Goodbye, Neighbor

I know I haven’t written here for a while. My apologies to the both of you who’ve been following. I felt like posting. This afternoon as I was taking out the trash, my next door neighbor came to the fence to talk to me. Nothing out of the ordinary there. We talk at the fence all the time. He simply said, “My wife passed this morning at 5:44 AM.” As he said this, he teared up and walked away. I love these two people. I’ve lived next door to them for eight years. Best neighbors anyone could ever ask for. She suffered a heart attack 10 days ago. She was 74. Almost every morning during the last 8 years I’ve come onto my front porch with my coffee to take in the day and she’d come outside to fetch her newspaper. We’d say hi, compliment each other’s lawns and go about our business. Please keep them in your prayers.

One response to “Goodbye, Neighbor

  1. Very sad. May your neighbor’s wife rest in peace. Sometimes people are closer to their neighbors than they are to their own families. Having lived in our house for 45 years, we have had to say goodbye to many good people, who enriched our lives by their friendship and kindness to our family, especially our children when they were growing up. Our elderly neighbors who lived on either side baked goodies to share, always had lollipops when the kids decided to visit “Mrs. Allison” to play Old Maid, joined us for various family celebrations, and came to see the girls’ gowns on prom night. Years later, these dear neighbors are still fondly recalled. A good neighbor is a blessing to you, and you are a blessing to them!

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