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This Is Just Too Cool

My friend Andrew from St. Luke’s Gallery sent me something really awesome today.

It turns out that Philadelphia really loves their St. Rita…

Statue of St. Rita from St. Augustine Catholic Church, Philadelphia, PA

I have never been inside this particular church in the City of Brotherly Love. However, I have seen the inside of this church many times. You may have as well. The interior was used in the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense.

She’s right there behind Bruce Willis!

Saintly shout-outs aside, I hope you all had a blessed Passion Sunday. It is most definitely NOT too late to ratchet up your Lenten disciplines. Two weeks left, friends. With April 3rd now just a week away, we need to do all the fasting we can. Let’s get at it.

My own St. Rita Shrine at home for the next two weeks (along with all the crucifixes and other statues and images) are now “hidden” as was Our Lord.

St. Rita Mailbag Edition

Yesterday I received an email from a fellow blogger with whom I correspond somewhat frequently. I asked him I if could share the story and he consented. This comes to me from Adam at the blog Pushing Rubber Downhill. Please check out his blog when you have a second.

“I have a nice little story for you. About 100 meters from my mountain abode is a large shrine on the side of the road to Mary. I make a habit of making the sign of the cross when passing by on foot and perhaps saying a short prayer. There is a statue of Mary in the shrine as well as candles, a crucifix and other items.
Today I was out early with the dog and the two of us stopped before the shrine. I told the dog that we had to say a prayer to Mary and he dutifully obeyed.
It was then that I saw that the statue has a red mark of blood on its forehead.
And then I saw that there was an inscription which read St Rita. So all along I have had a shrine to St Rita just next to my new house.”

My observations (which I shared with him):

Dogs are awesome. Turns out his is a border collie pup. I have a Jack Russell; but I don’t think my doggy would be so obedient (or pious). Clearly, Adam has hit the jackpot with this canine.

I live in Texas. What’s a meter? I actually remembered that at one point in grammar school in the mid-1980’s I was taught that a meter was roughly 3 feet and thus, for reference, the height of a stove. I also know from my study of all things geographic and urban planning (purely as a side interest) that most city blocks in a grid pattern are about 400 feet long. So basically, this shrine is at the end of the block. I would die, as they say, to have a Marian shrine that close. As it turns out, though, it is a St. Rita shrine.

I state again, I do not know why Our Lord gave me this devotion to this saint but I am so grateful to be able to spread that devotion. Could it be that there are so many troubled marriages these days and she is a saint for that cause? Could it be that peace within families is sorely lacking these days and she is a saint for that cause? Or could it be that she is the patron of impossible causes and – let’s face it – who doesn’t have an impossible cause right now?

Either way, pray to St. Rita and bring her your intentions. She will bring them to the Savior she loves so much and in Who’s presence she rests.

St. Rita, pray for us!

Rita Says Hello!

This evening I had the great pleasure and privilege of entertaining three priests for dinner. When I mentioned to one of them that I had been married to my wife at the Shrine of St. Rita, he replied, “Oh beautiful! She is my patron saint!”

I figured that’s her way of reminding me to take on more intentions for my ongoing novena. I also happened upon a beautiful image of her on my phone earlier. Further nudging?

Can’t remember where I snapped this one.

As always, send me any intones (even if only “special intentions”) and you are guaranteed prayers until you tell me you either got what you were seeking or I die. The patron of the impossible is only too happy to intercede for you. I am only too happy to be her humble assistant.

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

Let’s Settle Down

If one more person interrupts my Fr. Hesse videos, this trad dad is going to blow a gasket.

That aside, I have been enjoying my final days of the 12 days of Christmas. We know, of course, that the Christmas season continues a bit longer. But for now, prayer seems to be the order of the day. And why wouldn’t we pray during these days? Our Lord has been born for us. If nothing else, prayers of thanksgiving are in order.

With that in mind, it is a good time for another St. Rita novena so send me intentions. If you would be so kind, please pray for a special intention of mine. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

Musings on Endings

Today is the Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas. At the oratory where I attended Mass this morning the priest announced prior to Mass that he would be saying the Mass for Sunday within the Octave as it is a feria and that Mass (Sunday) will not be said in deference to the Mass of the Circumcision of the Lord this year. That rustling sound you just heard was Harvey hurriedly flipping the ribbons in his missal.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger. In the past few days I have begun to realize that the term “sedevacantist” might soon apply to me – not in the perjorative way foisted upon me and others who recognize, as I do, the total invalidity of the events of February and March of 2013, but in the actual sense. As in, there might soon be no pope. As there have been periods of sedevacant before, I am not worried. Our Lord is in control.

As I left Mass, thinking these thoughts, I noticed that the servers were setting up for a funeral. Death comes to us all. Are you prepared? Am I? Stay confessed, but more importantly, live your life at the foot of the cross! this way it won’t come as a shock when you find yourself there being judged by the One hanging from its magnificent wood.

I received a beautiful email from a reader today. A young child for whom I had been praying for a miracle in my St. Rita novena went home from the hospital today. Praised be Jesus Christ! Please continue to send me any intentions. I am nothing in this chain but a poor sinner who has received far more than I deserve. I promised to make known the favor of God’s saint and His miracles and this is what I try to do.

Later in the day I went to see my twin sister’s grave. This cemetery is a beautiful place. My sister and I drove around a bit, stopping to check out older sections of the place. It is located on a ridge overlooking Manhattan. This same sister, so many years ago, chose the site of our family plot at a time when we needed to purchase a grave immediately. No one plans for the deaths of small children. She selected the site because from the top of the hill, one could see the Twin Towers. My mother is a native Manhattanite. There was also a beautiful shade tree growing over the back of the grave. Beyond the city, one could look out toward the east, toward Ireland and Scotland and England, where our people had come from. In 2001, the cemetery workers cut down the tree and the Towers, well, we know what happened to them.

I mention the Trade Center because one of the sections we stopped at was filled with 9-11 dead. Yes, we are that close. There’s a memorial (I think it’s tacky but that’s just me – see below) and then rows of headstones. There are police officers and firemen buried here who died that morning.

Here is one example. I have not blacked out the name because I think prayers for his soul are important. RIP, Mr. Finnerty. I presume the last line refers to his body, like so many others that day, never having been recovered.

Also in this cemetery are some examples of truly beautiful works of art in the form of headstones and monuments from an era when the faith was alive and symbolized in design.

The Holy Family
The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts

On this next-to-last day of the year, when the pope may be dying, when a baby was healed, when the specter of death looms large but reminders of God’s love and mercy are still to be found; I found myself meditating on the words “You know not the day nor the hour.”

9-11 Memorial in the cemetery.

But anything can happen.

Pray, fast, stay confessed.

Queen of Heaven, pray for us!

Another Round, Please!

It’s time once again for another St. Rita novena. Please send any intentions my way and I will happily add them. I continue to pray for all the intentions that have been sent thus far.

Novena Season

I mentioned a number of novenas I’m currently praying. The one I’m always praying is the St. Rita novena. This is another reminder to send any intentions my way and they will be added in.

St. Rita, pray for us!