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First Saturday Devotion for February 2023

I hope all of you were able to make today’s First Friday Devotion today.

Even if you weren’t able to do that, please try to make the First Saturday devotion this month. Many (trad) parishes offer additional Masses on First Saturday. If you’ve never done this most edifying devotion, please pencil in the next five Saturdays and make the commitment. Our Blessed Lady wants to see you there.

As always, here’s the checklist.

*Sidenote: If you are making the nine First Fridays and these consecutive first Fridays will bring you anywhere near April of 2023, please take note now. Similar to two years ago, the First Friday of April IS Good Friday. If your parish is somehow still able to celebrate the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgies, you will likely not be able to receive Holy Communion on the First Friday in April this year. Receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion is an essential element of this particular devotion. Pray for an alternative. I wrote to Fr. Z on this topic two years ago and the reply was, essentially, “Tough.” Then again, we might find ourselves in a situation where NONE of us can receive Holy Communion. Think about it.

Also, the “weather” balloons are apparently up so I hope you’re all staying confessed.