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Rita Says Hello!

This evening I had the great pleasure and privilege of entertaining three priests for dinner. When I mentioned to one of them that I had been married to my wife at the Shrine of St. Rita, he replied, “Oh beautiful! She is my patron saint!”

I figured that’s her way of reminding me to take on more intentions for my ongoing novena. I also happened upon a beautiful image of her on my phone earlier. Further nudging?

Can’t remember where I snapped this one.

As always, send me any intones (even if only “special intentions”) and you are guaranteed prayers until you tell me you either got what you were seeking or I die. The patron of the impossible is only too happy to intercede for you. I am only too happy to be her humble assistant.

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

Let’s Settle Down

If one more person interrupts my Fr. Hesse videos, this trad dad is going to blow a gasket.

That aside, I have been enjoying my final days of the 12 days of Christmas. We know, of course, that the Christmas season continues a bit longer. But for now, prayer seems to be the order of the day. And why wouldn’t we pray during these days? Our Lord has been born for us. If nothing else, prayers of thanksgiving are in order.

With that in mind, it is a good time for another St. Rita novena so send me intentions. If you would be so kind, please pray for a special intention of mine. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

Novena Season

I mentioned a number of novenas I’m currently praying. The one I’m always praying is the St. Rita novena. This is another reminder to send any intentions my way and they will be added in.

St. Rita, pray for us!

Lovely Rita

And not the meter maid…

Yesterday as I was leaving Mass I got an email from a reader that blew me away.

The reader had been touring the Cathedral of the Immaculate in Monaco and stumbled across our favorite saint of impossible causes.

St. Rita statue, Cathedral of the Our Lady of the Immaculate and St. Nicholas, Monaco

The reader had said a prayer for yours truly and my family. I am most grateful. As I have said, she’s begging us to seek her intercession and waiting to obtain great favors for us. Remember as well, that Rita, like all saints, is great because she points directly to Our Lord Jesus Christ. In her case, I imagine the thorn in her brow serves as an arrow pointing heavenward. She was devoted to the Blessed Mother and intimately united to her spouse, Jesus Christ.

Bring her your petitions.

St. Rita, pray for us!

More from the Saint of the Impossible

Regular readers of this page will note that nine days or so have roughly passed since last I mentioned my ongoing novena in honor of St. Rita of Cascia, patron saint of impossible causes.

That must mean it’s time for another go-round!

Bring your impossible requests to her. It seems Our Lord is only too pleased to grant great favors when His beloved servant Rita asks. And please know for what it’s worth that I have taken the ever growing list of intentions people have emailed me to her in my novena.

Just this past week, a friend texted me a picture with the caption, “Look what I found while packing some boxes!”

Schlocky as the day is long, terrible dubbing, yet still one of my favorites.

No cause is ever lost.

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

Too Amazing

I had to share the following that my wife sent me today. She’s still on the social things whereas I am not.

Know that I am offering my novena daily for the intentions that have been sent to me.

Remember, until very recently, it was considered impossible that anyone would publicly recognize the antipapacy and yet the chorus of voices is raising. Keep praying. And don’t forget to fast too.

Holy Mary, Model of Life for Saint Rita, pray for us!

We Interrupt this Blog to Bring You…

Tonight, simply a prayer of thanksgiving and another in my posts of ongoing praise of Our Lord and His beloved servant Rita of Cascia.

Almost two weeks ago I began to pray the novena to St. Rita. I’ve prayed it so many times in my life I have it committed to memory. She has never let me down. I invited readers to pray the novena as well and many responded with emails asking me to add their intentions to my own novena. This I did with gratitude. I most humbly ask others to add my intentions to their own novenas to this saint of the impossible.

This past Saturday I concluded day 9. A former student – a young man with whom I have become good friends – had been looking for a job and, more importantly, a wife. He wants a trad girl. He wants lots of babies. He wants nothing more than to take care of them, help them get to heaven and himself along the way. I didn’t tell him I had added his intention, simply prayed it.

The shrine to St. Rita in my home. Originally in a church named in her honor in west Texas, this shrine was rescued from wreckovation by a devout woman who kept it for 30 years until her daughter informed her of my devotion. She then gifted it to me.

On Saturday night as we sat in my yard with a few cocktails and cigs I suddenly remembered another friend was having a get-together. If you’re keeping score, that is exactly two friends I have. Something about being abrasive or something… I asked the young man if he wanted to join me for an hour at the older friend’s party. He came along out of a sense of obligation. Within minutes he had been approached by another guy I know who works in construction in a very lucrative job. 20 minutes later my friend found me to tell me that he had been offered a job.

I told him at this point that it was Rita’s doing. He kind of scoffed. I looked up heavenward and laughed.

Two days later, still thinking the job offerer had been drinking and speaking out of turn, my friend decided to give him a call. Well, at this point St. Rita decided to toy with him. Do you know that within 36 hours, the deal has been not only inked but moved along so rapidly that this morning, on almost no notice, my friend boarded a flight to California where he will live and work at that amazing job for the next five months. After that he’ll return to Texas where he will continue in that job as a supervisor.

Friends, pray this novena. She will come through for you.

I’m still waiting on a few favors I requested for myself but I have confidence. Again I ask, please pray for me and my intentions. I greatly appreciate it.

St. Rita of Cascia, patron of impossible causes, pray for us all!