last minute.

Friends, this isn’t a joke.

And still some question me when I say he’s patently not the Vicar of Christ. One priest even relayed to a friend of mine when said friend opined about the antipapacy: “He (Bergoglio) hasn’t been deposed yet so we must accept him.”

What’s it going to take?

Still waiting on Cardinal Burke to formally correct him? Still waiting on Bishop Schneider to lead him back? It’s not going to happen.

A Catholic pope would do Catholic things like canonizing Catholic saints and promoting Catholic unity in the Catholic Church.

He wouldn’t promote the cause of schismatics.

He would not insult the faithful who simply want to worship as our ancestors did and not in a circular amphitheater filled with felt banners.

He wouldn’t promote sodomite heretics.

He wouldn’t ensconce demons on the high altar over St. Peter’s grave.

He wouldn’t pimp out the high altar of the Mother Church of Catholicism to every “ecumenical leader” coming down the pike such as he has.

The situation may be unprecedented but it exists and should be recognized.

A man who is not Peter is being called Peter by men who should know better.

In other news, I hear Bergoglio will be canonizing the cast of The Golden Girls because they promote awareness of elderly tramps. But I suppose everyone can find a path to Heaven these days.

That look you get when you were right way ahead of everyone else.