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St. Rita Mailbag Edition

Yesterday I received an email from a fellow blogger with whom I correspond somewhat frequently. I asked him I if could share the story and he consented. This comes to me from Adam at the blog Pushing Rubber Downhill. Please check out his blog when you have a second.

“I have a nice little story for you. About 100 meters from my mountain abode is a large shrine on the side of the road to Mary. I make a habit of making the sign of the cross when passing by on foot and perhaps saying a short prayer. There is a statue of Mary in the shrine as well as candles, a crucifix and other items.
Today I was out early with the dog and the two of us stopped before the shrine. I told the dog that we had to say a prayer to Mary and he dutifully obeyed.
It was then that I saw that the statue has a red mark of blood on its forehead.
And then I saw that there was an inscription which read St Rita. So all along I have had a shrine to St Rita just next to my new house.”

My observations (which I shared with him):

Dogs are awesome. Turns out his is a border collie pup. I have a Jack Russell; but I don’t think my doggy would be so obedient (or pious). Clearly, Adam has hit the jackpot with this canine.

I live in Texas. What’s a meter? I actually remembered that at one point in grammar school in the mid-1980’s I was taught that a meter was roughly 3 feet and thus, for reference, the height of a stove. I also know from my study of all things geographic and urban planning (purely as a side interest) that most city blocks in a grid pattern are about 400 feet long. So basically, this shrine is at the end of the block. I would die, as they say, to have a Marian shrine that close. As it turns out, though, it is a St. Rita shrine.

I state again, I do not know why Our Lord gave me this devotion to this saint but I am so grateful to be able to spread that devotion. Could it be that there are so many troubled marriages these days and she is a saint for that cause? Could it be that peace within families is sorely lacking these days and she is a saint for that cause? Or could it be that she is the patron of impossible causes and – let’s face it – who doesn’t have an impossible cause right now?

Either way, pray to St. Rita and bring her your intentions. She will bring them to the Savior she loves so much and in Who’s presence she rests.

St. Rita, pray for us!