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First Saturday: Spare a Few Moments for Your Mother

The promises made by Our Lady to Sr. Lucia are a great consolation to us miserable sinners.


Click here for the details.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

First Saturday Devotion for February 2023

I hope all of you were able to make today’s First Friday Devotion today.

Even if you weren’t able to do that, please try to make the First Saturday devotion this month. Many (trad) parishes offer additional Masses on First Saturday. If you’ve never done this most edifying devotion, please pencil in the next five Saturdays and make the commitment. Our Blessed Lady wants to see you there.

As always, here’s the checklist.

*Sidenote: If you are making the nine First Fridays and these consecutive first Fridays will bring you anywhere near April of 2023, please take note now. Similar to two years ago, the First Friday of April IS Good Friday. If your parish is somehow still able to celebrate the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgies, you will likely not be able to receive Holy Communion on the First Friday in April this year. Receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion is an essential element of this particular devotion. Pray for an alternative. I wrote to Fr. Z on this topic two years ago and the reply was, essentially, “Tough.” Then again, we might find ourselves in a situation where NONE of us can receive Holy Communion. Think about it.

Also, the “weather” balloons are apparently up so I hope you’re all staying confessed.

2023 Devotions – First Friday/Saturday AND Epiphany

Today is the first Friday of the month, of the year, and also the Feast of the Epiphany!

Here are your checklists for today and tomorrow.

First Friday

First Saturday

Go out and get those graces!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

December First Saturday

Good morning crew! Although I neglected to post about it, I hope everyone was able to make the First Friday devotion. Today 8/ the first Saturday of the month and as always, I encourage everyone who reads this to make the “five first Saturdays”. Here is a helpful link. For me, the hardest part of this devotion is the meditation but I have searched for and come across some very good videos (sermons and the like) that do the trick. If anyone has suggestions; I would love to hear them and share them.

Our Lady of Good Counsel, mosaic, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington

Also, today begins a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I will see if I can find a text of that to share.

God bless us and the Virgin protect us!

Updated: November Indulgences, All Souls, First Friday/Saturday: The Grace of God Aboundeth

This post will be updated later with the specifics. For now, I wanted to remind the readership of the things mentioned in the title. I was able to obtain a plenary indulgence today. This was most fortunate as I received news that my sister’s mother-in-law died overnight. Her name is Teresa. Please offer a prayer for her repose.

First Friday Devotion

First Saturday Devotion

November Plenary Indulgences

Listen to Mother: First Saturday Again

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month of the Holy Rosary!

I can never share this information enough so if you’ve read this one before, please consider sharing the contents. Do not feel compelled to share the post per se. I could care less if people are reading my writing. But the content comes from Our Lady. So tell a friend or several friends. The goal is heaven.

In your fraternal charity, would you also consider praying for my intentions? Thank you in advance.

First Saturday Devotion

In 1925, Our Blessed Mother, Mediatrix of All Grace, revealed to Sr. Lucia that she wished men to make acts of reparation to her Immaculate Heart, specifically in the devotion of the five first Saturdays. Click here for the full list from the Fatima Center, but the act involves confession, Mass, rosary, and meditation. The last one always seems hardest to me as my mind wanders easily.

Madonna and Child, plaster statue, Priory of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Canons Reg. Of the New Jerusalem), Charles Town, WV

For so simple a task – really an act of love – Our Blessed Mother promises so much in reward., not least of which is her sweetest consolation at the hour of death. Remember, in this act we are given to console her. She suffered more for the human race – and for each of us individually – than anyone save her Son. Now she offers to assist us at the most torturous moment of our existence when the soul is torn from the body and appears before her Son in judgment. That terrible day will be mitigated because she will stand by and advocate for us.

Make the devotion. Share the devotion.

Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!

First Friday/First Saturday

Don’t forget, friends, the salutary devotions to Our Lord’s Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

First Friday here. First Saturday here.

Mater Dei Catholic Church (FSSP), Irving, TX

Perhaps during your prayer, please remember to offer an Ave for me. And whatever you do, don’t forget to entrust to The Two Hearts the care of all His holy priests. We need them. We need them in good health, strong, stouthearted, and striving for perfection every day. The devil loves when he can snatch one and take him out of commission. Don’t let that happen for lack of a few moments of prayer.

Our Lady, Mother of priests, pray for us!