Incarnation Novena Starts Saturday

As promised, here is a link to this wonderful novena.

The novena is simply a series of prayers already familiar to most readers of these pages – a Hail Holy Queen, Memorare, Hail Mary, etc., with a petition prayer inserted in the middle. It is simple to pray and easy to remember. This is good because the novena is prayed every day for nine months between the Annunciation and Christmas. In other words, the focus of this novena is to keep watch the Blessed Mother during her expectancy. Anyone who has ever awaited the joyful arrival of his or her own child knows that these nine months are among the most joyful, anticipatory, impatient, and prayerful. The petitioner is to pray for three specific intentions. When I first heard of this novena, I was told by the priest who mentioned it that 1) I should not be surprised if God grants to me my intentions even before the novena is prayed and 2) that this novena is very efficacious. I prayed at that time for my first job in school administration. I began on March 25th, got a lead on a job on the 26th, interviewed on the 29th, and was hired as a vice principal by mid-April. Ultimately, I discovered that this was not the job for me but I did learn many valuable lessons from that experience. My point is that this novena is no joke.

Will you join me in this prayer?

Virgin Mother of the Incarnation, pray for us!

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