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More from the Saint of the Impossible

Regular readers of this page will note that nine days or so have roughly passed since last I mentioned my ongoing novena in honor of St. Rita of Cascia, patron saint of impossible causes.

That must mean it’s time for another go-round!

Bring your impossible requests to her. It seems Our Lord is only too pleased to grant great favors when His beloved servant Rita asks. And please know for what it’s worth that I have taken the ever growing list of intentions people have emailed me to her in my novena.

Just this past week, a friend texted me a picture with the caption, “Look what I found while packing some boxes!”

Schlocky as the day is long, terrible dubbing, yet still one of my favorites.

No cause is ever lost.

St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

A Different Novena

Today let’s begin nine days of prayer in honor of Padre Pio, who’s feast is nine days hence.

Here is one novena I found

Also, I’m still keeping up with St. Rita. im eventually going to wake up, pray novenas for 16 hours, and go to bed. And that’s OK.

Too Amazing

I had to share the following that my wife sent me today. She’s still on the social things whereas I am not.

Know that I am offering my novena daily for the intentions that have been sent to me.

Remember, until very recently, it was considered impossible that anyone would publicly recognize the antipapacy and yet the chorus of voices is raising. Keep praying. And don’t forget to fast too.

Holy Mary, Model of Life for Saint Rita, pray for us!

Another One Down

If you’re following along and keeping score, St. Rita has notched another win today. From my ongoing novena prayer list I have just removed another intention meaning… She has delivered yet again.

This one was very sweet and personal to me. One of my nephews was looking for a better work schedule so he could spend more time with his growing family and get to Adoration more frequently. Not only did his schedule get changed abruptly, but so did his job. He got promoted to detective today!

St. Rita of Cascia, stained glass

Now, don’t take away from this a false sense of hope.

No, I want you to take away from this a very real sense of hope.

If you have been praying for some thing for a long time and it has not come to you, remember one of the first “rules” of prayer. “We pray to change ourselves, not to change God,” as Lewis said. Perhaps step back and begin with a prayer asking Our Lord to send His Holy Ghost to direct you how to pray and for what.

Either way, the novena continues and I have confidence in St. Rita’s power to intercede in impossible cases.

St. Rita, pray for us!

PS: More to come over the weekend. I’m on a bit of vacation visiting with a family member right now.

“To Make Known Your Favor…”

There is a line in the novena to St. Rita that I pray that has always carried special meaning for me.

“We promise if our petitions are granted to make known your favor and to glorify God for His gift.”

The Catholic Devotional Life

Earlier today, as I was finally cleaning off the top of my dresser after a year of collecting loose change, cuff links, and knick knacks, I happened upon a few items I did not know I had in my possession. If you have ever had a special devotion to a particular saint this will not surprise you in the least. I found that I had four separate medals of my Cascian intercessor , apparently acquired in Italy by one of my nieces who had traveled there several years ago for a semester abroad.

So let’s talk about devotions and the life of a Catholic. Prior to the middle of the 1960’s (gee, not sure what happened then) Catholics were raised to be in relationship with the saints. We were taught to pray to our guardian angel and to converse with him, to call upon our friends in heaven because they are God’s friends first. It is said that Padre Pio did not know until he was ten years-old that other people couldn’t see their angels, such was his devotion.

Devotion and Memory

And then the Catholic world forgot. To be sure there was a malicious force at work helping to suppress that memory. But memory is a beautiful gift from God. Like physical strength, it requires some exercise on our part to develop more fully. The ancients knew how to memorize epic poetry on the first hearing. They trained their memories and knew how to actively listen. Likewise the memory of our devotional life must be fostered. We must worship God in the manner He chooses (the Holy Mass) and listen in silence to Him. We must work at our devotions. Sometimes, like the occasional miraculous physical healing where the lame man regains his strength, God can intervene to remind us of what we lost and what we forgot. We must then thank God for that grace and jump back into fostering our devotional life.

Friends, remember your devotions. Make the saints and angels a part of your life. Those medals remind me to keep going and to continue to seek her prayers. I see them as a gift from God to continue in my devotion. Today in particular I see them as a nudge to continue in my novena prayers. Another nine days it is! Perhaps there are four particular people who need these prayers. Who knows? God knows.

Remembering that I will make known her favor and glorify God for his gifts, I share the days events with you and again invite any intentions that I might add to my prayer.

God bless us, the Virgin protect us, and St. Rita, pray for us!

We Interrupt this Blog to Bring You…

Tonight, simply a prayer of thanksgiving and another in my posts of ongoing praise of Our Lord and His beloved servant Rita of Cascia.

Almost two weeks ago I began to pray the novena to St. Rita. I’ve prayed it so many times in my life I have it committed to memory. She has never let me down. I invited readers to pray the novena as well and many responded with emails asking me to add their intentions to my own novena. This I did with gratitude. I most humbly ask others to add my intentions to their own novenas to this saint of the impossible.

This past Saturday I concluded day 9. A former student – a young man with whom I have become good friends – had been looking for a job and, more importantly, a wife. He wants a trad girl. He wants lots of babies. He wants nothing more than to take care of them, help them get to heaven and himself along the way. I didn’t tell him I had added his intention, simply prayed it.

The shrine to St. Rita in my home. Originally in a church named in her honor in west Texas, this shrine was rescued from wreckovation by a devout woman who kept it for 30 years until her daughter informed her of my devotion. She then gifted it to me.

On Saturday night as we sat in my yard with a few cocktails and cigs I suddenly remembered another friend was having a get-together. If you’re keeping score, that is exactly two friends I have. Something about being abrasive or something… I asked the young man if he wanted to join me for an hour at the older friend’s party. He came along out of a sense of obligation. Within minutes he had been approached by another guy I know who works in construction in a very lucrative job. 20 minutes later my friend found me to tell me that he had been offered a job.

I told him at this point that it was Rita’s doing. He kind of scoffed. I looked up heavenward and laughed.

Two days later, still thinking the job offerer had been drinking and speaking out of turn, my friend decided to give him a call. Well, at this point St. Rita decided to toy with him. Do you know that within 36 hours, the deal has been not only inked but moved along so rapidly that this morning, on almost no notice, my friend boarded a flight to California where he will live and work at that amazing job for the next five months. After that he’ll return to Texas where he will continue in that job as a supervisor.

Friends, pray this novena. She will come through for you.

I’m still waiting on a few favors I requested for myself but I have confidence. Again I ask, please pray for me and my intentions. I greatly appreciate it.

St. Rita of Cascia, patron of impossible causes, pray for us all!

To Pray for Nine Months

Still one of my favorite novenas, so I’m sticking the post up top.

This wouldn’t be the personal blog of a Catholic dad if I didn’t occasionally mention things like novenas. And speaking of novenas…

On March 25th (I’m a day late, sorry, blame it on my back) we as a family started the Incarnation Novena. We’ve prayed this one before. It’s a beautiful (and beautifully short) set of prayers.

Unlike other novenas, however, the catch is that this one is to be prayed every day for nine months instead of nine days. The theme is to prayerfully attend to the Virgin Mother during the nine months of her pregnancy. Look, if you’re Catholic you might just “get it”. If you’re not, I’m happy to explain in further detail in a future post. The last time I prayed this novena was a powerful experience for me as I did indeed find myself drawing closer to Our Lord in a unique way. To meditate on the first, hidden nine months of His Incarnate Life was a joy and a blessing and one that my kids entered with me.

Here now, the novena… God bless you today and please offer a prayer for yours truly.

Happy praying!