To Pray for Nine Months

Still one of my favorite novenas, so I’m sticking the post up top.

This wouldn’t be the personal blog of a Catholic dad if I didn’t occasionally mention things like novenas. And speaking of novenas…

On March 25th (I’m a day late, sorry, blame it on my back) we as a family started the Incarnation Novena. We’ve prayed this one before. It’s a beautiful (and beautifully short) set of prayers.

Unlike other novenas, however, the catch is that this one is to be prayed every day for nine months instead of nine days. The theme is to prayerfully attend to the Virgin Mother during the nine months of her pregnancy. Look, if you’re Catholic you might just “get it”. If you’re not, I’m happy to explain in further detail in a future post. The last time I prayed this novena was a powerful experience for me as I did indeed find myself drawing closer to Our Lord in a unique way. To meditate on the first, hidden nine months of His Incarnate Life was a joy and a blessing and one that my kids entered with me.

Here now, the novena… God bless you today and please offer a prayer for yours truly.

Happy praying!

One response to “To Pray for Nine Months

  1. Beautiful novena with familiar prayers for Catholics. Thanks!

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