Uncle Arthur Done Lost His Damn Mind

I have a knack for collecting my out-of-town guests from the airport holding up a sign in the manner of a livery driver. Unlike a livery driver, however, I somehow wind up with a bizarre sign in my hands or even wearing “strange” clothing. For instance, there was that one time when my older brother landed and I greeted him at security holding a sign that said: “Welcome to your first pride!” He approached me, studiously placed his reading glasses on his face, leaned in, read the sign, grabbed the sign out of my hand and laughed in the way only a brother can laugh at a gag like that.

Then there was the time when I picked up my adult nephew in true redneck fashion. I cut the sleeves off of my shirt, grabbed a lasso made from clothesline, and dressed up my kids like a horse and cowboy while holding a sign that said: “Welcome home from rehab!” Oh boy, where was I going with this… Oh yes!

Newly cardinaled Arthur Roache, the creepy old Brit is demonstrating once again why he earned himself the moniker “Uncle Arthur”. At first I thought it was because of his wacky antics, kind of like Jesse on Full House. However, now I’m starting to suspect it’s because of his resemblance to Uncle Fester. Also, he’s out his damn mind, as is sometimes said in Texas. He also strikes me as the type who would flip sides in a heartbeat if the circumstances were different.

From Lifesite we read the following:

“That reform is taking place, but it’s a slow process because there are those who are dragging their feet with regard to this and not only dragging their feet but stubbornly opposing what the Church has actually decreed.

That’s a very serious matter. In the end, people have to ask themselves: am I really a Catholic, or am I more of a Protestant?”

The “reform” to which he refers is the destruction of the ancient (read: Catholic) Mass. Imagine the gall of a man, a prince of the Church no less, suggesting that a Catholic is actually a Protestant because he clings to the Catholic Mass. I’ve written about this very issue before. There are those in the Vatican and elsewhere who have as their goal the eradication of the Mass. As that does not seem to have materialized, they will attack the Mass-goers as non-Catholic when they themselves are really the non-Catholics.

Last Supper, stained glass, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

Don’t fall for it. Also, don’t assume that they won’t still try to eradicate the Mass from the face of the earth. It’s not like they didn’t give us a preview two years ago. It’s not like it hasn’t been prophesied in Daniel. It’s not like they haven’t been wetting themselves over this prospect for decades. Tomorrow I will publish a letter I wrote about six months ago to another blogger who, at the time, graciously published it. That blogger’s link was shared on Canon 212. It was not known to have been written by me at the time. You will see what I mean when I run it. In the meantime…

Don’t let the ramblings of a madman hireling get under your skin. Love the Latin Mass. And that man had better not ever call me a Protestant again, psycho-freak – sorry, Uncle Cardinal Arthur. Also, he seems really pissed that we’re “dragging our feet” about all this, so I say gum up the works my friends. They’ve stated their goal of eventually “bringing us all back into the sole expression Novus Ordo weirdness”. They’ve got dates already marked on calendars in certain dioceses indicating when the TLM comes to an end. Do what it takes to slow things down.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!

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