Harvey Seeks Help

Not long ago, my 85 year-old mother posted the following on Facebook:

“Who wants to get Grandma something from McDonalds?”

Apparently she confused Facebook with UberEats. And yet, like the matriarch she is, she got her point across because one of my nieces replied with the following:

“I got you, G-Money…”

My point in sharing this is because Harvey needs some help. If you are reading this and live in Northern Virginia (specifically the Arlington Diocese) and you know the Mass schedules for TLM in this place, would you be so kind as to drop me an email? I’m traveling the next week or two and want to attend the Roman Mass.

Update: I already have the mass schedule at Renaissance, I’m curious as to the others. Thank you!

Front Door, Cathedral of St. Andrew, Little Rock, AR

Much appreciated!

Our Lady, Mother of the Clergy, pray for us!

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